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Back (again)

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Well it's been a real long time since I've posted anything.

I'd like to say I'll be more active but the truth is I probably won't. =P

But  I 'll try. I have gotten over the whole MU thing and I completely hate it now, I think it was a complete waste of time and I'm glad I got out of it early.

Anyways hi to everyone cya l8er.

I'm Back 8)

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Hi all long time no see or talk.

I've been out of action for quite a while. :D


Because I am addicted to MU Heroia. It's AWSOME!!!!!

I reccomend it to anyone and everyone, check it out because it's sooo much fun and it ROCKS!

Here's some pics of the cool characters/classes you can choose from.

Below is a Soul Master the advanced form of a Dark Wizard, and beside it is a Dark Knight.


and here is a Magic Gladiator a mix between a Dark Wizard and Dark Knight.

ok goodbye all, hope you get to enjoy MU as I am L8er.

My Pic

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Okay so I made this pic using GIMP and YES I know it isn't as good as Photo Shop but it's pretty good,  for a free program.

Soo anyways here's my PIC 8) :


YAH, Please tell me what you think and what sort of things I should do to improve n such!

Nintendo Wii 4 MEEEE!

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YAY I can get a Nintendo Wii for christmas!!!!!!!!!

But it appears that it's only being launched in white :(

So what should i do? wait till it comes out in black or just get a white wii?

Please help me decide!


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Hey Ya'll Im back 8) (YAY)

Sorry i was gone 4 soo long but I'm back now 4 good

Back 2 Skool. 8(

by on

Well guyz the fun is over 2morrow I head bak 2 skoool more like prison.

Back 2 the homework & assignments and the dreaded teachers , no more playing video gamez all day. It's so unfair the holidayz seemed so short, o well talk 2 yaz L8r. :cry:

Kakashi Hatake From Naruto

by on

Name: Kakashi Hatake

Rank: Jonin

Country/Village: Leaves

Powers/Abilities: Sharingan Eye - Sharingan to copy the techniques of others and then turn them on their source

Best Move: tThe One Thousand Birds, a ball of lightning-based chakra held in the hand that can kill in a single hit Its also his most powerful move.

Age: 26                                                                                                            Height: 5'11"                                                                                              Weight: 149LBS

Kakashi is the cool but strict sensei of naruto, sasuke & sakura, he has never passed anyone but our three heroes were the first ever to pass his class.

Kakashi is a Konohagakure Jonin and the current leader of Team 7, which originally consisted of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno. He is known as Copy Ninja Kakashi  or Sharingan Kakashi  referring to the Sharingan in his left eye and his use of it in battle, which has allowed him to copy more than a thousand jutsu. Kakashi's Sharingan eye is not his own; it originally belonged to his former teammate, Obito Uchiha ( hes from the same clan as Sasuke), Sasukes relative.

Like his father, whose skills have been compared to that of the Legendary Sannin, Kakashi is considered a genius shinobi, graduating from the Ninja Academy at age 5 and achieving the rank of Chunin at 6. A few years after these accomplishments, Kakashi's father was disgraced by the village for abandoning a mission in favor of saving his comrades, which cost the Land of Fire dearly. Because of the shame he felt, Sakumo committed seppuku (suicide. After his father's suicide, Kakashi began to adhere strictly to the rules of the shinobi – in particular the rule dictating that the success of the mission must come before the well being of one's teammates, causing him to become arrogant, humorless, and by-the-book.

At the age of 13, Kakashi achieved Jonin status, mainly because of an ongoing war that required ninja more quickly than normal. As a reward for his accomplishment, he was assigned to lead his team on a sabotage mission to blow up a bridge in order to prevent Iwagakure forces from entering the Land of Grass, where the enemy could easily mount an attack on Konohagakure. Shortly after the mission started, Kakashi's team encountered an enemy shinobi and his clones. Kakashi saw this as a good time to test his newly-developed jutsu One Thousand Birds, but could not find the real enemy amongst the clones. After Kakashi's shoulder was slashed by the shinobi in the confusion, the Fourth Hokage had to rescue Kakashi. The Fourth Hokage sternly told Kakashi never to use the jutsu again. Later on, Kakashi's teammate Rin was captured by enemy shinobi. Obito wanted to save her, but Kakashi said they had to focus on the mission, opting not to make the same mistake his father had. Though Kakashi believed that they had to complete their objective, Obito eventually convinced him that his father had done the right thing, causing Kakashi to join in on the rescue effort.

During their attempt to save Rin, Kakashi loses his left eye as a result of an enemy ninja's attack. To protect Kakashi, Obito manages to awaken his Sharingan, and kills Kakashi's assailant. Soon after saving Rin, Obito again saves Kakashi, pushing him out of the way of another enemy's rock-dislodging attack, but becomes crushed in the process. Shortly before he died, Obito had Rin (a medical ninja) implant his Sharingan eye in Kakashi's damaged eye socket as a gift, thus creating Copy Ninja Kakashi. As his first act, Kakashi avenges Obito by killing the enemy ninja with his now-perfected jutsu, One Thousand Birds.

Obito's death changes Kakashi, and Kakashi adopts many of Obito's traits. One such trait is Obito's concept of teamwork, which is most clearly seen in the way Kakashi tests newly-graduated students hoping to become a squad under him. He uses the bell test to test his students, which requires the three students to get the two bells he keeps on his person. Only those who get a bell get to pass, which would be difficult even with teamwork, as at least one ninja would fail regardless. However, the rule is only a ruse; the point of the test is to foster teamwork and teach the students that some rules need to be broken on occasion. Team 7 is the only team to have realized this and passed the test. Kakashi also inherits Obito's chronic lateness due to his frequent visits to Konoha's memorial site, which he visits for Obito's sake.

Ther will be more.................................... :P:P

FableFinalFantasyHalo Union

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We welcome all newcomers and if you wanna chill and talk about your fave gamez this is the pace for YOU!

It's a fairly new union and we would be pleased to have you and any of your friends all are WELCOME!!! :lol:

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