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Voting Astronauts

Most of us know that the big United States are going to elect a new president to their country. Many of will also participate in the voting process. So charming. Voting is vary important task I know. You will decide how will look your next few years. Or maybe nothing will change as always with un based promises of bright and success.

The country does so much to get to every person living in the country to allow him to vote. Like helping the elder people to vote.

So here is my question.


Why, *underline this word, maybe twice or even 3 times, where each time it's harder and harder *. why the astronauts are voting?

What is the reason for an astronaut in space to vote for some leader in his country and don't even say a word about patriotism.

This astronaut dedicated his life to studies and training and god knows what, to be out there in space, just to get out of his country.

How will you convince an astronaut to vote?. Ha ha ha

What will you say?: That the prices on groceries will be less? He doesn't even go shopping and his food is consists of bags withfluids or chemical concentration so it won't spoil.

Space Food

What will you say? That there will be less crime? Ha, this astronaut is isolated with his best buddy since the 4th grade. Doesn't even care about other people out there.

This astronaut out there in space doesn't care who will be elected and why and what would he do.

But we all know what would happen. It doesn't matter who will be the next president be sure you will see on some news channels about celebrating astronauts.

P.S. This blog is a humorous *or maybe even not a humorous but just dumb* perspective about voting for astronauts. No harm intended.

Respect All!!!

Who are those gamers Part 3


Non Gamer:

How can you recognize (without asking the obvious question)?

Ha, this is very simple indeed. If you say anything related to a video game or a video game hero and the person around you will be dumbstruck. They will look at you like they just saw an alien talking a foreign language. Just to ensure that, use some video game gag. For example: "Once I was an adventurer like you" *we all know where is this going to*. If the person that you are trying to figure out is looking at you with a stare of a cow, then be sure. This person is not a gamer at all. He doesn't know even the smallest piece of information about the gaming industry but just that it exists.

Description of a non-gamer:

I tried hard to think about what those people might be. But I surrendered to my fantasy once again. I don't have an idea about what does people do with their free time. I guess movies, books and some park strolling are among those things. Those people just don't know what they are missing.

There is like a whole parallel world that you just close your eyes on and deny its very existence refusing to take part in it and enjoy it. Either reason for this behavior is unusual for me. This is not another trend changing with time. This is a community, and industry and a huge amount of people who follow it and support it.

Those who belong to the community have strength. They can demand things from the industry and influence on it. They can sign petitions in protest and show their support on the other hand. They have international days in which they celebrate some video game theme, wearing related costumes.

The industry also arranges a massive budget shows and exhibitions for those people providing them the opportunity to get a glimpse of a new game in development or give them a go on the new demo release.

This is a way of life, and you either swimming along the stream, and enjoying its innovations or you just letting the stream carry you, and ignore everything around you.

Either way, games play a huge part in our life and they always will.

My final thoughts?

I consider myself as a casual gamer. I like a good game and most of the time at evening you'll find me sitting and clicking my mouse or pressing some buttons on my pad while everyone else asleep in my house.

Why do I do it? I enjoy it. It gives me excitement, although not for long. Most likely I wont be playing the same game more than once unless it was that good, and this kind of games is rarity.

Today, as I'm studying a lot.

I play at night when my mind is no use for solving another homework problem anymore. I play short sessions and I do it fast but not rush. If I find the story a bit uninteresting, I'll skip everything about it, all the cut scenes and stuff. If the game is bad in my opinion, I'll quit and won't wait until the final level in it. I won't even remember its name afterwards. Otherwise, I'll try to finish it and try to enjoy it as much as I can.

I like game with purpose, otherwise I get bored very quickly walking around exploring without cause.

My most beloved genre is RPG games, although couple of years before, I liked strategy games a lot, more than any other genre. Today, either I've changed my taste or there are no good strategy games to pick up.

That's it. This 3 parts post has come to an end.

I was fantasizing about meanings and definitions, and how they might look like. I've tried to give my perspective view on things.

I hoped you liked the reading as much as I liked the writing.

Keep gaming, see ya' xD.

