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Quantum of Solace Review / Idea's for my First Film


This film is a sequel to Casino Royale, and this is the first time a Bond film get's a sequel, usually it's just the same character's but different story that has nothing to do with the last film and it's unknown if it's a sequel or a prequel to the last film.

Anyway, let's start the review, this film was action-packed a lot more than Casino Royale, the cast were great, especially Olga Kurylenko ( Olga is EXTREMLY HOT, I think I'm in love with her right now) , but this film had some problems, but nothing that's really big.

But this isn't as great as Casino Royale, but as a Bond film it's pretty good, if there was a top 10 Bond film's list, this has to be in it, but it's not better than Casino Royale.

The story of the film is good, but the thing is, it's been used a MILLION times, which is annoying, also, Sony Ericson must've been paying a lot of money, because there were a lot of scenes where Bond is using his Sony Ericson phone and everytime he does it, the camera zooms in on it, this isn't a bad thing, but I just thought I'd mention in it.

I don't exactly know how to explain this film, but, I think it's a good movie, I think you guys should go watch it in the theater if you just want to have a good time, but don't expect it to blow you away or anything like that.



I know you might be think from the blog name that Im going to work on a film soon, but no, I'm not, I just have some creative idea's, so when I hopefully do make a film in the future, I'll have some Idea's, I only have 2 idea's so far, I hope you like them.

First Idea:

A guy who transforms into a monster to kill people but he doesn't know it, kind'a like the whole Wolf-Man thing and Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde type of thing, except the people watching the film won't know if the guy is imagining it, or it's really happening.

I know it's a rip-off. but I can develop the story so it doesn't seem like a rip-off, I don't know, I just think it a clever idea for a Psychological Thriller.

Second Idea:

A Suspenseful film about a 10 friends getting invited by one of they're friends to come to a party in his parent's mansion, and one of the friend's is killing everyone in the party, but the people watching won't know you did it and will not know, because the only way of knowing is following 10 clue's that would appear while your watching the film and after you notice all the 10 clue's, you'll know exactly who's the killer.


Also, just to leave a smile on your face's, here's a picture of Olga Kurylenko, who I said in my review just now is hot.

It's not her hottest picture, but Gamespot has it's rules I guess, but you can atleast see how beautiful she is.

The Prestige Movie Review

Image:Prestige poster.jpg

Ok, I just finished watching this movie and here's my review of it.

This is gonna be like my "The Departed" review that I did some time ago, and from now on this is how im gonna do my reviews, really in-depth, also, these arent gonna be reviews for any movie I just happen to watch, these are gonna be reviews of movies that I think deserve having an in-depth review, whether it's a bad film or a good film.

Plot: Robert and Alfred are rival magicians. When Alfred performs the ultimate magic trick, Robert tries desperately to find out the secret to the trick

This film is directed by Christopher Nolan, who made Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I'm currently trying to decide if I like this movie as much as The Dark Knight or even more.

Yes, this film is amazing, this is film is so clever, so brilliant, that it makes it so hard to explain, this is one of those films that makes you clueless about most of the things happening, until the last five minutes, and the script is soo good and they picked the best actors for the roles.

Christian Bale is amazing, Hugh Jackman as always is great and Michael Caine is always good, but this film also relies on the supporting cast, which are excellent as well, you've got Scarlett Johansson (who's gorgeous), David Bowie and Rebecca Hall.

This movie is based off a novel by Christopher Priest called of course The Prestige, so you can't give all the credit to Nolan, but Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan wrote the screenplay.

what this movie explores really is how much can some get obssesed with something and how much can a person sacrifice for an obsession, and this movie explores what crazy things might a person do, to be best, and also, this movie truly explores Rivalry.

Also, I wanted to add, British accents are very amusing, I know it's wierd to mention in it, but I just find British accents to be very amusing, which means, I can't wait to hear what Christian Bale and Michael Caine say next in the movie.

I'm making sound this movie sound soo good and it really is, but you won't feel that it's smart and outstanding until the credits start up, I hope Nolan makes another film like this, I most definatly need to watch another film like this.


