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New Purchases!! / Mulholland Dr. Review

I didn't do my monthly blog this month because I well, I don't know, I just didn't keep track of anything, anyway, I'm keeping track of things this month, so my next monthly blog is going to be well done and a way of keeping track is blogging about things, so that's what i'll do.

Game Purchases:

The Simpsons Game Boxshot

Most reviews said that this game was good nothing great ( I got the PSP edition ) and well, I always wanted the game because I just wanted to play a game in The Simpsons Universe and this game so far is fun, I've only played the first two levels and so far I think its good, but I have a problem with some camera angles, they get frustrating sometimes.

and I found the game for about....25$ I think and that's good.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

I wanted this game from the very first day it came out, but I just didn't feel like paying 40$ for it, I don't know why, I know it has Symphony of The Night (considered the best Castlevania game), so I'm happy I found it for 15$, so even if I didn't like it (which is unlikely) It wouldn't be a waste if money.


DVD Purchases:

I recently purchased the 5 Disc Set of The Godfather Trilogy which are considered the best films ever made or one of the best films of all time, I'll do a huge proper review of them soon, expressing everything I felt while watching the first two films and I havent watched the third film of the trilogy but I plan too, but I heard it is the worst one of the trilogy, but I'll tell you something right now, I don't care who made the film or what film it is, there is NO film that can capture the audience's attention for more than 150 minutes and it has to be a GOOD film to capture they're attention for 150 minutes. and the first two films were about 170 minutes and they're was about 20 minutes where I felt the film was boring and I will include that as one of the cons in my review because, the movies were too long, even if they had a great story, I just felt a little bored at some scenes, but I still think the first or/and the second film deserve a spot in my top 10 favorite movie list of time.

I also picked up V For Vendetta, 300 and National Treasure ( watched the sequel in the theater and I really liked it ), anyway I had watched V For Vendetta a year ago and I loved the movie, had a great cast ( Hugo Weaving is great ) and I knew that I had to have the movie in my collection sooner or later so I got right now and I love the DVD, it has a second disc that includes a lot of extras, also 300, Its one of my favorite films of 2007, a very enjoyable film, I knew I had to have it in my collection, it's a very fun film, but I'm not in the mood too watched a gore-fest right now, but I do think its a great movie, anyway, National Treasure was just a fun film to watch, It was enjoyable, I don't care if people say it's an Indiana Jones rip-off, It's an enjoyable film that you watch whenever your bored, This movie isone of my favorite Live-Action Disney films next to Pirates of The Carribean.

I also picked up a book, It's a Penguin Popular book, It's the first part of two books that contain Edgar Allan Poe's Tales and Poems and believe this man is very talented, I was reading one of his short stories "A Tell-Tale Heart" and I just couldn't believe what I was reading, It captured me and I was sucked into the storie's world, I don't know how to explain it, so Im very happy I found this book, I really want the other part, I hope I find it and I reccomend that you guys read some of his stuff, he mostly wrote short stories and poems and you can find some on the internet.



I'll start off saying that this movie is one of the most twisted films I've ever seen and one of the most brilliant concept's but I didn't really like the way Lynch used the concept, and I'll start off telling you that David Lynch ( the director of this movie ) is one of the most twisted, sick minds of the movie-making industry, and if you thought Quentin Tarantino is the only director with a twisted sick mind, than you my friend, never watched a Lynch film, Tarantino has made movie's with twisted characters and a wierd way of telling a story, but Lynch is alot crazier than Tarantino ( no offense to Tarantino, I watched every film he has every made except Jackie Brown and I think he is one of the best directors of all time ), anyway, I'll stop telling you that Lynch has crazy idea's and I'll start explaining, first I'll review Mulholland Dr and I'll talk about him.

Plot: After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesic, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality.

I feel like explaining the movie but I don't want to spoil the movie, I'll just tell you what I felt.

I found on Wikipedia 10 clues that are supposed to help you understand the movie and they're very helpful, but they don't help you enough, you should watch the movie VERY carefully, just watch it and pay attention, don't look at anything except the screen, because if you miss 2-5 minutes or you werent really focusing on what your watching for about a minute, you won't understand the movie.

