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Best Games of 2011

Meant to do this MUCH sooner, but university and work tends to get in the way. So here is my long-awaited best of 2011! I know how important it is to the world.:P

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Agree or disagree? Let me know what you think.

The Doctor's Prognosis: Gotham by Gaslight - Prototype Footage

Hey everybody! Odd that I do another post the very next day since my last one. It's obvious that I'm really trying to update more often. :)

Some of you may have seen this footage around the webz now. It's of this cancelled Batman game based on the comic book story called Gotham by Gaslight. It's a really interesting find and I kind of hope it happens in one incarnation or another.

Check out the footage here.

What do you all think? Glad it was cancelled? Or do you want something like this?

The Doctor's Prognosis: Borderlands 2: Doomsday Trailer

What up everybody! Still been really busy but I just saw this awesome new trailer for Borderlands 2! Well it's not THAT new, but I only just saw it so it's new to me. :P

I loved the first one even though it had some big flaws. Can't wait for the new one. Definitely a great co-op game.

Check out the trailer on my site!

What do you all think?

BTW I promise to do more blogging soon. I want to do some reviews and a best games of 2011. I wanted to do movies too but I just didn't see enough movies last year. I guess I could do best nerdy movies of 2011 since that's all I saw (Marvel films). :P

Later my peeps.

The Doctor's Prognosis: Resident Evil 6 and Street Fighter X Tekken Trailers

Look who's back! I wish I could have been on more but I just started university and the workload has been kicking my butt. I did get all A's though, but that meant neglecting my blog. I'm trying to get back into things so hopefully I can keep up this semester.

For those wondering, I have been playing Skyward Sword on the Wii lately. I also recently played Arkham City, which was amazing.Anyway, I figured I'd share some cool new trailers and give my thoughts as a way to ease back into things so here ya go....


Hope you enjoy my long-overdue blog! Later my peeps! :)