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Light characters are mostly useful for hectic races with lots of item hits, because acceleration quickly after being hit can be the key to success in those races. This is what makes them a great choice for beginners, as they can get back on their feet in no time when they get hit by items or fall into a cliff.

However, this is also their weakness, as better players will find themselves at the front of the back more often, and high speed is required to keep or expand a lead. For that purpose, the heavier medium characters (such as Ludwig) or downright heavy characters are more suited.

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@turtlethetaffer said:

I've loved the game ever since I first played it back in the seventh grade, so...

… and now I feel old. Thanks for that.

I had the same feeling when someone pointed out that Mario Kart 64, the game I grew up with, is now 18 years old. :(

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It isn't that it was bad, just that it didn't live up to the ultra-high standards of Mario platformers. I guess people had a problem with the setting being a bit too monotonous when compared to Super Mario 64. I could live with that, but my main gripe with the game was that the controls and camera were not refined enough to make for a seamless platforming experience. This was blatantly obvious in the more abstract levels. Fortunately, the Galaxy games fixed these errors.

Still a good game, though.

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@nini200 said:

This game is hard though which I also really like. I like how tough the computer is on 150. I didn't even waste my time in 50cc or 100cc although I most likely will have to in order to get everything.

Actually, that isn't necessary. If you complete a cup in 150cc, the results will automatically transfer to 50 and 100cc. So in order to get everything, you will only need to complete 150cc and Mirror.

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@JordanElek said:

@Jaysonguy said:

No, it really is

They threw bloom and shine on everything trying to make it look better

Have you played the cloud track? I watch the full intro to that track every time because it's downright beautiful.

It's Jaysonguy... Just ignore him.

On topic though, did anyone else find it odd that online doesn't use your NNID but you're Mii name?

No, I think that's pretty logical. It's like in Steam, where you have your account name and your profile name. The former is used to log in and give to people you want to connect with, while the latter is displayed in games, and can be changed at any moment.

Suppose your Nintendo ID is your full name and your year of birth. People probably wouldn't want to delve into online games with dozens of random people with such private information. A Mii you can simply change.

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@Jaysonguy said:

"What the hell is this? It looks awful, it's a Wii version at a higher resolution"

No, it isn't.

No, it really is

They threw bloom and shine on everything trying to make it look better

Lol. Keep telling yourself that while the rest of us enjoy this beautiful game.

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Double Dash was alright, still quite playable, but it was by no means the series' high-water mark. People seem to forget it had very little content going for it. No custom cups, no ability to choose single races, no CPU-controlled battle opponents... Nowadays I just play the All-Cup Tour from time to time, but other than that there is not much to do unless when a friend is around.

I remember people being only mildly enthusiastic about it back in the day, but nowadays you can't enter a Mario Kart discussion without at least a few people calling Double Dash the game to beat. It evolved the series in some meaningful ways, but it was by no means the great game everyone was expecting at the time. The same goes for Wind Waker, by the way. It may just have been personal experience, but about 8/10 people back then I talked to were underwhelmed by the game. Now it seems to be the favourite of many. Maybe it's a generational thing.

And don't even get me started on MK64. It was blown out of the water by Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing respectively that gen. Fun for nostalgia, but not deserving of its legendary status.

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@Jaysonguy said:

"What the hell is this? It looks awful, it's a Wii version at a higher resolution"

No, it isn't.

"You can't see the track on the screen, they have a horn button?"

You can see it on the Wii U screen. Not sure what the horn button has to do with anything.

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I played all day yesterday, and I have to say It might be the best MK so far. The anti-gravity, air, and underwater racing certainly aren't gimmicks, as they influence the game dramatically. This can be noticed especially on the retro tracks, which actually feel like new tracks seeing as how much they've changed. The design of the new tracks is out of this world. Current favourites include Bowser's Castle, Toad Harbour, Rainbow Road, Cloudtop Cruise, Bone-Dry Ruins, Twister Mansion and Mount Wario... as you can see I have tough time picking because they're all so amazing.

@KBFloYd The standard bike is actually good due to its balance. I used it to beat most of the 150cc GPs.

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Got it yesterday, had a day off, so I played all day. Getting the 3-star rating was pretty easy, as you just have to win 60 points in the GP this time around. Your rating doesn't go down from falling off the track or bumping into obstacles. So in the end it didn't take me more than a few tries on each GP.

Also, a tip for people wanting to get the 3-star rating on each cup: you are not obliged to do this on 50cc and 100cc, as performances earned on 150cc will automatically translated to the lower classes. You will have to do Mirror separately, though.

But yeah, great game. Can see myself playing this for a long time to come.