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Bionic Commando....again

Well it seems I'm Bionic Commando for the second time around... so here goes:

Level 28: Bionic Commando

"Bionic Commando - ****c NES game in which you played as a bionic commando who could not jump, but had a nifty extending bionic arm that let you swing from stuff. Truly kick-ass."

The original Japanese version of Bionic Commando ("Top Secret: Hitler's Revival" - Japanese title) placed the main character, Radd/Ladd Spencer, in a battle against futuristic Nazis. The final boss was Adolf Hitler who had been resurrected by evil scientists. The story featured in the English version of the game begins with a search for Super Joe, who was the main character of Commando. In truth, Commando and Bionic Commando are actually unrelated games.
Unlike the arcade version, the NES version is an action/adventure game, in which the player has to explore each stage and obtain the necessary equipment to progress through the game.

Map: Instead of moving in a straight path through the levels, the player can, between levels, move around on a map-like screen. The player can move his helicopter one space at a time between the areas, represented by numbers.

Bionic arm: The main character is a commando with a bionic arm which can grab onto surfaces, allowing him to pull himself forward, or swing from the ceiling. The game is notable for being one of few platform games in which the player cannot jump. To cross gaps, the hero must swing like Tarzan on a vine.

^ Bionic arm in use ^

Health: Enemies can sometimes be defeated for "bullets", which, if the player gets enough of them, will add extra units of health. This is important because the player only starts with one life point.

I am the Karate Champ & PC Stuff

Level 31 - Ippon!
A reference to Karate Champ, possibly the first arcade martial-arts game.

Karate Champ (original title: "The Way of Karate") is a 1984 arcade game developed by Technos Japan Corporation for Data East. It is one of the first fighting games and has been believed to be the first to use today's common side-perspective.

karate champ

In this game, the player assumes the role of a Karate competitor and fights against another player or the computer. Using two joysticks, players can execute a number of moves.

Gameplay consists of a two dimensional fight between Karate characters wearing white and red gi, followed by various bonus rounds for the successful player. This pattern repeats itself in the next, more challenging round set against a new background. Unlike most later fighter-type games, there are no health bar or hit points. A hit successfully landed ends the round and earns the player or his opponent either one point or half point. The first to two points is the winner.

In other news...

I am getting my PC completely reformatted tomorrow and it will take a few days for everything to get set up again, so I most likely won't be on GS during that time. I hope you all can continue with your Unions and blogs as usual in my absence, and I'll try and get back on here as soon as I can. Peace!

- Duff_ManX

Why Lost is a great show...

Here is all of the different perspectives shown of Oceanic Flight 815 crashing, from the TV series 'Lost'.
Viewpoints are from inside the plane (Pilot), along with Desmond not pressing the button (season 2 finale) and The Others watching from the ground (season 3 premiere).
Well worth a look for anyone remotely interested in why Lost is such a great show! Epic stuff. :)


Long time, no blog!

Two topics today.

The first is a humorous piece of writing I found in a gaming magazine titled:

The Journos Who Ate San Francisco

"Take a single bite of a Jack In The Box burger, and not only will you instantly become obese, but in a violent hallucination, your life will flash before your eyes and you will finally known that there really is a Satan, and his name is Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger."

And here is a funny scene from a recentish episode of The Simpsons:

Bye for now! :D

I am teh Wiki Sick

Hm, this title has two meanings.

One, I am sick and tired of Wikipedia. All the nagging editors who whine on and on if you so much as make an edit or upload a file that they don't like. Some people seriously need to get a life.

Two, I have just leveled up to Level 30: Wicked Sick
According to GameSpot, this is "The award earned in
UT2k4 for 30 consecutive frags without a death."
Not much else more to say other than "Yay"! :D

Wicked Sick

Don't forget to check out my last epic
VV blog post directly below this one. It's nice!

Pokemon: Advanced GRAWfighter

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time again.

OoMandaloreoO and I have been creating various concept designs in the .exe program known as Photoshop CS2. We are interested in your opinions for our up and coming feature film simply titled:

"Pokemon: Advanced GRAWfighter"

Please leave feedback about this soon to be blockbuster. :D