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Some Arty Link!

As I said before, I got Photoshop CS3! Now I know all the ture TSPers don't come to GS anymore, they go to TSP.nr. But anyway:

I have two acounts on deviantART, each doing different stuff.

Karsciyin does wallpapers, and is my main, so any little titbits and tools go under here aswell. Emotikonz does - you guessed it - animated emoticons, primarily for instand messaging. Emotikonz also does other animated icons - right now I am working on a dragon moodset for LiveJournal, as a request. I already have part of it up...

I feel like a change...

...but don't know what to do.

I LOVE my banner.
I LOVE my avatar.
And I am perfectly happy with my small, non-nonsense sig.

So.. what can I do to get some new FRESHNESS from GameSpot... seriously, if TSP doesn't pick up the pace soon, I'll probably sink back into the depths again... I feel like doing, or HAVING, or MAKING, something new for GameSpot... need some ideas, please, if you ahve any.

Srsly... I can has Photoshop!

I have it! CS3! Whoooo! I've only justregistered it now. :)

I can do art again! Whee!!!

@Fetus: I tried looking at getting Linux, but there's too freakin' many! I finally decided on Ubuntu and then it gave me even MORE options! So which would you recommend? I always figured Ubuntu but would rather get advice from a Linux user...


I am typing on my new laptop right now! It is of the HP Pavilion DV5 series, with 4GB RAM! Now that's a lot of sheep! :lol:

...and I discovered quite accidently it was wrieless - I forgot to plug in the modem cable but not until after I had Firefox installed an running did I realise this. Whooo! Net is still a bit slow though. Hopefuly it will pick up speed. Not sure about Linux - should I dual boot or use Virtual Box? Could i do both?

Srsly... New Zealand has scammers too

For those that still haven't noticed, the "Srsly..." part means that the topic is about laptopness.
For an update on the laptop itself, see the previous one. This one is about the Photoshop bit.
I did mention it MIGHT be gotten; the real story is that we officially won the auction on TradeMe but Dad refused to pay unless the seller provided a phone number or address, so Dad could chase them up if it was a scam. After a few days internet silence, we got an eMail back admitting that 'his son' put on an illegal copy of all the Adobe programs up for sale under his username. Which is a scammer way of saying "You caught me; here's an excuse so you can't report me". It is also a way of saying that ALTHOUGH I DO HAVE A LAPTOP, I don't have an image software lined up yet and I don't know when I'll get one. BUT it will be before the summer holidays are over, before Feburary.


I officially have my new laptop on order! I can't remember the model code, just that it is an HP Pavilion, with 4GB OF RAM! YES!

Of course, once it arrives, we still have to clear out files we don't need, put on programs we DO... but this is genuine PROOF that something is indeed happening on the laptop front! Are you excited? "I know I yam!"

Oh a different note, every time I see this awesome banner I photoshoped from the modern Doctor Who logo, I am inflated with pride. My new laptop will (likely) have Photoshop CS3 on it pretty quick, so I can get back into the designing scene. That said, I'm better at specific subjects and directions than coming up with ideas on my own, so WHEN IT IS UP, I might make an ideas topic at TSP.nr (www.tspforum.co.nr) where you can submit me some ideas. Depending on what you submit, how achievable it is and other stuff, I will make it for you! (Note: It's always helpful when you provide [links to] the images you wish me to use).

Srsly... there's more!

Dad has started looking around - caught him looking at the laptop page of a brochure. We're going for Harvey Norman because they actually have student discounts on laptops, not just software (tip from sister's business-minded boyfriend there). We are looking for a price range under $2000 (New Zealand, of course) with fairly good specs.

I DID actually see that the brochure had a HP laptop at $1999 (or $1899 after casback, but anyone who's actually tried to claim cashback knows that it really sin't worth all the terms and conditions just to get back the $100 they added on top of the real price anyway!) but Dad decided against it because the screen was to small - 13". Apparently it has to be at least 15" or he won't even bother.

BUT this is sincere proof something is happening! YES! And I can get aMSN for it and get online a bit more.
Probably still will avoid videos though, since that uses up famliy-wide broadband, regardless of a new laptop or not.
Plus, I'm still playing the original Sims. Mum somehow obtained a 'gift' Sims 2 (she won't say where, why or from who) which she says she is willing to let me use. SWEET! When t happens. Although a third is still coming out Feburary next year... and you know how it is with Sims, you always have to get all those expansions...


Okay, I know that you can't really trust what I say on this topic anymore since it really is jsut taking a long time; nothing is happening.

BUT this just in: new laptop to be bought before end of this year! Taking advantage of a student discount and so on and so forth. So soon, I will be able to browse a bit more freely. Still want to avoid using taxing things like YouTube and stuff, because that uses up a lot of bandwidth we can't really afford.

DOWNSIDE: Dad seems to be taking a while browsing. in fact, i think he may have actually STOPPED because he wants to know what kind of power I'm looking for. It will be a Windows laptop, because that's what my University of Choice uses. I will be using it for a Bachelor of Computer Systems, which includes all sorts of programming and design things (although focus is more on technical/business side than design). So, what would you guys recommend in a reasonable price range? Don't get too specific because there could be availability issues in my country.

Ooooohh.... purdee....

...not that I can exactly see what to do and how to get around. But I ahven't been here for a long while, and I'm jsut curious to know when THIS happened!

Wel,, I don't have the energy for a long post because I am actually sick right now (boohoo) and on a weekend too. Just my luck...