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So... this is a blog then?

Wierd, I've never gotten into the whole blog thing, but I figure why not write a little crap and see if anyone responds, a bit like fishing... but for comments, instead of you know, fish and stuff.

Aaaanyway, I guess if I'm writing a blog I'd have to figure out something to write about... Well, here's an interesting point, I have exams for two units for third year uni in like 3 days, and instead of studying for them, I'm sitting here writting this :?

I guess I'll blame Zelda, if anyones seen me on the forum lately I've been ranting about my love of Zelda for Wii, Nintendo decided it would be cool to do a tour of the Wii around Aus a few days before exams start, thanks for the great timing Nintendo! Anyway I got a shot, the game owned, and now I'm busy on the internet scrounging around for previews and info, rather timely really cause ign and GS just got Wii units and games in. Anyway, it's been a big waste of a day I should have been studying, but meh, the topic is some wierd operating systems unit and damn is it boring.

So, exams finishing next week, thursday to be exact, and then there's another Wii event, maybe I'll go to that maybe I won't, we'll see. After the 360 GeOW review I gotta look into that too, and I don't even own a 360 :P

Well, I guess thats all for now... I wonder if there's anything on TV... wait, I mean... I;m gonna go "study" now.. yes... thats what i'll do...