Now, I watched this movie on DVD, but I don't own the DVD, my uncle ( who has a dvd collection that's 3 times bigger than mine ) is obssesed with Lynch's movie's currently, gave it to me and well, I watched it once and I returned it the other day, and he seemed surpised that I actually understood the movie and believe me, he deserves to be surpised, because I had to lie on my bed trying to sleep after I watched it while trying to anaylze my thoughts about the movie and It had messed me up, I don't reccomend this film to anyone younger than 16 or 17, because it will mess with your thoughts, that's only if you understand the movie.

I actually didn't watch the list 10 minutes of the movie that night, I was scared to death, I watched them in them the morning, I don't know, it's not a horror film, but the concept just scared me to death, the idea's, how everything turned up, I don't know how to explain it, only a person who watched the film can understand what I felt. I never in my entire life watched a movie that had that sort of effect on me.

now you may be thinking that now I feel like movie is one of the best movie's ever made, but no, I don't think that's true, I just have to give it credit for having that sort of effect on me, and that Lynch actually made something that messes up your mind, now I don't mean that in a bad way, I don't mean that your going to go crazy watching this film, I mean that you'll just be amazing at how the movie let's you think about it after you watch it.

Also it's very amusing asking people what they thought about this film, they're are people who understood it and thought that it's brilliant, and they're were people who understood it and didn't really understand why people would want to watch a movie like this and they're are people who didn't understand it and thought that it's stupid.

I don't know what I really think of it, I don't think it's one of my favorites, I just think that it deserves a high rating for having an original idea.



My uncle is also giving me "Inland Empire" another Lynch film that is shot on digital video and not film, which means it looks like a video you watch on youtube, and it's like Cloverfield...I think, except it doesn't really have a plot except " A woman is in trouble" according to Lynch, that's the plot doeesn't make sense, you just have to watch it, without trying to understand it, and Lynch has said that he is never making movies on film again, I don't understand why he said that but I guess it's because that way he can have the freedom he wants making the film.

and in this film, he is doing EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS, no one is telling him to remove a scene, or don't do this or don't do that, it's all up to him, which mean's we'll be getting a very wierd movie.

I don't know what to really expect.

Movie Reviews: Russel Crowe Edition

In my Indiana Jones Quadrilogy review I said that I might do this thing were a pick an Actor or Actress and review the movies they star in but not ALL Of their films, just the ones I've seen, and I've seen 4 Russel Crowe films and I chose Russel Crowe for my first actor/actress review is because I just watched "Body of Lies", which he stars in, so I thought this was a good idea, also these reviews arent gonna be in-depth, most of them are gonna be paragraph-long reviews.


Plot: When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered by a corrupt prince, he comes to Rome as a gladiator to seek revenge

Something you should know about me is that I LOVE Greek Mythology, thats I love the movie 300, Im usually very interested in it and this movie was great, action scenes, had dramatic scenes, and the story is brilliant, my problems with the movie is that I felt like it was too long, but other than that, I don't have any real problems with the movie.


Crowe's Performance: 8/10


Master and Commander: The Far Side of The Earth

Plot: During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America

This film, is basically just a good film, I enjoyed it, but I felt that it was kind of anti-climatic, everything was going on the same level, even when something bad was happening to the protaginsts, it just felt like nothing was really happening, and I think this film isn't anything great, its just a good movie, nothing amazing, but Crowe delievered a great performance


Crowe's Performance: 9.5/10


American Gangster

Plot: In 1970s America, a detective works to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas, a heroin kingpin from Manhattan, who is smuggling the drug into the country from the Far East.

This movie was great!, Its probably my favorite or second favorite movie of 2007, Denzel Washington was great, Russel Crowe was good, not as good as Denzel, but still delivered a good performance, It's a crime film and I usually from time to time need to watch a good crime film and this was exactly what I needed, my only problem with it is that it was a little too long.


Crowe's Performance 7.5/10


Body of Lies

Plot: Roger Ferris uncovers a lead on a major terrorist leader suspected to be operating out of Jordan

I'll start off telling you that I didn't like this film, anyway, most of the film is shot in The Middle East, where I live (well, I live in Dubai), and it's just fine, but GOD they made a lot of mistakes, not big ones, but I noticed them anyway, one of the mistakes is accents, a scene that was taking place in Jordan had people speaking in an Iraqi accent, also, there was a scene that took place in Dubai, and they mentioned the "cyclone" club (I'm not supposed to know about it) anyway, its a club where guys pick up Russion chicks, and it closed down like two years ago, so this doesn't make any sense, it just doesn't make sense.

