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Top Five Favorite Strategy Games

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Now that I've revived my old computer, I've been playing a decent amount of Real Time Strategy Games and Turn Based Strategy games. So without further ado, here is my Top Five Favorite Strategy Games of all time. (on PC, where strategy games thrive)

5.) Star Wars: Empire At War

I'll admit that I found the land battles of this game to be mediocre at best. It is another fine example of a game with tons of potential that just doesn't manage to meet expectations. However, It arrives at number five on my list because the space battles are top notch, the galactic conquest mode is enjoyable, and at any point in gameplay one can watch the battle unfold in a theatrical view, which is a nice touch.

4.) Civilization 3

The civilization series is one of my favorites in gaming. Number 3 in particular makes it on my list because of it's perfect blend of fun and difficulty. I must admit, I'm fairly awful at it, but I still find it incredibly fun. This game has a way of devouring your time. I like the graphics of this one over Civ 4, because I find Civ 4 to be too cartoon-like.

3.) Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2

This game takes number 3 on my list because of the varying factions, many playable maps, and custom create-a-hero. One could play as dwarves, Isenguard, elves, men, goblins, or Mordor. Ibelievethere is over thirty maps to play on, and the custom create-a-hero allows you to make a special unit with powers out of anything from a dwarf to a wizard to a troll. Also great about this game is the user created maps online and the online multiplayer, although I'm not sure if the multiplayer is still going or not.

2.) Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2 is a terrific game. Excellent unique units, structures, and gameplay make this game stand out from other real time strategy games. The one downfall of this is the awful story. I've read in a few places it's supposed to be terrible, in a way of poking fun at sci-fi movies and such, but I don't see the point of that.

1.) Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots

I love this game.Ascendthrough the ages while harvesting resources, warring with your enemies starting with spears bows and javelins and ending with nuclear missiles and machine guns. Several unique units, abilities, and looks for each nation ensure the game never gets old. The thrones and patriots expansion adds several conquer the world campaigns and several new nations.

That's my top five :)

questions and comments are all welcome and appreciated. I hope everyone is good with the world.


Alpha Protocol, New Vegas, and quality

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Hello fellow gamers.

I've gotten on gamestop for the first time in awhile to comment on the abysmal scores Alpha Protocol has been receiving. I was incredibly excited for this game and even pre-ordered it, but now I am certain I will not be buying it June 1st (release date here in the states). What I find interesting is, the only reason I decided not to buy the game, is because it's already been releasedelsewhere. If it released worldwide on the same day, I'd be none the wiser, and more than likely would've gone and picked it up at Gamestop. My biggest concern/question that comes from the average reviews of alpha protocol is: If this is the quality level that Obsidian can produce for Alpha Protocol, what will make Fallout: New Vegas any different? I've already pre-ordered New Vegas and I'm a huge fan of the fallout series and I'm concerned about it's upcoming game.

Granted, New Vegas is being marketed to a larger audience and therefore will probably have more time and quality put into it. New Vegas is also using the same character models as Fallout 3. I'm not sure how I feel about that though, I was hoping they could break away from Bethesda's "every elderly person, man, woman and super mutant has a six pack" but I do feel as if this decision allows them more time to tune the game to their liking, as opposed to making everything from scratch.

All of that being said, I think I'll buy Read Dead Redemption on tuesday instead of Alpha Protocol. Quitedisappointing considering AP was even delayed 6 months (Ibelieve). It looks to be an old west GTA (and I know that has been said) but what could possibly be wrong with that?

My Gaming updates:

I recently bought Grand Theft Auto 4 after convincing my mother that the story was a bit deeper than killing hookers and doing blow, It is a great polished game in my opinion, but I'm way late to the party, and the majority of you know these facts already.

I also bought Dragon Age: Origins. I didn't enjoy it at all. I think it's just not my cup of tea.

and I bought the Fallout trilogy package on Amazon. I've only played the original Fallout and Fallout 3 so I cannot wait for it to arrive

^The wonders of having a job. More money to buy the things I want, and less time to use them.

comments are very appreciated


Back! with news...

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Hey everyone! I havn't been on gamespot for awhile, due to the usual excuses everyone uses(busy, school, busy AT school). I decided to come back on, semi-permanantly, because after nearly six months of inactivity I've been friend requested by two people from gamespot on PSN, in the same week. Which is quite the coincidence :P.