The Matrix Trilogy Review

You might be saying, "Umm, didn't you pick up the Matrix trilogy almost 3 weeks ago?, why are you reviewing them now?"

Well the reason I didn't review them up until now is because I watched Matrix Revoultions yesteday, I don't I kept putting off watching the Matrix sequels for some reason, anyway here is my review of the trilogy.


The first movie in the trilogy is one of the greatest Sci Fi film of this decade (even though it was made in 1999), and also the best movie in 1999 next to Sleepy Hollow, this movie is just great, the cast is perfect and the dialogue in this movie is great, I dont exactly know how to explain this movie's plot, but I'll just copy-paste what IMDB said the plot was.

A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against the controllers of it.

Yes and well, It's a lot more complicated, but this movie is also a Martial-Arts film, I don't know if there are a lot of Martial-arts SciFi films out there, but this is and It's more Sci-Fi than Martial-Arts and I liked it that way, but honestly, I think I understood about 70% what was really happening in the movie, I need to rewatch it a couple of times to understand everything, anyway, this movie is great, although I'll admit, there were parts of this film that were well...a little bit boring, the characters were just really rambling on.



And now as you've probably guesses, I'll basically be ranting on the sequels, but I'll be fair, anyway, let's start, for some reason, they decided to work on this film and Matrix Revoultions back-to-back, when I thought they should've released it in 2007 or something like that, but that doesn't matter.

The thing I hate about this movie is that, they got really lazy with it, this movie basically is just Martial-Arts and a little bit of Sci-Fi a kid could make up, now I don't mind Martial-Arts, but where's all that complicated storyline that made us actually try to think about the thing's that were happening, now this movie isn't that bad, I mean, the action sequences were awesome, and I wasn't really bored in the movie, I mean, I was disappointed that there wasn't any "brain-popping" material in the movie, but still it was enjoyable.



The worst movie of the trilogy, honestly, this movie was boring really, I didn't enjoy it that much, Neo (Keanu Reeves) didn't do any of his cool crazy stuff, really, the movie was just bad, now I'm not saying don't watch it, I mean it was good watching a little bit of the Matrix's universe but it was just a bad movie really, if you compare it to the other two movies.

Even those Agents (there on the movie poster I provided), were like in 20 minutes of the movie and those are like the coolest characters in the Matrix universe, even though Neo and One of those agents had a great fighting scene at the end.

anyway, Watch this movie if you liked the first film and thought the second was medicore (or you liked it), but honestly, if you didn't like the first and second films, than don't expect for one second that your going to like this.


So basically, loved the first film, thought the second was medicore and didn't like the third, was a trilogy is it good? no, but The Matrix movie alone, is a great movie

Sci Fi Horror/ Zombie Flicks

This blog is going to be a huge blog that's gonna talk about 2 genres, Science Fiction, specificly Science Fiction-Horror (Two genre's that blend really well) and the Zombie genre, which is a sub-genre of the Horror genre ( I know it's confusing), but I'm not going to talk about movies only, I'll talk a little bit about video games too, there are Sci-Fi Horror games, and Zombie games, but well...they're basically just called "Survival-Horror" in video games, anyway, I'll let start with the SciFi-Horror.

Science Fiction Horror:

I love the Science Fiction genre, when you have a Sci-Fi story that's making you think about it afterward than that means you have got one good Sci-Fi story, an example would be The Matrix, I've thought about the idea of people living in some sort world.. that's fictional and they don't really know it, well, honestly I didn't really understand it that much, but you get what I mean.

My favorite TV show of all time which is Supernatural is a horror show, but according to TV.com it's a Sci-Fi Horror and I really love the show, It's just that Sci-Fi and Horror mix and blend with each other so well, and when I hear the words "Sci-Fi Horror" something just instantly pops up in my head, and I'm sure this happens to a lot of people and its


Yes, It's Alien, the masterpiece Ridley Scott one of the best movies directors of all time made, this was in 1979 and It's the best Sci-Fi horror movie in my opinion and I feel like this movie, started the genre of Sci-Fi Horror, and this movie really is scary and just basically is a great movie, that's all I can say, not in my top 10 best movies of all time, but in my top 30 list, also, this was made in 1979 and it's looks better and is better than a lot of the recent Sci-Fi movies I've seen.

