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To all who care, I finished my quest:

I finished all of the Assassin's Creed games shortly after I stopped posting blogs. I'm still looking forward to Assassin's Creed III, but everybody on here is extremely dull and I find it hard to blog about things which nobody will reply to or even view.

I may blog about ACIII once it releases, but until then, I'm not sure. Until next time;

The Brotherhood

So I'm still on my quest to beat all of the Assassin's Creed games before the release of ACIII, and in doing so, I've started new 3rd game, Brotherhood.

Right off the bat I notice a few, subtle, but very nice changes to the gameplay. The most prominent of the group would have to be combat mechanics. In this game, you can easily tear apart groups of 50+ guards all at once. Those who've played both of it's predecessors know that the first game incorporated great counter maneuvers which made for pretty good combat on the lower side of enemy numbers, but once the enemies elevated anywhere past 10 - 15, the combat would become slightly redundant: You attack, get off one or two nice counter moves, and then bam, sliced in the back multiple times while being ping-ponged back and forth between enemies.

In the second game, however, they managed to improve upon the combat system, but it didn't feel entirely the same. More of this game was centered around raw attacks rather than visually pleasing counter maneuvers, however, the combat did seem smoother, and they managed to implement a lot of new moves along with the addition of the weapon wheel, smoke bombs, and health potions.

Finally, this time around they managed to effectively combine combat systems to get a finished product that is loads of fun, and completely reflects both systems. You can literally tear through tons and tons of soldiers all in one fight, and you'll find yourself competing with loads of friends to see who can get the best combo multiplier. Now, everybody isn't just a one hit kill; you have to first kill somebody to get a little momentum going, but once you first kill somebody, combos are brilliant fun so long as you can keep them going.

The second most notable change, to me, is the definite movement of Ezio. The character movement seems much more realistic and heavy. If you're running in one direction, you can't just turn around with seemingly no penalty or even a slight momentum shift, you have to actually stop running first. When I say he feels heavier, I don't mean that he's slower by any means, you still leap across the city effortlessly, but you just feel more like a human.

That'll conclude this blog, however, I should also include one more notable thing about the game thus far: It literally starts RIGHT where ACII left off (with Altair's robes and everything), and to me, that give series playthroughs so much more value. It makes it the series a lot more playable. So far, I'm very impressed.

Ubisoft showcases new Assassin's Creed engine


The above link refers to a GameSpot video showcasing the Assassin's Creed III engine. I think the engine looks extremely fluent and the graphics looks on point. The most promising aspect of the video (and the others that I've seen) would have to be the transition of gameplay. Connor easily tears apart the environment using everything to his advantage all in one line with seemingly no problems at all; whether this is due to the experience of the player behind the controller or just the greatness of the engine is still up for grabs, but it looks great nonetheless. I'm very impressed to this point.

Updates as they come.

More Desmond than any other Assassin's Creed


I just read an article which boldly claimed that Assassin's Creed III will feature the most Desmond play that any Assassin's Creed has ever offered. To me, this is exciting as I've seen plenty of action-oriented gameplay which looks refreshing and smooth. If this action gameplay is as huge a part of the game as it appears to be, then the addition of so much Desmond means two things: 1 - Long, developed storyline , 2 - Strong storyline

Updates as they come.

Assassin's Creed, in the preceding months!

Since I'm greatly anticipating Assassin's Creed III, I've decided to take on the challenge of beating ACI - Revelations before the release of III. I started 7/25, and as of today, 7/31, I've completed:

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed II

I have Brotherhood and Revelations on their way via FedEx, both of which I got from a friend back in Tennessee in trade for Guitar Hero III and Mirror's Edge.

Perfect trade, and I can't WAIT to start Brotherhood. As of now, I'm making great time, and I will be done before III with all of the games in perfect synchrony.

I traveled to 3 Gamestop locations today... I may be OCD.

