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I hate Nintendo Power...

It blows. There reviews are crappy, the are always behind, and their jokes aren't funny. Wario: Master of Disguise got a 6.5? It seems like they like Sonic more than ol' Mario. It also seems like they like Zelda a little too much. I know its a great franchise but they act like its the best thing since Jesus Christ. They were doing a mediocre "test" exhibiting what happens when you pick up the Wii-remote. Here is what subject A favors... after certain tests.

35% The Legend of Zelda
25% Other Games
18% Samus
9% Puppies
8% Cindy Rasmussen
5% Earthbound

Your telling me he likes The Legend of Zelda more than every other game in existence? Super Monkey Ball did not deserve an 8.5; Rayman did ( 7.5 ). They were both reviewed by the same person!! Here is what I think of the staff:

George Sinfield: The only reliable reviewer, considering he's been with NP for nearly 20 years.

Chris Hoffman: Who the heck is this fatso? Anyway, he is average. Not great, but certainly not biased.

Chris Shepperd: Hey, at least HE likes Nintendo's mascot.

Andy Myers: Get this skater boy outta' the magazine. His ugly face drives me nuts.

Drew Williams: Eh, he's a n00b. Give him a chance!!

Steve Thomason: I hate him. He's a Sega fanboy that does not deserve to be an NP reviewer. This guy gives Sonic games high scores, even if they blow. Remember Shadow the Hedgehog?

There you have it, I just can't stand the lame-ass magazine. This magazine is what gives Nintendo the 'kiddie" reputation.

Who else is disappointed with their Wii?

Some of the games are good, but others are mediocre and make the system look bad. How many ports do we need? Most of the graphics for the games aren't very good ( I don't expect 360 graphics, but I expect something better than PS2 ). Don't gimme this BS excuse about gameplay. Just because a game has great gameplay doesn't mean it has to suck in every other category. Why not have it: great gameplay, and great everything else. To be quite honest, the Gameplay isn't that great anyway. Holding the Wii-mote on its side for periods of time caused me to get itches and cuts. I'm not even kidding. There is a litte piece of plastic at the bottom of the Wii-mote that presses into your finger. The Wii-motes constantly un-sync themselves, Nintendo Wi-fi connection BARELY works, and It's just a big slap in the face. The developers are even lazier. GT Pro Series? That game has N64 graphics! I'm not just talking about the technical stuff, there is barely any storage/capacity on the system, and even Zelda didn't live up to the hype. Zelda was a fun, polished game, but it wasn't a fun Zelda. Even compared to the other Nintendo systems, the Wii breaks easily. Unlike the Gamecube ( could survive being run over ), dropping your Wii on a piece of carpet can cause it to shatter. The Wii is pretty good and has excellent potential, but so far, its lacking almost EVERYTHING. Please don't even bother of coming up with a witty response, or blabber on about "It just came out". The only reason I'm keeping my system is because there are great games coming out. Until then, I'm not satisfied.

Edmonton's Capital EX...

started on Wednesday. What it is, is a giant Midway/Theme Park that comes to Edmonton every summer. There are tons of rides, events, and things to do. Last year, I won a Knuckles plush. There is a also a Nintendo van where you can play against other people. Count me in! If you see a tall neardy guy, that's probably me. :lol:

I'm going this Monday from 12:00 ( opening ), till' around 5:00. Last time I stayed till' after dinner hours, I got into a fight. Ciao!


I'm bored. I've beaten almost every game I have, my friends or on vacation, and I just have nothing to do...

It doesn't help that were packing everything up to move in 2 weeks. 2 weeks with nothing to do. Luckily, that will change when I move. I can go to the ocean, buy more videos games, and best of all, we get our new house. The house has 7 bedrooms. :o

The bad? It will take 5 days to drive there...

My views on Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix ( SPOILERS )

Its decent. Its nowhere near as good as the past films, but its decent. The special effects were amazing, and the battle between Harry/Dumbledore and Voldemort was amazing. The rest of the movie... not so much.

For one, where the **** was Ron? Ron's my second favorite character and he got pushed aside by Neville Longbottom and his hot sister. I'd usually turn this into a pr0n themed discussion over which HP character is the hottest, but I have more to discuss. That can come later...:lol:

It just didn't have the charm; speaking of charm, where were all of the old characters? Magonegal, Hagred ( my fav ), Dracko, and the lot of them. The book was far better IMO. I'd give it a 7/10.

----boy's only----

Who do you think is hotter? Hermione, Ginny, or Luna?

Platformers for everyone!

Right now, there are two for the Wii that I really want. One is based around my new banner, and the other one is none other than Super Mario Galaxy.

At first, I was sceptical about Dewy, but after watching more and more videos, I became impressed. So much that this game is now #4 on my most-wanted list. Super Mario Galaxy on the other hand, is #1.

After watching this, you'll understand why.

Nintendo blew E3

Nintendo Conference= 40% Youtube videos, 57% Non-games, and 3% Games we actually care about.

The only things I liked were the release dates for Brawl and Galaxy, as well as Mario Kart. Miyamoto chose to talk about Wii-fit over Super Mario Galaxy? For shame!

No Brawl trailer, no nothing. The Brawl update for today was awful as well.