Also I hate the fact that Comedy and Sci-Fi arent blended together a lot, because, look at Men in Black, I love that movie, and I think the idea of having Sci-Fi mixed with Comedy is just a great idea, but they're arent a lot of those.

Sci-Fi on TV, now I know I said Supernatural is my favorite TV show and according to TV.com it's Sci-Fi, but It doesn't really seem like it, anyway, a show that really seems interesting just got a lower price in the DVD store I usually go to, is Battlestar Galactica, I might get the first season and check it out, It's cheap if you compare it to other TV show's on DVD, and I heard that It's a really good show, Its price, is about the same price of 4 movies, and I get 4 movies all most every week, so I'm thinking about picking it up, and if you think about it, it offers more hours of entertainment.

also, most of you PS3/360 owners know this, but a game called Dead Space, which is one of the first Sci-Fi Horror's that's come out in sometime and it's actually really good, I watched some gameplay video's of it and it looks awesome.



I'll start with the Zombie Comedy, Zombie movies and Comedy could mix well together, I mean look at Shaun of the Dead, It was a very gory and very funny movie and Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror was like this, It was a zombie flick that had some jokes in them, well actually a lot of jokes, and I like this, I don't understand why Zombie's movies have to be very serious, When you've got a zombie that's chasing people, you could have a gory film that it's gonna attract people who love gore and people who like comedy films, being funny and scary can work, but you need someone brilliant to pull it off.

anyway, I havent watched a lot of Zombie movies, I mean I havent watched any of the Romero flicks like Night of The Living Dead and Dawn of The Dead, Land of The Dead and recently, Diary of The Dead (I think that's what it's called), but I did watch some.

One that I watched and liked is 28 Days Later, but something I didn't really like is making Zombie's smart and fast, Zombie's are supposed to be, these creepy, creatures that walk really slowly and well...they're supposed eat people and such, but some movies and video games make them soo smart that you should have them become Doctor's or Scientists.

I want a game ora movie that has 10 people, against 10 million zombie's and they're supposed to survive and they have millions of guns and fire arms and they're just killing zombie's to survive without that character that's always crying and screaming...ok, you need that, but not always.

Probably like the Resident Evil movies and games, those were great, and the second Resident Evil movie was awesome.

also guys, don't worry, I'll watch the Romero movies as soon as possible, I want to watch them, but I can never find the DVDs and as you know, I have to have the DVD.

My next blog is gonna be either a 10 Best Movie Sequels or a blog like this about Crime/Gangster movies.

Computer-Generated Imagery, CGI (Rant)

This is gonna be a quick rant about CGI, I'll have a huge blog in the weekend, which basicallly means after tommorow, or maybe tommorow, but I'm not sure, anyway, Let's get to my rant, CGI.

CGI is a great idea, I love CGI, I mean, look at Jurrasic Park, that's a masterpiece and probably one of the best movies to use CGI and one of the first ones, but CGI is getting really overused, it's overused because, well, people are lazy, I mean, CGI is needed for some scenes, but not the whole movie, movies need CGI sometimes, but not for every shot, but basically I'm here to rant about CGI animated movies.

These days, It's IMPOSSIBLE to have an animated movie, come to theaters without it being 100% CGI, now CGI in animated movies is great, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, but I prefer and I will always prefer, animated movies, real animated movies like Tarzan, Hercules, Alladin and so on, but these days, NOTHING is really animated except for TV shows, and some TV shows are CGI too.

Pixar is only real company using CGI perfectly, they're movies have great CGI effects and they're really good movies, Dream works that makes CGI movies also had Shrek, Shrek is great, but nothing compared Pixar's work, Dreamworks is medicore really, Madagascar was good, but nothing really great, and the rest is really medicore.

