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Multiple Apples of Eden?!

Assassin's creed series are full of secrets and mysteries and stuff, that estinguish the game and gives it a unique flavor. But seems it's getting a bit out of control, or the designers gets changed and doesn't follow up on one another's work.

The reason i say that, is that in Assassin's creed 2, while solving "the truth" puzzles, they showed us pictures of famous people who came to power-many years after Ezio- and it was made obvious that the apple helped them get there, or they used it's power somehow. Contradicting to these picture, is the story in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, where it shows us Ezio hiding the Apple in an ancient temple or whatever, then Desmond knows the location and goes to get it!!

Now, this is confusing! they are saying that no one touched the apple since Ezio, but Desmond? what about all those people in the truth files?

Not stealing anything from Jack Napier, just spreading the word!

Union Awards are back ? !

Many of you weren't around back then, but at one time gamespot used to create every year an awards show for all the unions on Gamespot, in order to recognize outstanding unions. Sadly, the last one was in2007and since then there hasn't been a new one.

It's time for a renaissance however! The Union Awards are back, although we need help from everybody to make this as successful as previous years.Hereis the link to the thread where this is being worked upon, we're looking for volunteers and people to help spread this throughout all the unions in gamespot. We want to make this as unbiased as possible and have as many people as possible from the community involved in this project. Let's raise awareness for unions and honor those who've been successful!

Help us bring back the Union Awards by copying this and posting this in your blogs and unions!

Today's game consoles are blonde!!!

Most of the components of video game consoles are based upon computer chips and processors, all of today's game are aimed mainly at the consoles then comes the pc-dvd rom or just pc, so granpa pc doesn't good as many games as his sons-turned-adversaries. and since E=MC2 (i couldn't find the squared sign, sorry Albert) therefore consoles are blonde, since they get all the fun.

New Captain America game!!

Word on the street Marvel and Sega are developing a captain america game called captain america: super soldier, more info at marvel's official website http://marvel.com/news/all.14247.captain_america~colon~_super_soldier_on_its_way~excl~

Guinness Gamers

  • Largest fully functional game of Tetris:


Created by dutch students, the massive game took place on 15 floors of the university's electrical engineering department.

  • First use of in-game soundtrack in an election campaign:


The Arizona senator used a composition ( casualties of war ) from Medal of Honor: EuropeanAssaultin one of his presidential campaigns, although he's not known for being a big gamer, but that didn't stop him from dipping his toes into digital waters.

  • Longest prison semtence for playing a video game:


The next time you're asked to turn off a gizmo on a plane, do yourself a favor and just do it. Otherwise, you might up like Faiz Chopdat, who in September of 2002 was jailed for four months for incessantly playing Tetris on his cell phone during a flight to the U.K. Multiple warnings by the flight staff went unheeded, landing the gamer behind bars...and in the record books.

  • Highest Space Invaders score using mind control:


Ready for the future? In 2006, a neurological research team at Washington University in St. Louis developed a system allowing people to play the arcade Space Invaders using sheer brain power. One participant, a 14 year-old boy suffering from epilepsy, managed to reach the third level and tally 5,000 points, earning a truly unique spot in gaming history.

  • Longest-standing video game high-score:


Back in 1982, a 15 year-old gamer sauntered up to an Asteroids arcade machine at a charity event, popped in a quarter, and started playing. Three days later, he stopped. Scott Safran's unbelievable score has thus far proven itself to be unbreakable, outlasting all challengers for a whopping 26 years and counting.

  • Largest gathering of gaming cosplayers:


Geeky conventions might be overflowing with people dressed up as their favorite fantasy figures, but when it comes to dressing up specifically as video game characters, the participants in an event at the Millennium Bridge jointly hold the top spot.

  • Youngest Pro Gamer:


Child labor laws have nothing on Lil' Poison, a gaming prodigy who began playing for keeps at the ripe age of six. One year later, he placed second out of 550 in a pro event. A few years after that, he landed in the records books. What can we say? The kid's got game.

  • Fastest recorded speed for a car in a driving game:


When a gamer by the name of Moretti puts the pedal to the metal, he means it. Using a combination of nitro charged boosts and slick drifting techniques, he managed to bring a Ford GT up to the ludicrous, record-breaking speed. Hope he got a ticket.

The OK origins

A friend of mine was asking for when did the term ok appeared, after he knew he was kinda baffled for what the "O" and "K" stands for. It started at 1839, only survivor of a slang fad in Boston and New York c.1838-9 for abbreviations of common phrases with deliberate, jocular misspellings (cf. K.G. for "no go," as if spelled "know go"); in this case, "oll korrect." Further popularized by use as an election slogan by the O.K. Club, New York boosters of Democratic president Martin Van Buren's 1840 re-election bid, in allusion to his nickname Old Kinderhook, from his birth in the N.Y. village of Kinderhook. Van Buren lost, the word stuck, in part because it filled a need for a quick way to write an approval on a document, bill, etc. The noun is first attested 1841; the verb 1888. Spelled out as okeh, 1919, by Woodrow Wilson, on assumption that it represented Choctaw okeh "it is so" (a theory which lacks historical documentation); this was ousted quickly by okay after the appearance of that form in 1929. Okey-doke is student slang first attested 1932. Greek immigrants to America who returned home early 20c. having picked up U.S. speech mannerisms were known in Greece as okay-boys, among other things.


