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Disappointment in the Evergreen State

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I just found my gifts for christmas not even wrap. So far it is some colthes, a puzzle, some music equipment, another queen cd (I don't care for queen, I prefer The Who), and no pkmn ranger game or ipod case. Unless my mom hid them and decided to put them under to me from grandma or one of the pets, I highly doubt it. After marching a field show of We will rock you, Bohiemin Rhapsody and We are the Champions, I vowed I would not listen to Queen for the rest of my educational career as Veteran's day weekend. Knowing my relatives, gift certificates and other stuff I don't need. If I don't get pkmn ranger, I can always buy it at Fred Myers (google it if you don't know what it is) with what ever money or gift certificate I recieve to go there. The only good news is that my mom is going to find my gba and gbc (because I asked her) so I can play it. It was during break I got grounded from video games and she took them and forgot where she put them(for more info check My life: part 1). Now I don't worry about getting grounded from my ds because I play it behind her back and she does not think about it too much.

My life part II: Graphic Novels and sports

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The second part of my life is well the title says all. My favorite magna is a five way tie between Kare Kano, Ouran high school host club, Inuyasha, Ramama 1/2 and Wish. Graphic Novelsthat I mainly read are from the DC universie. My favorites would be JLA: year one, Justice, The Justice League of America (new series), Justic League: The New Frontier, Identy Crisis and Justice League of America (1990's series).

My sports are fun yet I suck at them. These included Track and Field, Cross Country and Skiing (recreational). My favorite is soccer and ultimate frisbee. If marchingband was a sport, that would probably be my best, besides my two favorites. So yeah, I do have life and in a way I don't. Usually, I'm bound to school work and after school activitities. Oh well.

My life: Video Games and Pokemon

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The story of my has revolved around video games and pokemon. Fell under the video addiction in first grade and pokmon since it first aired in America. That says alot right? But it doesn't! I do have life which fails to come alive. So my first video game was pokemon pinball for game boy/ game boy color. My mom taught me how to play it and regreted buying it for me. I won my strawberry pink gameboy color and game through a bet which my mom lost. I have failed to complete my pokedex on it, but I can't play it anymore because my mom ost my gameboy color, as well as my game boy advance with pkmn mystrey dungeon: red rescue team in it.