Now that doesn't really matter, but the point is, that DiCaprio and Crowe were AMAZING, but the story was terrible, and honestly, the movie was boring I was checking my phone every 10-20 minutes to know when it finishes, and I was surpised since RIDLEY SCOTT MADE THIS FILM, this guy pumps up a movie considered one of the best ever made every few years, I mean he made Alien, Blade Runner (havent watched it, Gladiator, American Gangster, so I was really surpised.

also this movie is going to stir up some controversey, because they're was a scene when Dicaprio claims that Saudi Arabia oil kings finance Al-Qaida, and I don't think thats true, but I'm not mad about it, I don't really care, but I'm sure some one is going to get mad.


Crowe's performance 9/10

The Fantastic Four Movie Review.

Here is my review of both the Fantastic 4 Movies


A lot of people just randomly start bashing this film for it being terrible, now I'd like to bash it, but I have to give reasons why it was bad and I'll give 5 reasons in my review of the first film.

1. The Cast:

Most of the actors and actresses are terrible, they don't even SLIGHTLY pretend that they're portraying comic book characters.

Jessica Alba: Ok, I'll start off saying that... I know, she is EXTREMLY HOT, and honestly I love her :P, but it's pretty obvious they chose her for the role just because she is hot, and don't deny it, everyone knows its true, shes not THAT bad of an actress, its just that it's very obvious why they chose her and honestly she doesn't do a good portrayal of Sue.

Chris Evans: GOD THIS GUY IS ANNOYING, I know his character is supposed to be this cocky, annoying kid, but C'mon, you just want to kill your self when you hear what he says. (He plays Johnney Storm)

loan gruffdudd: honestly, he isn't that bad, but the writing makes the character TERRIBLE.

I'm not commenting on The Thing, that portrayal was good.

2. The Writing

It's just terrible, I don't know why someone would come up with writing like that.

3. Wasting Time

I don't remember THAT much from the first film, but I remember that they spent a lot of time on useless scenes in the second film when they should've gotten to the point.

4. Jokes:

The jokes are terrible, not even slightly funny.

5. Didn't capture the atmosphere

the movie didn't capture the atmosphere of the source material, it just felt totally different.




I kinda reviewed both films in my review of the first film, so I don't have much tosay about the sequel, because I talked about it, but even though I said that they wasted A LOT of time in this movie when they should've got on with the story, I found this movie a little bit more entertaining, in the first film, I was bored, this had a lot of problems, but I don't remember being bored a lot, so I'll give this a rating that's a little bit higher than the first film


Indiana Jones and The Review of all 4 Films

The Indiana Jones series is one of most popular movie series ever made and it has one of the most iconic movie heroes of all time, so you probably know this isn't going to be a "negative" review, I mean I already said that Raiders of The Lost Ark is one of my favorite films, but I just wanted to talk about the quadrilogy, also, I have one exam left and I'll have a two-week break from school, so expect to see blogs daily, and a lot of them are gonna be movie reviews, I'll basically be reviewing trilogy's or series that have two movies, the rule is, that the movie has to have atleast one sequel, some are be "positive" where I'm not really gonna be ranting about the films, and some will require me to rant...a lot, probably The Fantastic Four film series, and I might do this thing, where I pick an actor or actresses and review they're films that I've seen, but I'm not sure.


The first in the quadrilogy and the best film out of the series, everything about it is great, it gives you this adventure that is action-packed, suspensful and in the same time funny, and this is a perfect example of an Action Adventure film, it isn't like action movies today filled with CGI and most of them are really serious, this is a movie you basically watch when you just want to have a good time, Harrison Ford was great, just everything was good.

10/10, Yes 10/10 It deserves it.


I'll start off saying that this is the worst film in the series, but isn't a terrible film? not really, this film just didn't have the Indiana Jones feel, and it didn't really give me the feeling I got watching Raiders of The Lost Ark, Kate Capshaw ( who is Spielberg's wife) played an....annoying character, that chinese kid was fine, I don't know, it just felt average nothing really amazing.



