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So much Crap...

Anyone else ever notice how much crap we keep in our lives?

I am currently packing away my life before the trip to University this upcoming Friday and I am just amazed. So much stuff I don't need, have never needed, and am embarrassed to own. Got about two tubs filled with stuff so far and still a long way to go. Kinda depressing really, how I'm able to pack my life like this. Getting ready for University is still exciting though, finally get down to the wire and I couldn't be more ready. I've learned my residence room will actually be larger than my room at home lol

Anyways sorry about not responding to blogs and stuff like that. It's been a really fun summer and I have only had bits of time to spend on GS. I am also watching Shaun of the Dead as I write this. Great film :D

1 week. 7 days. 0 recollection.

Well my friends came home for the Canadian spring break and I have almost no memory of our evenings together :P I must have said the words "I will never drink again" 5 times this week at least :lol: from what I can remember we had some great fun though, enough to last me till April when they are all done school :D

In other news in the past month I have watched "Grandma's Boy" 17 times.

Love this movie so much!

I have also watched a few other really great movies:

Gran Torino


Kung Fu Panda


Zack and Miri make a Porno


Madagascar 2

Body of Lies

What are some great movies you guys/gals have watched recently?

Can a heart stop out of complete boredom?

Well all my friends have gone of to their respective colleges and universities after the Christmas break and I am feeling pretty down. The first couple weeks they were gone it was alright but now I am finding myself just sitting and staring at the wall.

I follow the same routine everyday and I think it is finally getting to me. I don't know what else I can add in my day to make it more exciting because without any friends to hang out with my options are quite limited. Well here's a look at my daily schedule, let's see if you guys can add something to my daily routine to perk me up :)

1. Wake up at about 7:30 - 8:00 a.m. in the morning, I go downstairs let my dog out of his kennel and do my morning stuff (ie shave, brush my teeth ect.).

2. I let my dog back inside and I get something to eat, usually a bowl of cereal.

3. Go back upstairs and lift weights for about 45 minutes, then the treadmill for 3-4 km.

4. Downstairs again to check on my dog and to get the mail.

5. Upstairs again :P it's about 10:30 a.m. at this time, I go on my computer go on my regular websites and see whats new. Turn on my Xbox to see what's new in the marketplace and to check my messages.

6. Shower time. OOOOO I smell good :P go upstairs and change grab anything I need for work and I'm off.

7. Work from 11:30 to 7:30.

8. Drive home, see what's up with my parents, take the dog for a walk around the block, then go on my computer and Xbox again to see what's new.

That is usually the end of my day, I really can't think of other things to do in town without any of my friends here. To add I am not much of a TV person or I could immerse myself in that box, Xbox is fun I suppose, I have really good friends on there but no new games is draining on the fun factor. I thought about commiting a crime or two for the adrenaline rush, what do you guys think?

New New Banner!!

WOOT! lol once again I have made a new banner for myself, this time I like the outcome a lot better though :D Now on tomorrows agenda:


lol hopefully I actually get it done tomorrow :P

You wound me deep Microsoft....

24 days......It has been 24 days since Microsoft got their grabby hands on my Xbox. 24 days it has sat in the corner at Microsoft's Toronto repair centre. 24 days they have walked by Alfred (my Xbox's name) and laughed.

I have phoned Microsoft multiple times talking to many grunts as well as supervisors. Everytime we will end the conversation with me wondering if they will actually fix it this time. Well after another conversation with employees that ell me how sorry they are and how they are going to fix it I learn that I will probably have to wait another 2 weeks before I might see Alfred again, 2 weeks is if I'm lucky.

Apparently the max time they allow a console to be at a repair centre is 12 days. Alfred has been missing for 24. Now this is my 4th repair and I have already had Microsoft make a mix-up like this before. Here's to another 2 weeks inside the bottle, another 2 weeks of drunken rage, another 2 weeks without my Alfred.

You wound me deep Microsoft......you wound me deep.