Today, I traveled to 3 different Gamestops coming out with only 1 game. Why? Not because the other Gamestop's didn't have the game I wanted.. Not because I didn't know what game I wanted to begin with.. Not because I couldn't have easily preordered the game, and had it sent to the location closest.. The thing is, when using the pickup@store feature on Gamestop's website, Gamestop provides a small message for preowned games: "Note:This pre-owned product is guaranteed to work, but may not include original packaging, artwork or instruction manuals." - To me, this is not okay. I don't know how many of you guys would do the same, but I traveled to 3 Gamestop locations today because I am very picky about buying used games. After the second location, I had almost given up and just resorted to the BLACK Gamestop case, with no coverart or manual.. I finally made it to the last location, found nothing.. Alphabetical order on the wall. Nothing. Games below the wall.. Nothing.. Middle of the isle, alphabetical order..... Nothing. We were about to leave, when my girlfriend hands Splinter Cell: Double Agent to me, GREEN case/manual/2-disk special edition with DVD/COVERART and everything..... Out of alphabetical order. BOOM! Nothing makes me happier than having a game as if it were new. Are there any other gamers out there with the same problem?

Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Ubisoft Demo

Below is the first gameplay video for Splinter Cell: Blacklist (releases Spring 2013 ) released directly by Ubisoft.


*Before we begin I feel like I need to clear something up. As a true fan of the series and completing every previous version of the game, I have developed a certain respect for the storyline of each game. I have thoroughly enjoyed every game, including the PSP version and most definitely, Conviction. A seasoned player can find enough stealth action in Conviction to be completely satisfied. I needed to make this clear due to a lot of people claiming that the series was completely ruined by the mark and execute features and seemingly more fast paced gameplay.

First Take:At the start, we see Sam Fisher carrying the dead body of a "fallen friend" in broad daylightto a tent filled with unsuspecting foreign soldiers. Shortly after, the mark and executefeature was sure to show in it's reuse stemming from Blacklist's precursor, Conviction. This segment is a sure shocker for most; however, for me, this was an excellent display of how they're flexing Sam's ability as not only a spy, but also a sole special operative. The world's finestspecial operatives agent would very well employ tactics which would put himself eye to eye with the enemy, such as the disguise he temporarily wears before pulling off an elite clearing of the room. What I like most about this segment is the fact that he doesn't try to carry on the disguise for too long because that would just seem too unrealistic. The split decision is made immediately after the attention is turned to him, which to me, shows his experience in the field.

Next, we see Sam's actual outfit, which after hearing talk at E3, is completely customizable due to a new monetary system. This suit is very much throwback, seemingly similar to the first 3 games in the series, which is favorable. After a short walk, another throwback quality appears when Sam cuts into the back side of the tent with his knife, which also has made a huge return. The knife has been widely missed by most fans of the series since Double Agent, so seeing this early is an awesome sign of quality and Ubisoft really listening to what fans have been saying. Before cutting, we also see the return of the sonar goggles, which were an awesome addition in Conviction. After entering the tent, Sam snaps against the tent wall, reaches through the doorway to grab an enemy soldier, and pulls him into the darkness, creatively putting him out. To me, this shows a lot of promise to the stealth action side of the game. Also, a huge point the creator emphasized during the E3 demo was the option to play through the game based on your preference to style: stealth or straight action.

After the tent sequence and marking a few further enemies, Sam flexes an exciting new addition to the world of mark and execute. By holding the A button on Xbox 360, you can now mark and execute while on the run, automatically vaulting over anything in your path, increasing the smoothness of gameplay. I think this feature will add a lot of value to the game, while also increasing the options for the player. This sequence also shows great cinematic styled play and very realistic deaths. These guys really appeared to be shot, which is great and adds a ton of realism.

Later, Sam crosses a wall and you're back behind another enemy who is only one crates-length away. The player is able to grab him from across the crate in a realistic fashion, and then again, put him down in a realistic manner. After some careful maneuvering, Sam climbs a wall and very classically, hangs waiting for a rooftop enemy, only this time, another thowback feature is showcased: whistles/distractions. Any Splinter Cell fan who's played any game other than Conviction has probably well-missed the stealth feature, but no longer. After throwing the enemy off of the roof into the medium sized puddle below, guards obviously hear the fall and run to his aid. While investigating, Sam is able to fire a sticky shocker into the puddle to incapacitate the enimies via electric shock. Another awesome feature, which again, adds realism.