The second best film in the trilogy, why? because it had the same feeling Raiders of The Lost Ark had, it was funny, and it had well...probably the best story out of all films in my opinion and the addition of Sean Connery as Indiana Jones father was great, when I first watched this I thought it was the best out of the trilogy, that what I felt, than I thought about it and the original was the best, but I still think this almost as great as the original.



The fourth film, and the third best, I was really happy I got a chance to watch one of the Indiana Jones film's on the big screen, it will be something I will always remember, because I had a great time at the theater, and I had a smile on my face watching it, It was great, and adding Shia Labeouf was a good thing, I don't know why people say he is annoying, and I know Harrison Ford is supposed is old and Indiana Jones is supposed to be old, but this is an action film, and it's not suppoed to be realistic, it had this feeling, like it wasn't a part of the series, like it's it's on own movie, because it's made in 08 and the others were made in the 80s, but still, I really enjoyed the film.


No More Heroes (Wii) ReReview/

No More Heroes Boxshot

No More Heroes, In my original review, I did (It wasn't on a blog) I made it sound like it was a game that deserved a 10/10, but I gave it a 9.5, but at the time I wasn't really thinking straight, I think it was because i was really hyping it and this happens to everyone, they play a good game, and because they were waiting for it for a long time, when they review it, they make it sound like it's a perfect game, but the hype is over and I'm gonna give a fair review of this game, but I don't think I'm gonna change my original review.

And I decided to rereview it after playing it two days ago

Good things about the game:

-It's fun, killing people with a beam sword is fun

- The story is quite original and well-written, probably the best factor about the game, I just wish they could've have more in-depth stories with the villians.

- good cell-shaded graphics (but i've seen better)

- It's not shovelware, there are a lot of crappy Wii games, this is not one of them, but it has a lot of problems, and I'm here to focus on the game's problems.

Bad things about the game:

- The gameplay, this game is a button masher, basically, you lock on your opponent and run up to them and start pressing the A button crazily, but you can use wrestling moves, which I would've been happy to use, but having one ACTUALLY WORK is difficult, very difficult, also in your first couple of hours of playing you might not find this a problem, but after playing for some time you would just be sick of the controls, and this happens when there's about 10+ enemies and you can easily beat them, but you get SO bored just locking on to them and pressing the A button.

- The glitches, I havent noticed a lot of glitches in the game, but there's a glitch that happens while your on your bike in the city going to different locations, usually when you accidently hit a wall, you just stand up, pick up your bike and move along, but sometimes, your bike hits the walls and it basically doesn't move at all, you can speed up, do anything, it just wont move, you just have to keep trying until it works.

- The free-roaming, exploring the city is..well boring, you can't interact with people, you can't enter buildings, it's just boring really.

Now i'm not saying it's terrible, Im just saying that it has a great concept, but it was very rushed, the sequel is gonna come out in 2010, which mean's they're taking they're time, I hope they work on everything I said was bad on on the game, but I can't do anything about it, the game was made, and I hope the second is better.

Games to Get Before 09/ Quick Rant

This is the DEFINITIVE list of games to get before 09, most of the games Im interested have come out, and there's only 3 games Im interested in that are coming out in December, The Final Fantasy Fighting game coming out on the PSP, The Prince of Persia DS game and Deadly Creatures (Wii)

Chrono TriggerCastlevania: Order of EcclesiaSpider-Man: Web of Shadows

Animal Crossing: City Folk ThumbnailSonic Unleashed Boxshot Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Yeah, I think all these are probably enough, most of these look amazing, not THAT sure of Spiderman, but I want a good side-scroller.


Im pretty annoyed that the live action adaptation of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows (last book) is going to be split into two parts, I don't understand why, it just seems so stupid, I know they need a lot of time to finish filming the last part and make it worthwhile, but isn't two hours and a half in enough, or atleast 3 hours, this isn't really a rant, I just to understand why.

well anyway, lets hope the 6th movie is good.

