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Just found out about this, and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

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Is a 60" DLP tv not big enough, Blizzard?!  I mean, really.  I've been using 32+" tv's as monitors before it was the in thing.

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This game is flawed, but not terrible.  6/10 for me.  The combat is good, and the gunplay works well.

Road Redemption will destroy this game, but for a $30 title, it isn't that bad.  Plus, it was delayed forever, and canceled once.  I'm glad it came out at all.



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  I am playing this on pc, and the quicktimes are BROKEN.  On the level I am on, they are crucial, and yet, they don't work.  They only work when they want to, and that is breaking the game for me.  Other than that, it's pretty good.  Not open world lik they promised, but still, good.  I hope it gets fixed...



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 I'm really looking forward to this, along with Road Redemption.  Both will have Road Rash style combat, but this one is also open world.

Plus, it's $30.  Can't go wrong with that.  I think it looks fun as hell.  I mean look at Aliens Colonial Marines.  It looked worse, was boring, and was $60.

I'm sure the reviewers will nitpick this game to death, but I'm buying it as soon as my boyfriend gets paid.








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Didn't know where to ask.  These forums have always been a jumbled mess.  Anyway, currently, I am running an old RCA reciever with two big 3 way speaker cabines, and no digital optical.  If I need to put a 5.1 system up here for the PS4, I need to know, so I can do it early, and put a different reciever downstairs.  And yes, I may end up running a 5.1 and a old 2 speaker analog setup.  I listen to lots of vinyl and cassettes.  Sounds better for that.  Anyway, I just keep hearing conflicting stories on the analog out thing for ps4.  Thanks.









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 I REALLY hope the series gets a reboot, and that it takes place after SR2.  I want Johnny Gat back.  I want the gangsta feel, and pseudo-serious style back.  SR3 was fun but stupid, and lacked real characters.  SR4 looks terrible in a way, yet really fun.  But SR3 and 4 are not SR games in my opinion.  I mean, SR3 had an Adult Swim radio station, and that is what SR3 and 4 remind me of; Robot Chicken, not Saints Row.

How do you go from having Gary Buesy in your trailers, directly attack GTA, and launch your game with Eazy E's "Real Muthaphukkin G's" to super powers and aliens???!!!

Please, Volition.  Bring back my gritty crime game with a sense of humor, not my comedy open world game with no soul.

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It is allowed in PG-13 movies, so why not?

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I never once saw their logo in any of the advertising.  In fact, if it wasn't for the few internet ads, I wouldn't know about this game at all.