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My first youtube video

Hey everybody how's it going. i made my first video yesterday on youtube. It's great please watch it, comment it, rate it, and subscribe. Here is the link:

School starts...(joy...oh joy)

Hey everybody how's it going. Yeah today school started. First day of school was pretty short though. i feel like the summer went wasy too fast. Anyway my teachers this year are pretty nice teachers. The thing is most of my friends from last year i get to barely see in school cause we got different teachers. That's all.:D


Hey everybody i haven't blogged in a while now. I've recently been playing an online game called Stepmania. it's pretty much DDR but it's on the keyboard and you have to use your fingers to play. im not too good at the game. Unlike my good friend Azncandy...i can only do light mode. if i try harder modes im sure to lose. My reaction to the upcoming arrows in the game aren't very superior. im still a noob...but i am getting better at it. Yeah that's it...btw i got an account on AIM today.

Im back from China

Hey everybody im back from China the trip was great ate a lot of Chinese food. Watched some of olympic games. i watched handball, track and field, and basketball (sadly it wasn't dream team it was China vs. Greece). The rest i watched on tv. GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im close to beating Dragon Quest Monsters Joker for the Nintendo DS. Also i went to parks in Beijing. So yeah that's pretty much what i did in China.:D

im China

GOING TO BEIJING CHINA TO WATCH THE BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES. Yeah it's gonnna be so fun and awesome. The only downside is the plane ride. i get air sick really easily, but other than that it'll be great. The thing is i won't be on Gamespot till i come back because when im in China i'll mostly do outdoor fun activities. So i won't be on Gamespot for the entire vacation. i'm leaving tomorrow, and im coming back on August 21. i'll make a blog once i come back.

Beijing Olympic Games photo

Ten things about me

i got tagged by Venoroth53535 and here is ten things about me

1.) Ramen is my favorite food

2.) i have a pet fish

3.) i'm going to China to see the Olympic Games...

4.) Nobody Knows is my favorite rapper

5.) i play the violin

6.) im a huge music fan...

7.) i get great grades

8.) im running out of

9.) i play basketball

and finally..................uhhhhhhh

10.) Currently working on some stepmania

11.) i like naruto

i added an extra one cuz i felt like it. Yeah that's all

Back from camp

im back. Sleepaway camp was great...but then again i missed technology sooooooo much. The food was great and the activities were cool. im back to surfing the web. Yeah that's pretty much it.

btw. my newest userbar is the previous blog post.