A Quick Follow Up to "The Perfect Movie Adaptation" / The Jonas Brothe

I wanted to do a quick follow-up to a blog I did very recently, mainly, I wanted to talk about an adaptation of a cartoon series, and It's Scooby-Doo, I love Scooby Doo, It's a great show, but do the live-action movies live up to the cartoon series? find out now.

- -

There were two movies made, The first is Scooby-Doo, and the second is Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, first off, I'd like to start off saying, that I thought the movies were not terrible, it seemed pretty obvious that the actors who were playing the characters had actually watched the cartoon.

They actors reacted like the characters from the cartoon series reacted, probably the worst actor/actresses they had was...Sarah Michelle Gellar who played Daphne acted like a spoiled brat, now I know the character Daphne is supposed to be like the damsel in distress in the show, but she never acted like a brat.

also, this was this fight scene in the second movie, where she practically beats up some bad guy and they explained this at the beggining of the movie where she said she learned Karate, at first I thought it was really cool, but... I use to take Karate lessons and I can't do that :P.

anyway, the first movie deserves an 8/10 in my opinion, the second a 6/10.


The Jonas Brothers, I don't think they're terrible, I mean the lead singer can actually sing, the thing is...most of what he's think is basically crap, I hope they get a good well-written song to sing, I mean, I liked they're cover song for "Year 3000", why? because the song was actually good.

anyway, I mainly here to rant about something that annoyed me, these guys are getting they're on show, now they can't really act, and that's basically the truth, but that's not my problem.

They're show is called "J.O.N.A.S" (Yes it sounds stupid), The show's title was originally an acronym for "Junior Operative Networking as Spies", and that sounds cool, especially since it's DISNEY!!!, and the original plot was supposed to be about A Teenage rock band having double lives as Goverment spies.

and I know it sounds stupid, but they changed it and now it's about: "a band of three brothers who have to cope with being rockstars while trying to live an ordinary life"

Ummm...that sounds familar....umm.. wait.... isn't it EXACTLY LIKE HANNAH MONTANNA, Hanna Montanna is about a girl who's leading a double life as a singer and a normal girl who goes to school and such.

OMG?!? Its just soo stupid, I can't really believe this, seriously, that's just dumb.

Top 10 CGI Animated Films (Part 1 of Favorite Animated Movies/Shows)

This is a Part of Favorite Animated Movies/Shows, the first part is top 10 CGI animated films, second is top 10 favorite animated movies, most of the the list is Disney films like Tarzan and Hercules and such, and the third is top 10 animated TV shows.

10. -

There's something about this film, I don't know, It doesn't have the BEST CGI animation, but the writing is excellent, and it's just really funny, and I think that justifies it being in the list.

9. -

Great film, I love it, great CGI animation, it's funny, it has great voice acting, Jack Black's joice is excellent for the role, so is Angelina Jolie's voice, It's a great film, and it needs a sequel.

8. -

This film didn't do well, but I loved it, it was really funny and extremly underrated, I reccomend this film to anyone with a sense of humour, It just great.

7. -

It's Jerry Seinfield, It's has to be funny, the courtroom scene had me laughing until tears comes out of my eyes, it may not have the best CGI animation, but it's just extremly funny.

6. -

I probably said this before, but this movie, probably has the best CGI animation, the food in the film looks life-like and that's not it, it's a great film and It's one of favorite films of 2007, It's just that good.

5. -

I don't remember much from the film, I watched it like 5 years ago, but from what I can remember is that it was great, and I really liked it, also, I'm really excited for the sequel that's coming out in 2010.

4. -

The best Shrek film and also the funniest, the voice actors are amazing, Michael Myers is great, Cameron Diaz is great, Eddie Murphy is great, and ofcourse Antonio Banderas is great, and I think I liked this more than the original is because of the character "Puss in Boots", I don't know, I just liked it more than the original and ofcourse the third film.

3. -

Find Nemo, everyone probably knows and watched this film, its amazing, the voice's are great, I don't know what to say about this film, just watch it.

2. -

This film is great, it shows that being a superhero was it's consequences and it's, just an enjoyable film, I watched this film about, 10 times, and it's just awesome, I can't wait for the sequel.

