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In case anyone noticed...

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yeah, so basically I've been gone for a long ****ing time and I have no clue what goes on around here any more.... I'm sure most people have forgotten me, not that I care too much.

basically I've had a ****load of stuff going on, schoolwork, girl problems, constant partying, and a CS 1.6 addiction. anyways just thought I'd let people know I haven't died, and I haven't forgotten all the OT vets I used to know back in the day.

For the Record....

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My name is DONg Zhuo. NOT DOUg. My name is not, has never been, and will never be Doug. I should mention that my name is derived from one of the guys in dynasty warriors, and that I am in no way affiliated with the name Doug. I also have no clue why I selected such a name.


haven't been coming to gs much...

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For the last 3 or 4 months, I just haven't come to gs much at all. my post count has stayed in the 4000 range for I don't even know how long.

I really just haven't had the time to come here, and it's really not what it used to be.

Been caught up in a lot of, gaming, friends...and for the first time... a girl ;). It owns, even the school part. yeah, you think I'm crazy, right? well, blow it out your ass, because this year has been like no other year, and I am actually enjoying it.

Don't expect much posting from me anytime soon, though I try to stop in once in a while.

3000 posts

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I now have 1/4 the posts I would have had by now (12,000)

c'est la vie. 


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I was looking at my profile and I saw that I've been here since January 1, 2004. I never realized I'd been here that long :o

2000 posts

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Finally! That seemed to take forever.

either way...its 11,000 cumulative.

boy, did I have a good day.

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all of my classes flew by easily, I left school early, and aced a chem test. plus, I might go to a yankee game today, and also during the playoffs. :D

but the highlight...I think I finally got the girl I like to like me back :D. I'll have to wait and see if I can ask her out....btw, her name's Alex ;)

RIP Yes_I_Am

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RIP Yes_I_Am.

I don't give a rat's ass what he did, he should not have been banned. Gamespot needs to lighten up A LOT. We're running out of vets, and gaining noobs.

RIP: Letsgopistons05...dead0ne...brentos37...bnf...Yes_I_Am... -DT-...PokeOddSponge...Cloman...Franken_Berry... Kokomo88...MasterRiley...Icehouse...blindhabit...and others...

level 8

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yay. I reached level 8. party. 1700 posts as well. how nice.