Who are those gamers Part 2


Casual Gamer:

How can you recognize a casual gamer (without asking the obvious question)?

They are the most difficult to recognize and describe. They seem to know many things about games but they lack the only one thing that is so defines the hardcore gamers, and is: dedication.

There is no effective way to certainly say about a person that he is a casual gamer.

But let's try a few things:

Start a conversation with someone that is standing or sitting near the person you want to know about. Make sure the person is within hearing range and he doesn't looking at you nor he pays any attention to you and your conversation. Mention a name of a certain game that was quite a hit and raised some followers in your conversation, then quickly see if that person has stirred his glance and got interested.

Okay, if he glanced at you even for a split second but didnt say anything, it's cool. This person might be living in denial. Continue your conversation but now mention another game that was released recently but was not a hit, maybe even a bad one or one that was disappointing (not just in your opinion), also try to mention a game that you think would suit the persons' attitude or your first impression about him, you might get surprised at your guess effect. For example, try "Duke Nukem: forever" or other bad game (please, don't judge me). If after saying this the person looked at you again. It means that he might be the one you looking for. Otherwise, he might be shy or he might don't even know what you talking about. Anyway, move to plan B.

In this case you'll have to make a direct contact, nothing to do about it. Start a conversation and ask him about computer devices that are converted to gamers. For example: "I was reading this article about this super sensitivity for a mouse and the ability to change its weight, what do you think about it?"

Another one: "Why and is it helpful to own a keyboard in which you can change and replace the buttons and almost each button can be assigned multiple functionalities?"

If his answers were: "I don't care about this mouse. Just give my one for 10 bucks and I'm settled" or "A convertible keyboard? blah. Who the hell need this stuff anyway, better someone solve me the patrol problem", this type of answers reveals you that the glances that he was giving you were just because he didn't had the slightest idea of what are you talking about. He is definitely not a gamer, leave him be.

Otherwise, if that person is telling you one of the following: "This kind of mouse would be awesome to play Counter Strike or other shooter game, where you need precise accuracy" or "This keyboard can solve my problems when I play Starcraft or other Strategy game".

If those where the answers, the last thing to ensure is that it's not a shy hardcore gamer. This part should be simple; and you already know what to do. The simplest thing is to ask "what do you do in your free time?" if he answers: "I don't know, maybe I'll watch a TV or read a book or something" Then this is a casual gamer.

If the answer was one of the following: "I'll finish the game I started yesterday, I've left the last boss fight for today" or "I'm gonna blast some aliens tonight" and the last one "I'll probably will be writing/filming a complete walkthrough guide to one of my favorite games" so you should know, you hit the hardcore one.

Description of a casual gamer:

There are actually two types of those casual gamers.

The ones that live in denial about it, and the ones that accepted the fact.

Those who live in denial will not tell you or anyone else about it, nor will they reveal it somehow, unless you are a true friend of them and you ask them directly about it.

You can be friend with him couple of years and you would never guess if he is a casual gamer or not (note to myself to check on my mates).

Those gamers are afraid or worried about what might the others think about them. Like prejudices and stuff.

They don't want to be called nerds among their friends and they want to be accepted among the circle of those around them but at the same time they won't quit the gaming which they enjoy a lot. Frankly, they don't have to tell anybody about it as long as they are fine with this arrangement.

The ones that accepted the fact that they are gamers won't think twice about speaking about it. They may irritate some people and lose some friends first, but they'll quickly gain others, more like themselves, speaking the same language. Those people will gladly reveal you the plans for the upcoming game night launch and the website with the best prices for preordering a game. They won't hide the facts but also they won't be telling it in publicity.

The common between the two:

Those people have a great amount of knowledge about games.

Although, they wont be playing any game you give them, in this case they are slightly selective and will only go to those game launches which are so huge that the president himself would be there too.

They'll be spending their evening time watching movies or reading a book or walking outside with friends, but if they might happen to have even half an hour for themselves they'll sit in front of their screen, adjust the speakers volume just so it will be heard slightly outside their room and play some games until very late.