Now the only reason Pixar makes good CGI movies is that they take they're time, they work on they're movies the people should work with they're movies, THEY TAKE THEY'RE TIME and make awesome movies.

Leave the CGI to Pixar, these days, it seems like when any company makes a CGI animated film, they're just happy it's CGI and they don't work on story and character development what so ever.

so what I'm saying is, Please make animated movies that ACTUALLY come to theaters, and leave the CGI to Pixar, also, Disney please leave your CGI to Pixar, because The Wild was terrible and Meet The Robinsons...well I liked it, but nothing too great and amazing.

The Monthly Blog: October Edition

I know I'm a little late with this blog, but Im doing right now anyway, also, I'll start with purchases and than progress.



Super Paper MarioWario Land: Shake It!Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

Not a lot of games this month, but that's a good thing, I need to have enough money for this month, this month, We'll be getting Quantam of Solace, Sonic Unleashed, Tales of Symphonia II, Chrono Trigger DS and some other game on the Wii, so yeah, this month is gonna be big, but I doubt I'll be able to get those in November, we started our exams and I havent got the chance to pick up a copy of Order of Ecclesia, but it doesn't matter because I don't have time, but in December, we'll be getting a 15-Day break from all these exams and I'm gonna pick up some games and play them like crazy.



-- - - -

- - - --

Master and Commander, Bad Boys, -- -

- - -, The Legend of Zoro

- , American Gangster, Goodfellas and The first three volumes of the new TMNT

My mom is mad that I got over 20 DVDs this month, next month, the maximum of DVDs I'm getting is 10, and next month, I just want to get Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Hancock, Clerks and Clerks II and that's really it, but I'm sure I'll find something I wanted some time ago.

My Top 5 Favorite of movies I got on DVD this month,

American Gangster


Sin City

The Mask of Zorro



Gaming Progress:

Super Paper Mario

Basically just played threw the first level of the game, just to try it out.

Wario Land: Shake It!

I just got to the 4th Area in the game, just 1 Area left.

Guilty Gear Judgment

Not much progress, just played countless matches, I need to play 2D fighter.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

I just finished the first three surgeories in the game.

I know this isn't much of a monthly blog, but if you want to see a monthly blogs that are a lot better than this, click on this link


Top 9 Comic Book Super Heroes

I'll start this blog by saying that I love Comic Book characters and I love exploring characters, knowing they're origins, exploring comic book universes is fun, because in comic books, ANYTHING could happen, so I decided to make this list, It contains a lot of well-known ones from Marvel and DC, but it's all about arranging the characters in a top 10 or.....9, also I'm providing a link with the picture of the character.

9. Iron man


Iron Man is a awesome superhero, even though he doesn't have any actual "super powers", He has a suit that makes up for it, he can fly and blow things up with missiles built-in the suit, and Tony Stark (Who is Iron Man) is a great character too, I don't really know why I have Iron Man in the 9th spot, I think he deserves to be in the 5th spot or something like that, it's just that there are other Superheroes that are...well in my opinion better than him.

8. Nightwing


Dick Grayson, who was the first Robin, grew up to be Nightwing, I always liked Nightwing, but I just discovered recently that Nightwing is Dick Grayson, I must be stupid or something, but anyway, I never did like Robin that much, but I sure do love Nightwing, and if you look at the link, you could see how much cooler Nightwing looks like, so he basically he is Robin after being the leader for Teen Titans, he became Nightwing, very simple, although I wish they make a movie based on Nightwing.

7. Green Arrow


Seriously, why isnt there a Green Arrow movie, this character is really underated, He dresses up like Robin Hood and he makes trick arrows, one of them happens to be called "Kryptonite Arrow" and we all know what that's refering to, anyway, Green Arrow is just amazing, I love this character.

6. The Incredible Hulk


I really like this character, although my biggest problem with this character in terms of the live action movies is that....they keep on dragging about Bruce Banner's problem and hatred for turning into a green monster, I just wish sometimes he just runs and than transforms into the Hulk and starts destroying things.

