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Let the excuses pour out...

As many of you have probably noticed, I haven't been the most active person ever, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the half-working comment system or the inactivity of unions as a whole. I just have a hell of a lot more to do with my internet time than come on this website. For starters, I'm starting to make an attempt at taking YouTube WAY more seriously. I'm currently working on some video series to start putting up once a week, and I hope that you guys would care enough to watch.

Besides YouTube, I've been in some smaller yet seemingly more active and enjoyable computer-related forums, mainly, which is a site started by a YouTuber who tests viruses and collects vintage computer hardware/software. On the forum and the chatroom, I'm known as WIN2K3R2, so go ahead and drop by. Oh, and when you register, if it says that registration is on admin approval, you have to send danooct1 a PM on YouTube stating your account name so he can activate it. Also, make sure to read the rules there before you post in the forum or chat, the mods there (including myself) hold a very tight leash and slipping up on the rules is quick to obtain a kick or a ban on your behalf.

Another site I've been on lately is Zeniea, which has gone through a substantial remodel. However, the chatroom is currently members only, so youd have to beg either me (WIN2K8R2) or the site owner (freakyfurball) for a chat user. However, for such an exclusive chatroom, it's practically rule free. Just don't piss off anyone with a blue name or a purple name (especially a purple name). If you wish to hit me up there, just post in the random board, and I'll find you.

Third and final community I've been chillin around in is Cybernetics. I know it's a freeforum, but it's only temporary while the site owner (TheMercenary) saves up for a server. I'm also an admin here at this time, so you'll have connections to the top here. Just like though, don't attempt to bend the rules. The rules are simple though (again just like, so following them shouldn't break your brain.

In conclusion, my internet platter is a bit too full to keep GameSpot in full cycle, so I probably will barely log in here. I'm not "leaving" or "going on hiatus" or any of that, but I'm just checking this site less and less to accomodate for the rest of my internet life. Oh, and soon my real life will get busier too, so come about late August I will log on even less than I do now. That is all I can think of to write, so I'm going to cut here.

-DonutDome (don't forget to check out all the links below)

My YouTube Channel (GhostRecon141): Please check it out and subscribe if you wish... Forum and Chat
danooct1's YouTube Channel
Zeniea (and the chat aswell if you happen to have a login for it)
freakyfurball's YouTube Channel
Cybernetics (and the chat (man I love chatrooms))
TheMercenary's YouTube Channel (ExplosiveProduct)

Super Major Updates and Stuff

Hello everyone who is tracking me! It's been a while since I have written something serious in this section, but I feel now is the perfect time to do so.

I would like to start with some updates involving my YouTube account. I have remodeled my YouTube channel, putting it into the new "Cosmic Panda" channel design and modifying everything so it looks nice in that new channel design. If you wish to visit my channel in its supreme form, follow this link. While you are at it, I encourage you to watch some of my videos, and to subscribe or thumbs-up my videos if you like them. My most viewed video, which is me playing Conker's Bad Fur Day's first chapter in 1080P, is pretty damn close to 1000 views. This will be a huge achievement as far as I am concerned video-wise. Finally, I have a sort-of co-op channel with YouTube user freakyfurball based around Zelda RomHacking. That channel can be found here. If you like what you see, subscribe to that channel as well for updates that are currently in the works.

Now for other internet related updates. I am currently working on a Zelda RomHacking forum to go side-by-side with the Zelda RomHacking channel. That project is in alpha stage, and registration is disabled. However, if you want to peak at the workings, you can do so here. I will post another blog once that site fully opens to the public and starts accepting members. Also, I have my custom-built server. I plan to possibly host a site off of it, but I need a couple things before I can do that. First thing I need is a good domain name, probably .tk, and second thing I need is a good theme. I will go over every suggestion I get, and decide from there.

Now onto gaming, which is why GameSpot exists. Lately, I haven't been really gaming that much. Played a little God of War III last night, and some Unreal Tournament 3 Black. Also, last weekend, I participated in Steam's free weekend for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game I still refuse to spend money on. Speaking of Steam, my Steam ID is ShadowOfSubrosia, just like my PSN name. Feel free to add me on either. Also, feel free to gift me some games over Steam if you desire to do so, although that is entirely up to you.

Finally, I will end with some music production news. I am in a band now, although we are short on equipment and don't really have anything done yet. Once we get our brains and stuff together, you might be seeing something from that end. Also, I've decided to cut back on FL Studio beats while I work on more serious musical projects.

That is all I can think about to blog. Thanks for reading, or skimming if that's your way.




That is all.

SOPA (The Internet Censorship Bill)

It's not going to pass, now please, PLEASE just shut up about it. I'm sick and tired of having to see or hear SOPA this and SOPA that, it's pointless. And don't get me started on the internet protests, where site owners will literally make their site unusable for a day just to give attention to this stupid bill. I swear this is the most overreacted I have ever seen anyone over a piece of legislature that is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Now please, do us all a favor and tell the "strong supporters" and "strong opposers" to just ****ing drop it.

-DonutDome (drunk and pissed off until the end of this session)

Korn is no longer my favorite band...

Believe me, I still love Korn a lot, but I have found a band I find to be breathtakingly amazing in the way they make every song. That band is called Sybreed. Sybreed is an Industrial Metal band from Sweden, primarily focused on combining ambient sounds with metal in the coolest way. I first got into the band by a song called "Rusted", which I thought of as a really cool metal track. I downloaded the Slave Design album and a few of the songs on it, namely "Next Day Will Never Come" and "Decoy", are some of my favorite songs ever. Then, I came across the song "Technocracy", which lead me to "Plasmaterial". Once I heard those, I quickly went and downloaded the Antares album. And that sealed my fate as a fan. I highly encourage checking these guys out, as they are extremely talented at music production, and make some of the coolest sounds ever.

Korn+Dubstep=New Album (The Path Of Totality)

Guess what I got a hold of today... So far I like it a lot. I can't say it's the best Korn album, but it is way better than Korn III. I still say the self titled, Life Is Peachy, Take A Look In The Mirror, and See You On The Other Side are way better albums, as they just feel more like Korn at their prime. But this new album is definitely worth it if you are a Korn fan or a dubstep fan.