The next sequence includes a drop kill, a few executions via an unsilenced rifle and an awesome display of how physically accurate Sam is when bashing and stumbling through doors. Hiding behind weak cover is no match for the huge stationary machinegun that he faces, but thanks to his new Fourth Echelon crew he is now able to call an airstrike to remove the pest. I know this is VERY unconventional, but theoretically, Sam would have never had to use the airstrike if he would've approached the situation differently. There are other very tactical options. Either way, while the huge gun fires towards Sam's position shortly before exploding, the enviroment is shredding to pieces, very realistically due to the large caliber bullet being fired. Also, when the vehicle actually explodes, tires and vehicle scrap fly toward the screen very cinematically, yet without a break in the game. The in game cinematics are on point.

Next, in the above video, Sam tags 3 of the 4 soldiers behind the door before placing an explosive, waiting for it to explode and rushing in, executing the remaining 2 leaving the last behind for the final cutscene. However, in the E3 version, the explosive is placed, and Sam takes a different route onto the roof, rappels down the side of the building, and then after the explosion, he rope swings into the building, executing the remaining soldiers that way. This again, just exercises some of the options that will be available throughout the game. Also, a few final words from the creator include the return of the extremely epic interrogation scenes, and also, the long missed, Spy vs. Mercenariesmultiplayer mode from Chaos Theory. All in all, this game looks extremley promising, and although some players may take the broad look at the "lack of stealth play", this game has plenty of depth, and I will definitely be tracking it until next Spring. Updates as they come!

Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer

Based on the trailer, Ubisoft has really taken in and learned from what critics and above all, fans have been saying about it's predecessor, : Conviction. This game seemingly has a balance of more stealth, and a little of the same, badass action seen in Conviction. I really think they picked an environment that will allow for a lot of the same stealth gameplay that we love, while giving periodic breaks for cinema-styled action. Trailers don't usually speak much about graphics, but based on how smooth and realistic this one was, I truly believe that (while the others were all very good graphically) Blacklist will exceed graphic and physic expectations. I also took notice of the knife-use being flaunted in the very first trailer. To me, this was Ubisoft signifying the additions of previously fan-missed, classic play and weaponry, such as the knife. Not everything can be told from just a trailer, but to me, this new look brings a very action-packed, original promise from the creators back to the true fans.

Nintendo Gamecube

I bought a Gamecube 2 or 3 weeks ago at Gamestop for $30 because my girlfriend had just beaten Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64 and I wanted to get her a newer Zelda. I ended up buying a refurbished system (no core memory) and 1 controller for $30. Since the Gamecube has no core memory, I also had to get a 16mb memory card (preowned) for $15. Since everything was preowned, I also got a 1 year warranty for $5. Total cost - $50. I bought 3 games to start off with because Gamestop had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on all preowned games during Father's Day weekend; Zelda: Twilight Princess ($30), Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ($8 ), and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (free). After adding games, the total price I paid was about $100. After a week or so, I also bought Hunter: The Reckoning ($4), Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory ($2.50), and Madden 2003 ($1). Splinter Cell would've originally been $5, but they halfed the price since it's supposed to be a 2 disk game. Somebody traded it in with only 1 disk and somehow it was overlooked. All in all I'm really satisfied with the Gamecube. I had never even played one until a few weeks ago, and the graphics aren't as unimpressive as I would've thought. They're actually pretty good on some games. The hardest thing is finding good games, and making sure those good games are in good condition. The game selection is pretty picked over, but flea markets and pawn shops are pretty loaded with games. I'll be reviewing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within really soon since I've just about beaten it. Overall, I give the Gamecube an A+.

Shadowrun: Definite bargain bin deal.

Shadowrun is a very fun game, although it has a few setbacks such as: It has no career/campaign, it is somewhat limited, etc. Most, if not all of the games problems are due to the game not having any sort of story mode or campaign. There's just 2 modes: Online and fighting offline against bots. Both of these are basically the same; however, they do include 3 different sub game types. I'm not going to do a review on my blog, but I plan on reviewing the game really soon alongside Splinter Cell: Conviction.

*Shadowrun is definitely the best game for the price: $5. This game could hold it's own against other games in the $15 - $20 category.