5. Superman


The father of all comic book super heroes, Superman had to be in the list, although I don't really like the whole "strongest thing in the world" because, how can you have a conflict or something like that in a comic book where the main character can easily destroy anything, although the writers twisted the plot somewhow and made this work, and the whole "Superman Dieing" thing proves that, but anyway, everyone loves Superman.

4. Wolverine


It's all about the Claws, I love the idea of having claws that can grow out of your knuckles any time you want, That's probably one of the only super powers I'd like to have, the ability to grow claws out of your knuckles any time you want, If I had that ability, I'll punch someone in the chest, than have the knuckles come out and rip off the person's heart , I'm just kidding, but I'll do it if I was against a super villian.

3. Spider-Man


What I love about Spider Man is that, anyone can be Spider Man, I mean this character attracts nerdy people, because this is really the only Super Hero who isn't a geeky guy, and... anyone can be a geek, although the idea for the character is original.

2. Hellboy


I never knew what Hellboy was before watching the movie, and i don't know, I just love Hellboy, I can't really explain it, I just do.

1. Batman


I love everything about Batman, I love Bruce Wayne, I love Gotham City, the supporting characters and the villians, I just love the Batman universe and I love this character.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, please tell who your favorites are in the comments below.

Top 10 Movies of All Time (Updated Version)

I know I made a list, but I looked at it, and I realized that some of my choices were just movies that I just thought about, so I decided to make another list, because my old list didn't include movies I felt like watching over and over again, because I honestly feel like, if a movie that make you feel like watching it over and over again than It's not that great of a movie, I don't know how to explain, but I have to get to the list, also...I made a rule for myself, 1 movie per series.

10. -

I didn't really want to have this film on the list, I mean, I wanted this list to consist of serious movies, but I don't care, this is just a film I feel like watching every time I think about it, Best Robin Williams film in my opinion, also the kids in the movie were great and Sally Field wasn't so bad, Pierce Brosnan was amazing, this movie is just great, The best or one of the best Family movie's of all time.

9. -

How could you not include this film, the idea is just so original, the dialogue the actors and actresses are saying is brilliant, everything about this movie is great, also one of the earliest movies to use CGI, and honestly one of the best ones to use CGI.

8. -

I watched this movie about 5 times now and I still feel like watching, it has a great soundtrack, the best actors and actresses, it just shows that Martin Scorsese even up until now, still has it, he can still make amazing movies.

7. -

I actually didn't want to include this movie in the list, because seriously, the fanbase is making me hate the movie, so I don't have anything to do with the fanbase, I just love this movie, very well-made, can't wait till the DVD is out.

6. -

Amazing movie, when Spielberg made this movie, he had only made 2 movies before it, so it's really amazing how he made such a great movie, I love this movie a lot, and for some reason I don't feel like giving the sequels a chance, they might ruin my experince with this movie.

5. -

Raiders of the Lost Ark, great movie, I love this movie, that's all I can say, lots of people like this movie, it's just a great adventure movie, I can't say a lot about it, I might make an in-depth blog with me reviewing the movies and talking about the films of the series.

4. -

I don't know why I like this movie so much, I think it's really because this movie, made me love films, I don't know how to explain it really, it just is true, this movie is just very fun, I watched it over 10 times by now and I still think it's amazing.

3. -

I talked about this movie, I just don't know why I love it so much, It's probably because I'm really into these heist type movies, I think I should watch more of them, really good, suspensful movie, also the whole trilogy is great really.

2. -

Everyone loves Ghostbusters, It's a really funny movie, the actors are great, the script is excellent, anything that comes out of Bill Murray's mouth is hilarious, I don't know what to say.

1. -

I talked about Rocky a lot, so you know why I love Rocky and everything, so I'll just say this, people, if you never watched Rocky, run to your nearest DVD store and rent or buy a copy, because you need to see this film.