Unlike the hardcore gamers, casual gamers are well aware of the time and space. They realize that in about 4-5 hours they'll have to go to work/school so they almost always know when to quit and get a rest but often they miss this time by telling themselves: "Just another level/mission" or "just another fight" or "until the next checkpoint". They'll always quite the game if they have something more urgent to do. They usually don't have a problem to leave the game for a better time to play it.

They probably won't be playing the same game twice. Unless is classic. And most likely they will not want to search the entire day for collectibles or beating challenges again and again to platinum the game they play. Finishing the last level, and defeating the last boss is good enough for them.

Who are those Gamers


So I was sitting and thinking about the meaning of Gamer, or more likely what's defines a gamer? Am I a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer?

This idea brought me to express another crazy view of this term.

The Hardcore gamer:

How can you recognize a hardcore gamer (without using the obvious question)?

This is pretty simple. You start a conversation with him or you just speak to other person but make sure you speak loud enough so that person you want to know, if he is a hardcore or not would hear you. You should say something that is very well known to the gamers community but at the same time it's not related to any other industry, like movies industry. Because if this thing you speak about is related to the movies for example you can't tell if the person is a gamer or not.

An example; you say something about Max Payne character. Gamers will surly know a thing or two about him. BUT, if a person only watched the movie he'll know some facts too and you wouldn't be able to identify him.

You should stick to things that are still exclusive to the gamers.

A good example of such conversation will be:

Me: "Hay, did you see that?"

Person: "What?"

Me: "See, he did exactly like Snake did it"

At this point, if the person who you intended to figure out was listening, and he happens to be a hardcore gamer so should he burst into your conversation with glowing eyes, saying all this in one breath: "You mean Solid Snake?" "This game is so awesome. I finished MGS and MGS2 3 times. Konami did a great job, releasing 8 games in the series and 9th is coming soon. I'm soooo proud to own them all and a big toy version of the Grey Fox that happens to be Snake's friend. I can tell you a lot more about it, would you like to be my friend and add me on Steam, pretty please???"

In case this hasn't happened and the person you want to know about is just raised his right eyebrow and he is staring at you suspiciously, like you just dropped a bomb out'a your pocket. This could mean 2 things. Either this person is not a hardcore gamer and you should note that or this hardcore gamer didn't play/did try and got bored (which I doubt)/didn't like the MGS series.

So move to plan B, which is trying a famous quote to get the persons' attention.

Here are some quotes for you to choose from:

1. "Stay a while and listen" (DiabloII)

2. "This is your fault. I'm going to kill you. And all the cake is gone. You don't even care, do you?" (Portal)

3. "Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!" (Guess, will you?)

4. "You must construct additional pylons" (StarCraft)

5. "Requiescat in pace. (ACIII)

6. "Fus-ro-dah! (The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim)

Now that you have chosen your quote, say it loud enough for the person to hear.

Also, note that running in your college corridors and shouting "Fus-ro-dah!" won't make you famous among the human kind.

After saying the quote, expect some extraordinary effect from your fella.

Of course the effect depends on what you said. Either he will present you a platter with a note saying: "The cake is a lie!" or he will grab a sword and a shield from his bag humming the Skyrim theme soundtrack.

If that thing is happening then be sure he is a hardcore gamer.

Otherwise, he might call you a nerd. In that case, just ignore him. He doesnt know what he is missing neither he wants to know, so he can't be helped.

Description of a Hardcore gamer:

Not so hard to describe those people. You just have to see what are they doing during the day, like if they sleep all day long, they are surly a vampires.

Okay, seriously you will not identify anything that reveals that he is a hardcore gamer.

Only after he finishes his duties and chores. You'll find him locked up at his room or a basement of some sort where he will be wearing his massive expansive headphones with an adjustable mic, shouting orders at his screen, holding a controller at his hand and having a keyboard and a mouse at his side in any case. From time to time you'll hear yells from him, like: "Ha ha head shot!" or "Gotch'a mother******". Most likely he will be spending hours or even entire nights oblivious to the time and space. The only thing that will stop him is a need to go to the rest room or consume some food in which case it will be already stockpiled at his room.