I finally bought Metal Gear Solid 4(i waited, because I'm cheap) I must say I like it a lot, even though I am completely clueless as to whats going on. It actually takes moderate skill to play though, and I think thats pretty cool.

Due to some "glitches" in the PSN store, my friend and I traded the DLC levels for Fallout 3, so I'm currently adding to my 400+ hours of Fallout again. If you still havn't gotten around to buying the DLC packs(I can't be the only one who waits a long time to buy stuff :P ) I would reccomend: Broken Steel, Point Lookout and maybe Operation:Ancorage.

-Point Lookout will add several hours(I think I played for around 12), new equipment, and a great storyline to the game, not to mention its revisitable.

-Broken Steel adds the level cap, new high level enemies, and some great equipment/missions. Truly the one to buy if you're level 20 and are getting bored with the game

-Operation: Anchorage adds great equipment, but thats about it. It only takes 2-4 hours to get through and froze my PS3 a ton. But the gauss rifle and Chinese Stealth suit are some of my favorite pieces of equipment

I also got Final Fantasy Tactics on my PS3. Turns out the war of the lions game I used to own for my PSP is nearly an exact replica of it though. Still, it's a great game so I don't mind, and it has aged very well.

The zombie DLC for borderlands also comes highly reccomended. It adds a ton of new missions and enemies. great fun.

Thats all for now. Hope everyone is all good

questions, comments, rants, whatever is appreciated :)


almost like a news-letter

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alpha protocol has been delayed til next year. that is very dissapointing

Help Wanted

Im really interested in Borderlands and i'm wondering if any owners of the game could answer some questions for me.

-how repetitive is it

-how is the single player

-when in single player, do you have the three other characters following you around

-does it have replay value


I've gotten two Fallout DLC's since i was on here last: point lookout and the pitt.

Point Lookout is clearly the better of the two in my opinion, better story, more unique weapons and enemies, signifigantly more difficult. well worth the ten dollars IMO

The Pitt was decent and fun at times, but if i could go back i wouldn't have bought it. Less playing time, smaller map, only about two basic types of enemies and very easy.

(granted i played the pitt with a level 20 character with the more powerful weapons in the game)

comments are very much appreciated

[what were your opinions on the fallout DLC, alpha protocols delay, borderlands]

hope everyone is well


top five ipod touch apps

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Hey everyone! I havn't been on here in a really long time, so I figured I'd get on and post a blog about my top five applications on my ipod touch.

Soccer season is almost over :( but that'll mean you'll see me on here more often probably :P

Mafia Wars- for anyone who enjoys the games on myspace/facebook. same thing except mobile. very addicting, but not in a life consuming way :P FREE

Zombieville USA- fun side scrolling zombie survival. I really enjoy all the diffrent weapons (chainsaw!) definatley worth the price in my opinion (theres a free "lite" version for anyone who wants to test it out) two dollars i think

Alive4Ever- top down zombie killer. lots of weapons, resembles Resident evil in its art style, features challenges for each of the thirty levels and recently added a survival and horde mode. worth every cent. two dollars i think

Harbor Master- draw ships to each port to unload its cargo. definatley worth the one dollar. (features several unlockable maps) one dollar

tap tap revenge 2- like guitar hero... it's really fun and addicting, with new songs coming out once a week (every thursday i think...) plus its competely free. also tons of free downloadable songs for each difficulty level FREE

I havent even used my ps3 for awhile, not because i hate it, just because i can play all these great games on my ipod. I am very tempted to go buy the Fallout DLC though. anyone know if the ps3 version had signifigant glitches or anything bad?

thats it for now, comments are appreciated, I hope everyone is having a great day :D


So i recently ordered...

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...my new 8 GB ipod touch, which is sick for several reasons.

1. A recent roadtrip made me realize how freakin boring driving can be without some form of gaming device(makes me miss killzone liberation and MOH Heros on my psp)

2. My current Ipod is a first generation Ipod Mini. All the text is black and white, the screen is like an inch, and it somewhat resembles a tiny brick. I've had it for abouttt four and a half years, and I figured it was time for an upgrade.

So I've been going just a little bit crazy downloading all the apps(tons of free and a few paid) so i can install them the second i get my new ipod.

I bought:

Alive 4-ever. I watched a few videos, thought it looked cool. Plus, it'll only be 99 cents until the next update is released apparently, so i figured id save a buck or two and get it now.

Zombieville USA. I love killing zombies so much. had to get it.

PocketGod. Ironically the new update somehow involves zombies :p but thats not why i purchased it. I purchased it because I've played it before and it's simple mindless fun.

