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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Mark of Mastery Edition

So I went to my local GameStop to pick up my pre-order of KH3D: MoM. When I got to the register and showed the guy my receipt he said smiling that I was officially the last guy to come and pick up the awesomeness that is this game. Gladly threw my money at him and walked out with a big smile on my face (just like the one Sora has on my profile image) :D Got home, spread myself in front of the AC (so hot outside), and the took the box out of the bag and placed it in my room. And I just stared at it. That's all I did. I couldn't do nothing more. I just don't want to open it. I know I have to in order to play it but GRRR!!! The reason why I really won't open it is because, even though I know the story of Kingdom Hearts from the first to the last, I have never really played them all? BBS was actually the first I seriously played. This summer when I got back home from college I asked one of my friends to let me borrow the system with all the games, which he did. So all summer I've been playing Kingdom Hearts. I get bored and distracted easily so I didn't play for about a whole month. It was about one week ago when it hit me that I never accomplished my mission of beating them all before KH3D, and so now I must beat them all before opening what it my wonderful new Kingdom Hearts 3D: Mark of Mastery. I'm almost done with game one, and every once in a while during the times I go out I take my PSP with me to finish BBS, which I'm also almost done with. Once I finish both of those, I'll start CoM and Re:Coded. Following that KH2 and 368/2 Days to finally be able to play KH3D. Can't wait~ :)