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Ha ha, no. it has a dumbed down Wii version of a Havok engine. But at least I hear that Euphoria didn't work out all too well for the other systems.
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Ya know I read both IGN reviews and while the breakdown and the actual reviews make sense the final scores look like they were flipped. TFU on Wii read like a 6.8 or 7.0 tops while the 360/PS3 version had more positives to say about it.

And ironically, it seems like that version has what matters to me more, a better told story. But to each his own. Enjoy whatever version you decide on.

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The game must be designed to take advantage of Motion+ just like the Wii Controller. Similar to how you can't play GC games with the Wiimote, it just wouldn't know what the extra info is.

TFU is being made from the ground up seperately for the Wii with many of the same level designs, a few exclusives, and a lightsaber battle mode(1:1 wiimotion), but no Euphoria, DMM or Havok engines.

Personally, I still can't decide if I want TFU on 360 and CW, or just TFU on Wii. One way or another I will have Lightsaber duels. Those new engines just look so cool.

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Imo xbl is a "mature" persons service and if someone can't handle being cussed out they need to not get a mic or just not play. I don't think people should get banned for that stuff.


That is the single dumbest thing I have read today; Swearing at someone does not illustrate maturity, in fact the opposite is true. Being able to be a good winner or loser is mature and those people don't have to tolerate little kids calling them losers or gay or any other dumb thing when they pay for the service. Paying for internet anonymity does not give you the right to be a mouthy, offensive little prick.

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I emphatically warn you there are no plans to make the Legendary map pack free.
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As there will be hoppers that require the maps off the bat and the fact that Bungie has stated that these maps will not be free, so far as they know at this point (2nd question after the pics), I will get them ASAP.

Also I got the Heroic maps and loved playing custom games on them, all you need is a few friends and access to the custom maps at Bungie.net.

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I think they are releasing only 2 games a week lately because before Christmas they were releasing 4 a week and this is their way of evening it out, even if only one or two games were good enough for a download total in the last couple of months.
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AC adapter is the power cord, multi out is the 3 colored cables(red, yellow, white) and RF out is the alternative to that, that connects to the same place on a TV that a Cable TV cable screwws into. (plus it also has a female port on the box near the end of the cord if you wanted to still have a place for that cable)
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My bad, diddn't realise that was his sig. But that doesn't change my argument's validity, just the fact that he wasn't saying that about this topic.