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It might be anything, she might have pain during sex, might not like having sex with you, sex might have resurfaced unpleasant memories. Just ask her what's wrong, not us.

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You probably know all about Turner syndrome but you shouldn't be worried you're "ugly" or something ridicilous like that. If you want my honest guy's opinion, you look pretty decent. Women with Turner can lead perfectly normal lives, except their menarche is delayed, thus leading to shorter stature. With proper medication and treatment, you can retain much of your intended height and only be just a few inches shorter than your classmates etc. How much has your doctor told you about Turner and are you receiving treatment?

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Remember when dave was just one person? Allicrombie
I don't, do tell. remember when Casey was a mod?
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Not really. You can't even use Vergil in Bloody Palace...how could this oversight happen?

The older games (mainly DMC3) may suck camera and artstyle-wise but the gameplay is still unmatched because an actual good developer made them, called Hideki Kamiya. Ninja Theory can go die in a ditch.

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It depends on whether the baby boy still had his testicles in the abdomen when born. When it comes to ambigious genitals (disorder of sex differentation), it's standard procedure to remove the testicles in the abdomen, otherwise it turns in 10 out of 10 times into a cancer.

This is just a baby boy with too low testosteron levels in his 8th weeks of life, this won't stand in court. It's a classic case of sensationalist media not knowing the medical reasons to remove the male genitals.

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That's terrible but let's not escalate this...

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The smartest person here should provide online intelligence courses nightlyplaymynutz
I ain't got time for that. I barely have enough time to educate myself.
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This is how schizophrenia starts, believing others are replicas of people you used to know or you yourself have been abducted and replaced by a vessel.

I knew this one guy, he was convinced of himself being a clone and that body parts from him were stolen. He was on a mission to get his body parts back, but he needed money for surgery to reattach his missing pop-ups.

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America is generally terrible from what I've hear about student loans. 7.6% interest rates...dear god...

If I'm done studying and got my degree, I'll have a debt of $10.000 max., thank god the interest rate is only 1.8% 
I'm surprised that America can spend billions up to trillions on war expenditures but not on education. 

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Tom Mcshea strikes again...FLOP!