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I noticed that they re-enabled the Edit Tag, But I still don't see the remove button.

Yup, same for me too. Edit tag working again, but still no way to delete images. Tried on Chrome, IE10, Safari, WIN7 + 8 rigs, etc.

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@edgework said:

Sorry, yeah... there's issues with the image editor at the moment, bad bad issues. Its a priority and will likely be back working by Wednesday.

Sweet, no rush. Love the new design... my wife & I are artists and we really dig the layout. Props to your designer(s)! :^)

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Not at the moment... odd there's not even a button to, but I suppose they'll address it soon as soon as they gather this first round of bugs & feedback.

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You should be able to delete images by going to the images page, clicking edit tags, then clicking delete. However if it's not fixed yet then most users can't see the delete button - if the button appears for you it does work though, at least.

As for ScreamDream's avatar - when you upload the image it's resized now, presumably the issue here is that it's resizing based on the smallest dimension (and keeping aspect ratio), and then cropping it to 80x80. Your best bet is to use any image editing software to make the base image 80x80 and then upload it to GS as your avatar to avoid it being modified.

Yeah, there is nothing to allow us to delete our images uploaded!

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Hi there,

Thanks for looking into this problem! I've also encountered an error when trying to upload new images ... I've made sure dimensions and size are perfect too. Yet still I get this message/error screen.

Not Found

The requested URL /cgi/accept_user_image.php was not found on this server.

Thanks in advance for any help!