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Finally, a 360

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Oh, yes finally, a little late posting it, but yes, i got a 360, on July 12. All together, i have GRAW, Oblivion, a base cooler, 2 wireless controllers, and a play and charge kit, along with everything else that came with it. Bout there is a change in plans, i decided not to get a ps3, now that the whole, games being $60-$100. Also, i didn't get the job i wanted, so i'm just going to get a PSP, and if another job opening pops up for the place i want, i might be able to get a ps3, only if the games are $60 or less.

Summer Plans

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Well schools out Wed. for me, to celebrate i'm not going to leave my house for 7 days, if my parents allow it. Anyway, this summer i plan on getting 360 and a reserve for the ps3. I should make atleast $500 - $700 dollars working for my dad and that's only counting a couple projects he has, I may be able to make $500 working a few hours for 2 days a week. Plus another couple hundred making fishing lures and selling them to local gift shops and bait shops. The 360 is definate, no doubt in my mind i'm getting one, but after I spend a lot on accesories, i may need to work a bit more for the ps3, i really want that eye toy, that just crazy! Anyway, I may beat San Andreas this week! Yay finally i restarted twice, finally i might do it, and get $20 from my bro since i'll be beating it w/ out cheats, that's why i restarted twice, first time i cheated a lot and he b****ed about me cheating all the time and gave the bet, so i restarted fot the first time, I got to the airplane junkyard, and i had been useing vehicle spawn cheats, just the quad bike, but he said that's still cheating, yada yada, i said it doesn't help me beat the game, but he said how does he know i haven't been useing cheats while he wasn't there. (you can look at how many time you cheated in stats and i did only 12 times) So I restarted again, and according to my strategy guide (which he doesn't know i have) i'm close to beating it.