StickWars. A game kinda in the same class of "defend your castle" which is an online game that i love. defend your castle also comes as an ipod touch/iphone app, but its twice the price and has a really strange look/art style. play Defend your castle

I want:

Civilization Revolution. I love all the ones on computer so I figured I'd probably enjoy one on my ipod just as much. maybe not. if anyone has thoughts on this game inparticular, let me know.

So I've got 55 applications downloaded including the four above, which range from: things that will help me out in school to tons and tons of free games. but if anyone has a really great/revolutionary/fun free game/other app they want to suggest via comment, i'd appreciate it.

As for regular console gaming... I haven't done any of that in about a week. Not enough time between soccer and school, But I'm starting to sound like a broken record, saying that in every blog.

Hope everyone is well and at peace with the world



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Just felt like writing something today since it is my first day off in awhile...kinda.

I say kinda because today, my soccer team, and the girls soccer team -which are both based out of my school- held a youth clinic this morning to teach some soccer skills to little kids. It was pretty fun. Just doing some really simple drills and teaching them how to throw in a ball and such. I like the pre-K through second grade group the best though, all we did with them was play tag. Which was basicly just me and a few of my friends diving/tripping past them like they were to fast for us to tag them.

I ussually limit myself to playing civilization 3 on the weekends, because it takes up far to much time during the weekdays. I'm kinda bummed though, because there's a decent chance its now to scratched up to play anymore. I guess i could play civ 4, but I prefer civ 3 complete edition.

Ps3 fallout DLC coming out this month. I'm pretty excited for this, considering i've been waiting for it FOREVER.

Thats all for now. My apologies for not blogging or being active on the forums to much. I have no time between soccer,school and mountains of homework.

I watched the world cup qualifier between england and croatia last night. It was quite the game. Unless of course you were hoping for croatia to win :P

I might just find enough energy to post my gaming set up -which i promised a few weeks ago- but don't hold your breath.

hope everyone is well



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Soccer practice is pretty crazy so I have basicly no time to get on gamestop/pursue anything else in life. I'm going to a New England Revolution game later today, and I'm getting back to my house sometime around three in the morning tomorrow. At that point I will in fact post a few pictures of my gaming set up/write a more in depth blog.

sorry i havn't been very active in the unions.


some thoughts. ask me Bizarre questions! receive bizarre answers!

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One: Coach gave us the weekend off from soccer[football] practice. Which is a bummer because I have no plans for the entire time. I have so much extra energy and nothing to use it on.

Two: That last statement was sort of a stretch. I reorganized my gaming area in a my room so that its way better for gaming. Take my word for it. If I'm feeling bored I might just take a picture of it so all you fine gamespotters can see.

Three: I went over my internets fair access use policy while trying to download the batman demo to my ps3 today. So now my internet is slower than dial up. Quite frustrating.

four: I've been watching lots of Teen Titans lately. Its the one cartoon I watch [thats not aimed torwards an older audience]. It reminds me of waking up early on saturday mornings to watch cartoons when I was little. nostalgia is good. :D

Anyway, ask me anything, no matter how bizarre the questionmay be, and ill answer all of them. [ try to come up with something creative, if you can't, oh well, non-bizarre is okay too]

A few thoughts

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well im back. Preaseason was pretty grueling for the first few days but now its easy. I've got the weekend off so I'll probably be around the union boards/commenting on all of your wonderful blogs.

I just read an article that was on the top of the gamespot page about video-games causing depression and obesity. In my own opinion video-games do cause these, but only if not used in moderation. I know i get depressed when i play to much fallout or bioshock [too dark man!] and i know that if i wasn't conditioning all this week, i would probably be a few pounds heavier from the eating junk food while i sat and played soccer in a video game. But then again, almost everything is unhealthy or bad if not used/done in moderation.

I still havent started school yet. It seems like alot of people here on gamespot have though. I'm getting kind of restless waiting for it. I just want it to start already. It'll be good not to be a freshman this year. I can see what all the upperclassman were getting at with all the "hating lazy freshmen" sort of thing:p.

Joe cocker's performance of "with a little help from my friends" at woodstock was truly amazing, look it up on youtube if your interested. I find it amazing how good he sounds without any help from a studio or anything.

The new name for speech and debate in my school is "social issues forum". It makes me look forward to that class even less. I mean, why change the name?

Hit me up with your questions/thoughts/comments and I'll get back to you.


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