1. -

Toy Story, the best CGI animated film, this movie was made in '95, I was a year old at the time, when I was a kid, the most important things in my life were, Cartoon Network, Toys and Disney animated films, my mom used to always get my Disney animated films on VHS in the late 90s, when she got Toy Story, I watched it, Rewatched and watched it some more, I probably watched this movie over 20 times, it was so amazing, because at the time, I had never seen any CGI, and I didn't know what it was.

I just knew that it didn't look like the other animated films I had, and I wanted to watch more of this type of animation, and back in the day there werent a lot of these CGI animated films, Pixar was probably the only company who was making them and at the the time there were like three or four CGI animated films made by Pixar, so you could guess that it was amazing, we hadn't seen anything like it, but offcourse now we have every animated film made in CGI, and I'm getting a little bit sick of it, but, we still have all those tradionally animated films out on DVD.

The Perfect Movie Adaptation

A lot of things can be taken and turned into movies, this decade has a lot of comic book movies, but also animated TV shows can be adapted.

A mistake studio's ALWAYS make is that they hire movie directors who have made excellent films, but they usually don't know ANYTHING about what they're adapting, a perfect example is Mr. Ang Lee, director of Hulk which is labeled, "the worst comic book movie", why is that? because the people making it, don't know anything about the source material.

If your making a comic book movie, or a movie based on an animated show, you have to study your source material, for hours and days, to truly understand what your adapting.

Now some of the best comic book movies like:

- -

were made by directors, who have practically made...well nothing really, I know Nolan made Memento, Insomnia before Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but you get what I'm saying, the movies were made by fans of the comic books, and comic book movies always need to be made by fans of the comic books and not by any random director.

There was always something I didn't like about the movie


Yes, Transformers, I thought about it and I found out, what I didn't like is that, the movie didn't really have that "Transformers" atmosphere that you from the animated show, it didn't really feel like it was Transformers.

People making adaptations should try they're best, to have the same atmosphere they comic book or the animated show had.

I also have a problem with the Garflield movies, they don't really feel like they're Garfield, I mean the actor the chose for Jon is terrible and doesn't feel like he's Jon at all, but the voice for Garfield is perfect, Bill Murray is AWESOME, but anyway, It just didn't feel like Garfield, but people might argue this point saying that Garfield isn't really a complicated comic strip, but whatever, I'm just a huge fan of the fat cat.

anyway, I hope you understood my point.

Films I'm looking forward too and Updates

This is just gonna be some updates and I'll list movies I'm looking forward too.

The Good News:

- in December 2, we'll be having a 12-day holiday, which is two months before our last holiday, we have a lot of holidays and that's really awesome, honestly, I think that's just great, I always need something to look forward too.

- Some games I've been really waiting for have come out or are coming out very soon, so that's good, also, since I don't have a lot of time for hardcore gaming these days, I'll just basically stick to the games that I REALLY want, like Animal Crossing City Folk and a couple of others.

- Here is a list (no specific order) of films I'm really excited for that are coming out before 2009.

Seven Pounds

It's a Will Smith movie, and he's my favorite actor of all time next to Johney Depp, but this is not my favorite time of Will Smith film, this is being made by the director of "Pursuit of Happyness" which also starred Will Smith, now, don't get me wrong, I teared up watching Pursuit of Happyness in the theater, that movie was a good movie, and a movie that proves that Will Smith CAN act, but I like him more in films like Men in Black, Hancock, I Am Legend (which was sort of a drama, but I loved that film), anyway, It's Will Smith, and I'm gonna watch it hopefully.

Release date: December 19

The Spirit

It's a comic book movie, and It's directed by Frank Miller, who is like the god of comic book stories, anyway, this movie looks amazing, everything looks great, but it's directed by a guy who writes comic books and has no experince with films, so I don't know, we'll see when it comes out, but what's wierd is that... you'd expect he's gonna direct something he wrote..but no, he didn't write the comic book, which is...just wierd really.

Release Date: December 25

There were two other movies that seemed really interesting, but I don't know, these are the ones I'm REALLY looking forward too, and that Brad Pitt film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" or something like that, looks interesting, also the release dates are only for the U.S, so I don't know if where going to get the movies on the same day you guy's will.

Bad News:

- School Sucks, really that's the only really bad news, school just sucks, every peropd in school is boring( Except History) , exams are pain in the butt, and the teachers are evil (well some of them).