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I've hit this weird glitch in Arkham City. I finished the Vicki Vale mission and headed off for the Joker when the Mad Hatter mission popped up. I completed the Mad Hatter mission, but the Vicki Vale rescue popped back up as my primary mission. And no matter how many times I try I can't go back and complete it a second time. I went ahead with the Joker mission and then a new Catwoman mission started, but the stupid Vicki Vale mission is still primary, and it won't go away. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Is there a way to get rid of it without restarting?dlmccaslin
same prob HELP US!!!!
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I am having the exact same problem! The Vicki Vale mission came back when i went to get the cure from the Joker, essentially turning off the primary mission i actually need to finnish and putting the "save vicki" mission back on... IM STUCK PLEASE HELP