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Portal Walkthrough Videos

I got Portal awhile back on the PC. Today I have sometime to record a walkthrough of each level, so later today, I will try to upload most of them. Watch them and Enjoy them!

Its been a long time....a really long time..

WOW! I havent been on this site since March! I have been looking around and watching all of my old videos and I miss making them. Im going to try to talk to Conman09 soon and see if he wants to make some new videos. I havent been up to much latley, I got Rock Band for PS2. I was beasting it on drums.....until my red drum broke. I think I may get a PS3 for christmas or something. You never know.....ConMan and I could do a new marathon soon! But, we need your video ideas. So post some. Please.

Jack Johnson

So, a couple days ago I got Jack Johnsons CD titled In Between Dreams. It is prob. my favorite CD I have ever purchased. I also recentally got to play Rock Band with 09conman and I am getting it on PS2. I am no longer getting a 360 becuse I dont have the time to play games alot anymore. I am really getting into playing guitar. I think I am going to purchase a new acoustic soon! Ill try to put up some more videos soon! Peace.

New way to record my Guitar Hero videos.

So, tonight I went down in my basement and grabbed an old VCR to see if it still worked. Turns out it did. So, I hooked it up to my TV and hooked the AVB plugs from my PS2 into it. So, now I can just record on a tape whenever I want, then rewind it and tape the good songs I did. I already FCed Miss Murder on Expert on tape which should be up in a bit. So now my GH videos are without cliking noises YAY!