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Game Breaking Glitch.....hit me finally.

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You know in all my years of playing video games I have been very lucky. I never experienced a game breaking glitch until last night with a little know RPG called Venetica that I picked up on the cheap at Amazon a moth or 2 back.. I am not sure why critic's beat the hell out of it but that's another deal altogether. I gave it an 8.5. Is it a perfect game...no but it was fun for me at least. I refuse to go back and change the score because I did not know about the game breaking glitches and the fact I did not I manage my save games well. This has taught me to manage them better.

Here's the gist. It took me roughly 22-24 hours to get to this point and my last save before this? 12 hour mark. Yes, better than starting completely over but I still don't feel compelled enough to go through 10-12 more hours and what if it happens again? Another problem prohibiting me from starting over is the fact that I do not have time to play games more than one time due to my huge backlog. I am just sad that a game I was really enjoying had this happen and now I can't finish it. I only believe I had 2 more bosses left and maybe an hour or 2..... I just feel blah right now. Can't explain it...lol

PC--PS2 help

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Yes, I realize there is Google and I will resort to that if none of my friends has ever done this. I was wondering if it is possible to connect a PS2 Slim to a PC monitor? If so, how did you hook it up? Would I have to have a "newer/updated" PC to do this and would I have to buy anything? Thanks for anybody that can help!

Don't You Forget About Me.

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Throwback to the 80's with this title. Now this song is stuck in my head. Hopefully I can get it stuck in another persons :P I was gonna link the vid but hey the editor is not working! Alright on to the topic!

Ever feel like people just talk around/through you like you don't exist? I am referring about anywhere in life that your travels may take you whether it be virtual or reality. Do you try and stick out more or say the hell with it. Personally, I am not one that likes to be the center of attention so I just say the hell with it and move on. What about folks that it really bothers? How do you handle it?

1 simple musical note....just 1!

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Is all it takes to give me chills and cause excitement.....all these years later even. 1 hit of the gong and the blood starts flowing!Then the thunder cracks...hell yeah!

Yet, this Sunday I fear it may be the last time we hear it and the end of a streak :( I do hope I am dead wrong. Taker deserves to go out on top. They owe him that after all the years he poured his blood, sweat and tears into the business for them. They ****ing owe him.....20-0!

HHH, your ****Ing ego better not get in the way of that decision or I will be crying like little ME3 fangirls about wanting a new ending for the match.

8 short days to go and it hits me

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I thought I was finally gonna make it out of the "official" Winter without getting sick. Yesterday it was only 8 days till Spring officially begins. Well someone had other plans as it hit me in the face yesterday like an 18 pound sledge. Was in bed most of the day. Sucks since I know at the very least my next 2 weeks are now shot. Doctor appointments that I can't cancel as well since I had a friend pull me a few favors to get in a lot sooner(not related to being sick). Either that or wait till freaking June. Uh, no thanks.

So yeah, if you don't see me around much in the next 2 weeks now you know why.

Another update on Exoticanimal post India/3rd Surgery

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Please fee free to spread the word to his friends that ask since a lot may not even be reading this at all. I was gonna post an update but I will just copy/paste the relevant parts of his e-mail to me instead

Got back last wed night but havent really gotten the chance to use the computer since I've been staying with the uncle/aunt and his two kids use the computer a lot for hw/projects and there's no wifi there. :( Surgery was successful as should have been expected. Just getting back to continue PT to work on the range of motion and get back most of it if I can from the 2nd surgery. Numbness in the fingers that I was telling you about has kind disappeared but still feel it like 3-5 times a day which a lot better than before where I was squeezing fingers every few minutes. Guess its onwards to a long recovery now that I don't have to worry about the pain anymore. Want to go on GS and tell ppl that I'm ok but don't use the computer here and I forgot my password as its saved on my laptop which is back at my apt. lol Anyways, hope thats good enough for an update and not sure when I will have enough free time to be back posting on a consistent basis. Hopefully soon.

Deja Blue?

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Hell yeah it is 4 years later! Tommy Boy why have you guys not won a SuperBowl since SpyGate? <-----things that make you go hmmmm. bad timing on my part. i took pto from last thursday through this monday and the parade is today. should have planned better. oh well, here's to another in june which will take off. What a game! I have to say on this 6 game run the G-Men went on the toughest team to me was the San Fran game. I was the most nervous throughout that whole game. Even when down 17-9 in th3 SB I was not as nervous as any point in the SF game. So no disrespect to the Pats but SF and the NFC Conference Championship game was the real SuperBowl.

Yesterday on my local news they had a reporter at some sports retailer showing the ridiculous lines outside waiting on buying Giants gear (WTF? this is not a video game system launch). I love my sports but they are not gonna sell out and if they somehow manage there is always online ordering but I digress. She was inside the store talking to people when she finally turned around and said Jets fans have been sending her messages on facebook and twitter all pissed off to which she then replied she had good news for them. The camera then panned over to the Jets merchandise and I just about died laughing at the huge 50% off sign. Tha6t made my day :lol:

Back to the grind for me...those few days off went way too fast as usual. I need a real vacation of two weeks minimum!