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I'm Back :P

Well, after a long while, being active only on videos and forums, I'm finally posting :P

Anyways this is only an update on what I'm interested in, esp. what I saw from E3. Well, from the perspective of seing it live, you can miss alot, jumping from different sites. But since I was mostly on Gamespot, I can safely say that it was a quite satisfactory event. No joke, I won't be able to afford most of it, however what I MUST buy would have to be the bare "nescesities". (Not in any particular order whatsoever) Like Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Left 4 Dead 2, Prototype, Infamous, Rock Band Unplugged, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and other games like that. This will sap all of my spare change, but, that's what I save it for :P

*edit* oh yeah, and I still have to get Resident Evil 5, & Street Fighter IV, along with the upcomong Borderlands, the agency, AND DC universe online

Can't Decide

Oh boy, another descision to make. Should I get Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty 5:World at War? I mean, I've been craving some good FPS action and when Left 4 Dead didn't come out for PS3 I went insane (that's another story) with an envious craving to pop some zombie heads. Well, with that said, I also heard that COD:WAW has a Nazi Zombie Mode...now THAT and the fact that WAW has a flamethrower with unlimited fuel would have had me sold. But some people have told me that WAW has broken gameplay...hmm...so I posted in the forums for peoples opinions and 7 said COD4:MW, 3 said COD5:WAW, and 3 said both were good to get. So I'm undecided and still need to be swayed. I'm also still looking forward to Prototype, Resident Evil 5, and Killzone 2 so yeah...woohoo...

I can't wait for upcoming 2009!

This is as exciting as it gets for me this year, I can't wait any longer! So many awesome games are coming out for the PS3! Including the two exclusives Infamous and Drake Fourtune 2! Besides that, Borderlands looks like it will be better than Fallout, and Prototype will be more badass than spiderman (doesn't take much actually). I mean, Borderlands is going to be so godamn awesome besides the fact that it (currently) has over a half a million different weapons, ALL different, it will be multiplayer? Well co-op at least i think. So anyway, besides that, we got Prototype coming too. I mean just look at the trailers! that isnt even the finished product! It looks better than the games I own now! I especially can't wait for that. 2009 looks great so far.

The Snipers Union

Ok, just updating from my last account. I am the leader of a Playstation 3 snipers union namedThe Snipers Union. We cover all FPS and TPS games new or old on the PS3. We compete casually online and are slightly dormant at the moment due to issues such as work but are very active during the summers. We have competed in tournaments such as the Warhawk tournament a while ago (didn't win btw). We have ROE for snipers (Rules of Engagement), and Basic Training. Remember, all of this is offered only in the summer, so if you wish to join, contact me (DrumahBoi) or our co-leader (Furist) via PSN. I will update our list of members when the time comes that you are initiated on the site.

Since a year ago, our main site forcommunicationhas been Gamestrata. However our main site includes a forum, Gamestrata is preferable for customization reasons. We are also on Playfire however we use Gamestrata for communications, for the reasons above.

Our Homepage isthesnipersunion.weebly.comif you wish to learn more, or join. The site has further information on joining, and also more info on positions you can earn in the long run.

All right guys, gotta level ;P

I've been feeling a craving to post comments on videos...I sadly can't *sob...

Originally, I thought that Gamespots leveling system was awesome, but starting from scratch on a new account isn't that appeasing. Now, you may all be thinking, why in the world would he start a new account? Well, due to Gamespot's inability to allow the user to edit age, in case of a mistake, such as, subtract 10 years from your actual age and attempt to watch a video...yeah huh...