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Breaking Bad (spoilers)

Wow. I really think that this show ended in the absolute perfect way. I can't believe how many positive things came out of the ending either. I was expecting a soulcrushing end to all of this.

[spoiler] I'm so so happy that Jesse was able to walk away alive from all this. After everything he was put through, he deserved to be able to get away and hopefully he'll be able to find happiness.

I really do wish Hank had lived. He was my favorite character in the show and he didn't deserve to die. I legit shed a couple tears when he kicked it. At least his death was a respectable one for his character and he faced death with dignity.

I was honestly expecting Jesse to kill Walt, but Walt's death was completely fitting and perfect for him. I managed to guess everyone else's deaths to a T, and damn, they were so good. Especially Todd's. I legit fist pumped and shouted "YES!" when Jesse began choking him.

I would have to say that my favorite episodes of this show would be Ozymandias, Felina, One Minute, and Face Off. After that, there are just too many fantastic episodes to choose from. [/spoiler]

I wasn't ready for it to end earlier today but it wrapped up so well that I can happily say goodbye to it. Overall, this has been without a doubt the best show I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Also, I just realized this is the first blog I've posted in nearly 2 years. If you bother reading this, how are things going for you?