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2010: The Games I Bought

The games I bought this year are:

-Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising

I loved this game even more than I did the first. The new units were a loads of fun to use, and the Chaos faction really added a lot of flavor to the game with the worship mechanics. The campaign was (IMO) very fun, and definitely better than the first.

-Mass Effect 2

This game was amazing. The combat wasn't all that fun and the RPG elements were trimmed, but the production quality and the sense that my choices actually meant something made this game worth it. Very few games I play through twice, let alone wanting to play a third.

-Starcraft 2

I absolutely love this game. Admitadly I haven't played it in months now, but I am sucha huge fan of Blizzard RTSs and this game truely delivered. The campaign was awesome with it's blizzard cinematics, mission variety, army customization, and more. And just by the name the MP doesn't even need to be mentioned.

-Fallout: New Vegas

I had a lot of fun with this game(and about 60 hours). It really improved on almost the entirety of Fallout 3 with it's voice acting, gun variety, actual choices, gray areas, ect.

-Dirt 2

I didn't actually buy this one but it came free with my processor and I never played it

-Alien Swarm

Didn't buy this one either, but it was very fun before we all figured out they aren't going to add more campaigns.


I bought this with the Orange Box, played it, got it for free on Steam, played it again.

-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

I played this one as a kid(I know, I know) so when I saw it for two bucks I couldn't resist.

-Team Fortress 2

I've owned this for a while but I bought it for my current Steam account on like the 31st of last year on sale.

-Sins of a Solar Empire [Expansions]

These are an absolute must buy for any sins fan. My brother and I probably exponentially increased our time clocked in Sins once we got the expansions.

Maybe something else? Who knows?

So I owe it to y'all

So I owe it to y'all who have been waiting for my SC 2 review. I have like half of it(unedited) but I haven't been able to write the MP/B,net half yet because of school.

Facebook Blunders

To set the scene: My brother happened to have met a girl at college who he has taken more than just an interest in. Now most of his facebook statuses(Stati?) involve her.

Now today my parents got a phone call from my brother and when they picked up they herd laughter and more, if you catch my drif. He didn't realize he called and probably hit the buttons to do it. Never trust touch phones I always say.

Now his status is "Nothin' but [Her name] on my mind.

My dad(being the first to comment) wrote "We know son, you called us during by accident".

Last I checked at least 6 of his closest friends have been commenting on it and making fun of him. It's like something out of F My life or along those lines haha.

It was probably the best thing that happened this week.

Starcraft 2 Review

So chances are I'll write a Starcraft 2 review. However the chances are slim seeing as I had planned on writing ones for Chaos Rising and Mass Effect 2 with no result so I don't know.

Why am I posting it here? Because chances are I'll get more people to read it than if I posted on it on TRTS.

My Experience With the Next Generation of RTS Players

To set the situation:

My mom has a close friend (who coincidentally was my 1st grade teacher) who she hasn't seen in a very long time. My mom used to watch her son when she was out so I've known the kid his entire life. The last time I saw him he was four years old and obsessed with the movie Cars.

So a few days ago they came by to visit and I was in my room avoiding akward contact with her. They sent her son up to my room to say hi and I found that he was already six, practically seven years old.

We sat there, quietly until he started going on about (completely on his own) how he loves strategy games. I was intrigued so I asked what kind of games he played. He said Battle for Middle-Earth 1&2 and how Napoleon:Total War was his favorite game ever.

I wanted to see this for myself so I opened up BfME 2 and let him play. He not only knew how to play, but he was good (especially for a 6 year old). He knew what units did, the Rock Paper Scissors game style for that game, he understood how the game's economy worked, and beat the AI fairly quickly.

It made my day that the little annoying kid from my past has become an RTS player.

And like it not, there goes three minutes of your life you wont get back.

New Chair!

About six months ago the chair that I've had since 2005 broke in the back causing the whole backrest part to fall off. This was fine but it eventually got loser and loser to the point where it would go back extremely far and pose threats of it breaking off and spike my kidneys and spine.

Now today I finally got a replacement for it and it is sooooo comfortable.

Diggin' Holes

Recently I have been doing the dirty task of digging holes in my backyard to put fence post in. Today it was pouring rain but my dad insisted that we go out and dig anyway. Only a few inches in we found a freakin oil filter from some sort of car or tractor just in the middle of our yard. We have no idea where it came from but we had to dig the thing out as it fell apart and created a big metal/paper/oily mess in our yard.