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A correction to a mistake/A huge annoyance

I said check out Exploding rabbot.com.......Darn it...I meant

Exploding rabbit.com

The site has loads of funny videos and is home to the biggest mario fan game i have ever seen.

So check it out, they should eventually have a new game out which will no doubt be epic!

In other news...I beat Xenoblade a few days ago (durin that massive thunder storm in the good-ol mid united states)

and i gotta say, I am super impressed,Dunno if anyone eles is excited for it but i heard about a sequel to xenoblade, WHAT??!!!???!!!???!!! Now the wii u is top priority, a new xenoblade game...I would pick that up in a crappin heart beat!!

The dragons speak

Crush the fools who beileve that the wii u won't be good... The system shall surpass all those made by nintendo, since when has nintendo failed us all with an impressive system... IF YOU ASK ME I think that the system will take nintendo gaming to a great height, It already has some wild games planned in its futer....

This is what EVERYnintendo fan has been waiting for, you can't like nintendo until you are at least some what ready to see what this new system has to offer, :cool: SO LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Love for Xenoblade

It warms my heart to see Xenoblade getting the ultimate attention.....

Charecters are awesome on a whole new scale, DUNBAN FOREVER!!!!

Music is Even better than epicness its aweepicness!

All who enjoyed this game I salute you...all who hated it, GET A LIFE YOU LONER!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dragon's Speak

:lol: Wow,i did quite a lot of reviewing today........On a side note,I have appreciated seeing my reviews recommended,I know that this is probably old news to some but not to me......


Anyone elese realize that no timesplitter 4 has apperared on the ps3? I hope it happens soon!!

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