H.L. Mencken once described "O.K." as "the most successful of Americanisms," an estimation verified by U.S. troops during the Second World War, who reported encountering the phrase all over the world. Of all the scores of theories (and sub-theories) as to the origin of "O.K.," the most widely heard traces "O.K." to the "O.K. Club," a political committee supporting Martin Van Buren's unsuccessful bid for the Presidency in 1840. The "O.K.," it is said, was short for "Old Kinderhook," Van Buren's nickname.

It appears that this theory is not so much wrong (the "O.K. Club" certainly existed) as it is incomplete. Chances are good the Van Buren's partisans would never have named their club "O.K." had the phrase not already been widely known as an abbreviation of "oll korrect," a humorous misspelling of "all correct." American speech in the early 1800s was awash in similar abbreviations, two of which, "N.G." ("no good") and "P.D.Q." ("Pretty Damn Quick"), are still heard today.

Ironically, while "O.K." didn't save Van Buren's campaign, the campaign gave "O.K." a new lease on life -- until then, it had never been as popular as a competing phrase, "O.W." (for "oll wright"). (By the way, before we start feeling too superior to the cornball 1800s, is "oll wright" really any worse than the "excuuuse me!" or "not!" fads of a few years ago?).


OK is without doubt the best-known and widest-travelled Americanism, used and recognised even by people who hardly know another word of English. Running in parallel with its popularity have been many attempts to explain where it came from — amateur etymologists have been obsessed with OK and theories have bred unchecked for the past 150 years.

Suggestions abound of introductions from another language, including the one you mention. Others include: from the Choctaw-Chickasaw okah meaning "it is indeed"; from a mishearing of the Scots och aye! (or perhaps Ulster Scots Ough aye!), "yes, indeed!"; from West African languages like Mandingo (O ke, "certainly") or Wolof (waw kay, "yes indeed"); from Finnish oikea, "correct, exact"; from French au quais, "at the quay" (supposedly stencilled on Puerto Rican rum specially selected for export, or a place of assignation for French sailors in the Caribbean); or from French Aux Cayes (a port in Haiti famous for its superior rum). Such accidentally coincidental forms across languages are surprisingly common and all of these are certainly false. Many African-Americans would be delighted to have it proved that OK is actually from an African language brought to America by slaves, but the evidence is against them, as we shall shortly learn.

Dr_Lucifer's favorite...Lucifer!

i wanna know who made the weapon lucifer in devil may cry 4? because the one who made it clearly copied my style!! he even got the skull and the rose and the red colors all together!! i just wanna know who did that so i can sue him..

to cheat or not to cheat

cheating is in our human blood, to the very last drop, we cheat in our everyday life, for various amount of reasons, if it's not for fun it's for change, we cheat on our women and they cheat bacl on men, even in video games, we created cheats just to satisfy our human need to cheat.

the common question is why do we cheat, and this question pops up only if you're feeling guilty, or perhaps your fun got spoiled and the merry time turned out to be some sort of crisis ( only if you're married and u got caught cheating ). i've found out that some multinational companies, and well-known organiztions with goodwill worth of billions, also cheats on it's clients, employees and governments, in order to be profitable and to stand in the face of other competitors in the market! but that doesn't concern us much often, because the damage is rather intangible, and of minor impact on our benefits or goals.

cheats in video games, is somewhat similar to what we do on our wives and girlfriends, it's like taking the easier and fatser route, to satisfy your need or goal. so, instead of wasting time trying to figure out a puzzle in a video game, many players, take the easy way and surf gamespot for example for awesome cheats and walkthroughs. Now, i'm not saying that cheating in a game is not right, all i'm saying is, when u cheat, like i said you take the very easy way out, and by doing that too many times, you get used to it in the end, and it becomes your way.

Gamers nowadays are excused for cheating their games though, due to the huge amount of games on hand and still yet to come out, a gamer is left with a few choices! cheat and save time, or prove to yourself that you're the man, and beat the game fair and square, no matter how long it takes!! i really would like to take the chance to thank the people who develop the cheats!! for it saves a lot of time, and sometimes unlock awesome, material and really can add to the overall game value. a friend of mine never use cheats, he never even buy a new game before he has bested the old one fairly. well that's your call to use it or not, but it comes in very handy, especially when you don't have time, or want to get a new experiance from the game.

it's just like leveling up! the more you finish games on your own, the more tough you get in playing games, i don't regret cheating and say thats not right, neither do i cheat all the way, it's just when do i need to cheat the most, and how to achieve the ultimate gaming experiance.

as a final word of advice, cheat only if you're feeling, bored, beaten and mean! but do not cheat on your wife for any reason, unless she starts to.

African cup of nations

egypt won the african cup of nations this month, since i'm egyptian myself, i decided to celebrate with that flag over there...yea egypt is the mother of civilzations!!

the 11th annual Interactive Achievement Awards show

AIAA show was succeful i guess, and finally the people behind the games, are getting the respect they deserve, and get to be known for the public as well. i watched every bit of the show, first it was for the emblem, as i was thinking to myself it would be just another stupid show, but i was wrong, the show was good actually. just like bad glitches that may spoil a good game, the show had some certain aspects that needs to be attended to, if they also plan to make another one next year. the hosts of the show interviewd people and nominees at the same time, and the camera is only on one host, and you can hear them both! also the crowd certainly was on crack or something, because every time the later host of the show jay mohr, introduced somebody to the crowd, they won't applause, unless he tells them to!! weird!!

anywayz, jay mohr made up for everything, as he told jokes about anything he could imagine!! he was clearly ill or sick, he had that cough, but he managed to pull out a great show, congratulations mr. mattew mcconahay! well done, and we salut you.

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