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Personal Entry # 2


My first impression of the game..well,its so hard to make a first impression of the game not with the hatred of those reviewers who didnt even know how to properly review the game,still boiling within me.

Actually,i know this since long time,never trust reviewers.They talk crap 80% of the time and lie the remaining 15%.That puny 5% that remains is the only time when they might be telling the truth.I have many examples to give but there is no need for that as a true gamer doesnt need me to give reason to back up what i have just said.You can see that for yourself...unless you really want me to open your wicked eyes.

Already at Level 8 and climbing.This levelling aspect is a welcomed feature actually.i find it to replace the mandatory licence taking in previous versions.If you aint a certain level you cant do certain stuffs.You might have though that the level restriction should have been taken out when purchasing cars.well,no.its a good thing its there.f not many would have bought ridiculously powered cars and run them on lower level races.easy win.but you can still do it with decntly powered cars.

Anyways,I am liking what i am seeing of GT5 so far.and as i havet even barely scratched the surface i will be updating my entries as i see interesting stuffs.

End Of Entry.

Personal Journal Entry #1

Dear Journal,

Today is the 7th December,birthdate of my ex boss but that not a reminder i want to set.Back dating to a day prior,the 6th.Played Fell Out Of My S.H.I.Thole 3(henceforth referred to as FOOMS3)for most part of the day,going for the bobblehead trophy.Just need to collect 1 last one.Had to stop playing as my Fedex delivery of GT5 is finally here.Yippeeeeee!!

Point to note.I didnt suffer from any glitch in FOOMS3 apart from sudden texture change onscreen when exploring vault 106.Anyhow,givivng this crappy game a rest until i have got nothing else to do.

Just 5 more trophies to go until i get the platinum.After which i plan to burn FOOMS3 and post the video on youtube.

End of Entry.

Screwed Download

You know,its so nice to come across an old game that you enjoyed so much playing,that you are given the chance to download said game and enjoy it on a today's state of the art platform.Such was my joy when i saw that Resident Evil 3 was available for download.I downloaded it and wasted no time in playing so much so that i have spent the whole of yesterday playing the game.

But guess what,alls not that fantastic as it may seem.Apparently this whole stuff i downloaded(i really want to use the other flowery word for trash)has a problem.At a certain point in the game.It freezes and powers off my psp on its own!funny,weird and frustrating...

I would request you to please not feel bad...

It great to have a lots of friends but it is indeed sad that we cant even keep in touch or even say a small hello once in a while.Those friends in the end just happens to just be there for the sake of being there and for that emblem of having so many friends.Well, i should say and i am sorry to have had to do it but as i no longet keep tracks of my friends that i made in the past,i have ceased tracking their contributions and to those friends,i extend my deepest apologies hoping for you to understand why i have to do so.


Aaahhh!what a pleasure to be revisiting Moga village...with people who now speaks English!

I finally got my Wii up and running and only could put a few minutes into the game.Created a character and bla bla bla.Later today the serious business starts.Am so thrilled already.I can never ever have enough of Monster Hunter.

MHTri literally rocks.Its a must have for any Wii owner.

Monster Hunter Tri

I finally got my US copy today but was quite upset to find out that my Wii ac adapter got busted.It was a cheap one i bought to use with my US Wii on a 240Volts power outlet.And this adapter is the 2nd one that died just like that.

Anyhow,wil look for a new adapter online soon so i can get to hunting monster asap.

My First Platinum Trophy

I dont normally play a game over and over again just looking for trophies.I tried that with Infamous but it turned out to be boring.

That was not the case when i got my hands on God Of War 3.Man,i am never tired of it.Completed it on normal first,then easy and then Hard.will try very hard soon.and across all these playthrough i eventually netted myself the Platinum very first platinum trophy(cries)

A 32 Inch Bravia

Well i had it more than a month already from now,but never felt like mentioning i do feel like making mention of it as i find it a fantastic combination with the PS3.Oblivion looks gorgeous on it.Heavenly Sword,divine.i cant wait to see MGS4,DMC4,GT5 running at 720p or more on that TV.

The Reviewer Who Shot The Fan

I waited for the game ever since it was announced way back.When i first got to know Monster Hunter Freedom from GSpot,i told myself ''this is a game that i must have''.And indeed,when i did get the game and played it,i was duely impressed.A GSpot review that followed didnt give the game its due.It mattered not.

Then came Monster Hunter Freedom 2.with the hype it caused upon release in Japan way in February was enough to have me get the Japanese copy while i wait for the English version.My impression was no more than pleasantly impressed.Even being in a foreign language i managed to progress rather far in the game.There was no denying that MHF2 was going to be The Game after MHF.

Was curious to see a review from GSpot.At last this time,with all the contents included in MHF2,opinions might changed,but horrified i was when i read the first line of the review.I dont give a damn to the review or the reviewer,but what was said and written surely discredits one of the best games one will come across the PSP.

Blasphemy,insult,sacrilege.i cant seem to say worser words to such a disastrous review.GSpot should know who to put to review mate.I do not wish to opine,but would the first person who had the first hand on of the game done it,we would have seen a fairer review.

I do not ask of a re review as my wish means nothing to people out there.And that (like i said before)i dont give a damn to such crappy reviews,but man,GSpot,get yourself better reviewers.This guys was totally against he had some kinda grudge against the soft.get a hold of yaself mate,if MHF2 was to overwhelming for you,why did u even touch it.....

The more i write,the more pissed,so i shall bring this put an end to it all.I know Monster Hunter fans out there were no happy even with that review and it pains to see the 5.0 under Monster Hunter Freedom 2 everytime you go on the PSP homepage.Just a closing word:if a game is too much for you,please,for fans sake,dont review it,give it to someone who can.

Going through hard times

Its been long since i last visited GSpot or even posted anything on it.time is short for me.and it feels good to finally be spending some time to read news and post at least this blog to tell those who care that i am still around.feel sad not to b able to drop by and check how the Unions are doing but it will come to be possible soon.

Until then.cheers