Basically, this room might be like a museum, with posters of favorite game heroes and toys in various sizes and it might just look like an ordinary room.

The reason for this will be achievements, trophies, higher levels, more skill points and 100% completion which in gamers jargon they'll say: "Platinum".

For a non gamer person, this will look like a weird and worthless thing.

For the gamer it's his way of life and his stats define him in the community. Respect the Hardcore gamers!!!

Death, the hero from Darksiders II

Death is very interesting character and has especially interesting name.

Let's look at his name. What an awesome name he has, face it. It's not like the usual names of our beloved heroes, for example: Sam, Gordon, Max, Lara, Pikachu(don't ask me about it) and so on Listen to how his name pronounced and has double meaning; I'm already shivering in all my body. I think it's very unique, anyway.

What makes this hero more special is its attitude. I'll explain in a sec.

He is not a large figure, rather normal size, he looks powerful and strong and also mythical type of character, and his attitude towards things is so interesting.

He will make laugh at someone, threaten him and simply consider everyone as unworthy creatures even if he faces a creature 10 times as big as himself.

He is coming with two approaches to get what he desires. The first is you give him what he wants, as simple as that and the second is you give him what he wants including your head on a plate.

The feeling of fear is absent from him as Death will fight hordes of enemies without even blinking at the prospect.

This mighty, brave character and his attitude made me sympathies him.

Give some respect to Death :D

The Endings

I like games, you too like them. We all like them.

But what do we like the most? What is the thing that you carry with you after completing another game? Whether you enjoyed your time with the game-play or you liked the story or simply you wanted the tick another 'v' in your achievements list by completing it.

In order for us to carry something with us after the completion, is that we in general liked the game, maybe it won't be in ours' top 5 chart but we still liked it. Otherwise, after two days we won't even remember the title of this game we've just finished.

I think that one of the most important parts of the game is the ending part. If the ending is great then you may even change your first impression about the game.

For example, if the ending is a fight against some boss that looks exactly as the one enemy you just killed but with an extra health bar, then I say: "Been there, done that!" Even half way finishing the boss fight I'll probably already forgot the name of this game.

But if this is some cool twisted extraordinary ending, like in Portal2 or Alan Wake ending or other good titles ending. Those parts are staying with me. Those parts are memorable.

Endings that leave you speechless, endings that leave you wondering what happened next? Did the hero survive? Endings that I'm glad to play through. That leaving a grin on my face and a satisfaction feeling.

I think that this part can separate a game from being good to being superb, one that you'll remember and maybe even play it again.

Those endings are staying with me.

Hope you enjoyed!

Feel free to tell about your favorite game ending :D

A Letter To ID Software

Dear ID Software,

There were some things I wanted to say to you.

I really like the stuff you do. I enjoyed every product of your craft that I used and I wanted to thank you about that.

Recently, you released this big game, called Rage. The hype around it was really high because it's another ID product. Not some unknown company or on low budget, but ID software itself.

I also was very excited and counted down the days until it's release date. I read every update you have revealed, every trailer and each screen shoot.

When you released this game I thought that this is it, my waiting time if finally over. The internet was full of reviews and gameplayes.

I saw the review for PS3 and XBox and was a bit disappointed. Rage, your game was getting average plus scores. I expected for more from company like yourself and also because of the time that it took you to get it done.

The PC review concluded with average score (lower then the PS3 and XBox) and reminded the PC gamers of numerous graphical issues that significantly damaged your experience, and I was shocked, I didn't expected anything quit like this. I was very disappointed.

I mean, where are your BETA testers? Your not one of the unknown companies out there, you have reputation. What was the rush to release this game with it's graphical issues? It's 20 Gib game that is surly isn't complete yet, and in order to properly enjoy it, the PC gamers should wait for patches to fix it.

Why would I want to buy a product that isn't finished? Can you imagine to yourself that I would buy a table to my house that has only 3 legs, because it's unfinished?

You know, I still will play your game but I won't enjoy that much as I expected.

You could done better!!!