Halloween Remake Movie Review/ Writing Stories

This blog was going to be a blog where I review, talk about something and have a DVD update, well, since I should have my monthly blog up in the next following days, I decided to not do the DVD update, also, I said in the next following days because these days, I can never give you guys a "specific" date when I'm going to have it up, because my last blog, the Grindhouse review was postponed four time, every time something get's in the way, also I'll try to make this blog sorta short.


I'll say from the beginning of the review, I never watched Carpenter's original Halloween, but I read about the movie so much to the point that..basically it seems like I watched it, but I havent.

anyway, This movie was made by a huge Horror fan, Rob Zombie, I watched a video on Youtube where he shows us his DVD collection and he say, he basically "buys anything Horror"

so this movie really is basically a fan-made movie with the intention to make a lot of money off it's title with a large funding, now I don't believe this movie is terrible, I think Its very medicore, which basically mean 5/10, it's not good nor is it bad.

Everything in this movie is medicore, The casting is medicore, I mean you have great actors like Malcolm McDowell and Danny Trejo, but the actresses who played the three victims of Myer were TERRIBLE, I know they were acting like they were teenagers but seriously, these girls cannot act.

Something I didn't like with this movie is the way it portrays Michael Myers, from what I read, and this is a complaint from people who watched the original, that Myer's character is supposed to be a normal kid, who just suddenly get a kitchen knife and starts stabbing his 16-year-old sister, but in this movie, Myers mom is a stripper, his sister treats him badly, and his stepdad or I think his mom's boyfriend keeps making fun of him, while he gets bullied on a regular basis in school.

and I think it's more scarier if this normal kid, just picks up a knife and starts stabbing people.

I would like to keep talking about the movie, but Im in a hurry right now, so basically, this movie has something which makes me hate some horror movies, they don't actually "scare" you, I mean it's just that blood that get's this movie an R rating, let's look at Jaws, it has a PG13 rating I think, and it would scare you a lot more than this movie, but I'll admit, I was captivated throughout the whole movie, so it wasn't terrible, but it had flaws, and now I hate the fact that I bought this movie or full-price, most of my DVD picks are usually half the price I payed for it, but I don't know, I won't waste my money next time.



I'm currently thinking about writing, I want to write Detective stories that are full of suspense like Sherlock Holmes, stories that are really scary like Goosebumps.

I'm still working on making up a detective story, that going to be my first thing to write, if I decide to write, but I had this idea, but I don't know if it makes sense, well I'll just tell you it's name, I came up with the title of the story, "A Frictionless World", basically in the story, something happens, and Friction doesn't exist, the thing is, I don't fully understand what Friction is.

I got the idea when I was in school in the Science period when we were studying friction, the teacher told us to imagine a world where friction doesn't exist and he gave us examples like, if Friction didn't exist, everything would be slippery, so that's when I got the idea.

but I don't know, I think I'll do better writing Detective stories, because if I want this idea to work, I'm gonna have to study Friction and understand it in many ways, whereas A detective story, I just have to come up with something captivating, full of suspense, not that I'm implying that that's easy.

also, I was wondering if any of you guys know where I can submit these stories when I write one, I was hoping there's a website where people read what you write and comment on it, also if I have it done soon, I'll show you guys the story and see what you think.

Grindhouse movie Review/Sin City Movie Review/ Updates


Ok, this is the third time I attempt to make this blog, so anyway, I'm reviewing Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror and Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof, basically as you can see, these films are a double feature called Grindhouse, which is basically can old type of theater that had movies with missing reels, scratchy film stock and such and Tarantino and Rodriguez are trying to recreate that in these movies, and my second review is gonna be Sin City, which I had just watched.

Death Proof (Tarantino's Segment)

Now, basically this movie is a bout a guy who murders young woman with his "Death Proof" car.

Ok, first I'll tell you guys the things I liked about the movie.

I'm really into cars, and if your into car chase's than you'll love the last 20 minutes of the movie.

