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Dragoon_Of_Dark Blog

Im Back

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so yeah, im back now, and it went pretty good, got some games, got some money, got some magic cards, yeah sounds like a good trip to me. now the countdown to University begins

See you in Two weeks, kinda

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well, im going away on a vaction like thingy, and wont be back for about 10 days, and as it is, there is no internet where i am going, so all i have is my phone's 3G, :lol: so i may be around but not much.


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Well summer is feeling kinda slow and boring so far. what happen to there always being somthing to do :|

but on an upside i am almost finished writing my book "The Truth About Heaven" for the contest i entered. well it finished just doing the touch ups now.

i will problem put the first chapter up here if it gets published or not

It's All Over!!

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I am now finished Highschool. i finished my exams, my prom and a 7am grad tis morning. now off to University for four more years...

well lets see how that turns out

Well Well Well

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i have finished my last highschool exams and have graduation on the 29th.

and lastnight, early this morning was prom, which was very awesome, and DoD learned how to dance... kinda :P

oh summer vacation how i cant wait

Bring it ON

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okay. so i finaly finished my Class selection for SMU. and my class layout is

Introduction To Modern Ireland

Introduction To Psyc

Introduction To Sociology

Introduction to Lit

Introduction to Japanese Language

Then for Term 2

Introduction to Japanese Language II

INtroduction to Japanese Culture

Social Power and Relations

Psyc Mind and Brain

Introduction To Critical Thinking of Lit.

and i have exams in two weeks from today.

Global Geo 12

Sociology 12 and

Mi'kmaq 10.

lets do this!

Running on Empty

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oh man its been some time since i made one of these. and with good reason. things have gotten so busy as of late. guess that makes sense with it being my last year of highschool though. I'm

Practicing for Track everyday

Writing a book for a Publishing Contest

Getting Preperations for Prom done (luckly the girls dont want the guys to do anything other then buy their suits)

Taking care of University Class Selection


And Filming with Page5Productions.

damn i need a break

Whats With That

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now that we are well into the PS3/X-box360 generation of gaming i've been wondering somthing. somthing that has been gone since these consoles have come out. SAving Screens. were have they gone.

remeber back when a game would have its own saving screen with background and music and maybe even a cool little inteaction thingy.

Like REsident Evil and its Type Writers

or Persona 4 with its aswome music and Yellow Black back drop or a Ar Tonelico Save Screen were a Funboon will jump across the screen

So why is it now all we get is a fade out of what we were doing on the game and a PSN saving screen with no cool BGMs or or CGs

Why i say, i miss the effort put into a save screen.

well thats about it for my litttle rant.


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im back from my week long disapearing act

and what has happened over this time you mya ask.

well first of i got Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel. and boy is it damn fun.

Ar Tonelico Trilogy

so far i have to say im enjoying it and there are a few characters worth mentioning that look cool in it.

Tats is a pretty cool dude. but i suspect him of being a Her, but more of that later.

and i look forward to seeing Cocona and Sasha from AT2 and Jack and Kruche from AT1 when they show up. goe 8hours clocked in sofar and more to come

also over this week i got my acceptance letter for Saint Mary's University. so starting next year on Sept 7th DoD's going to university

other then that not much happened. and im back now. so get ready