The movie had suspense, also, I would like to say that Kurt Russel was amazing, basically, you can tell that he is the guy who is gonna kill the girls, but, he plays this random old guy at the beginning of the movie to the point that you might even forget that he is the killer, and he transfroms instantly into this killer.

Idon't really know why but I prefer it over Planet Terror is because well, It had the "Tarantino" Dialogue in the film, and if you don't know what I'm talking about it, it's this thing Tarantino does in most of his films where he writes up dialogue that have nothing to do with the plot of the movie, but you still are interested to hear what they're saying.

Also, I mentioned in the beginning of this blog that these two movie's are supposed to be a tribute to the old "Grindhouse" theaters, so basically when your watching, you'll be seeing some missing reels, also scratchy film stock, It looks like an old print of an old movie, but not to the point that it'll effect the enjoyability of the movie, actually I didn't really notice.

Now, I'll talk about some of the things I didn't like.

I hated the fact that not a lot of scenes had cars, I mean, I expected some a lot of car chases, but I guess the car chase at the end of the movie makes up for it.

Planet Terror had a lot of well-known actors and actresses, I mean they had Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, this movie basically had Kurt Russel and that's basically it, because I didn't recognize a lot of actors and actresses I knew, but it doesn't matter because they did a terrific job.



Planet Terror (Rodriguez's Segment)

Now don't get me wrong, in my review of Death Proof I made it sound like I hated this movie, and that's not true, I loved this movie, but not as much as Death Proof.

This movie didn't really take itself seriously, it had a lot of funny jokes and some good action scenes I guess, I really liked the story of the movie was better than Death Proof, this movie had better music, I don't know, but for some strange reason I prefer Death Proof over it.

Now basically I don't really know, ok, let's just scratch what I said, I don't prefer it over Death Proof, both of them are awesome and I like them equally.

But something's I didn't like in the movie is that Bruce Willis is in about....3-5 minutes of the movie, this movie wasn't taking itself seriously so this isn't really a problem., but I really wish the movie had some scenes where Zombie's were blowing up.




I love Sin City, this movie was amazing, everything about it, the actors and actresses, the voice-overs by the characters in the movie were amazing, it actually looked like a comic book

I am picking the Graphic Novels this movie is based on, because honestly I didn't expect to like it this much, I loved Micky Rourke's portrayal of Marv, Clive Owen's portrayal of Dwight and Bruce Willis's portrayal of Hartigan.

I mean, Jessica Alba was great in this, Elijah Wood was good too, there are not a lot of weak point's in this movie, If I make a top 10 favorite movies of 2005 It might be in the third or 2nd place or maybe even be in the first place, I don't know, I just loved this film.

but I'll admit, the whole Black-and-White thing needs about 10 to 20 minutes to get use to, but I didn't really mind, I was so caught in the story of the film that I just wanted to know what happens.

also I am so happy, because this is a trilogy, and the second movie is coming out in '09 I think.



Also I wanted to give you guys some updates on my life.

Well...I'm still so sick of school and how it sucks up my time, I havent done any real gaming this past 5 days, but at night I'm gonna play Super Paper Mario hopefully.

anyway, I'm going to the mall today, My mother is taking my siblings to see High School Musical 3...I don't know...I think I might get dragged into it to watching it, but I'll convince my mom not to watch it, because I don't want to waste my mom's money.

The real I want to go to the mall is that I'm hoping I can find:

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Boxshot

For some reason Gamespot hasn't reviewed it yet, but I don't really care because I'm getting it even if they give it a 7 or something like that, but all of the player reviews have given this game a 9 and higher, so that's good I guess.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Boxshot

If I find this in a store, I don't think I'm gonna just jump off and get it becuuse the review of the Wii version isn't out yet.

Star Ocean: First Departure Boxshot

I thought this would get amazing reviews, but up until now there are only mixed reviews, and I'm not so big on ****c RPGs so I'm checking this one of the list I guess.

Midnight Club: LA Remix Boxshot

This game has been getting a lot of good reviews, so I don't know, I might pick it up, or probably just wait until it get's a platinum release.