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I heard from a lot of sites that there are more mega stones to be found in the game, but from what I can see they've all been found and I haven't heard nothin from GF about them so are there any more? Or are these the only megas we get?

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I disagree a bit, I admit that a large focus is on Jin but not as far as to say other characters dont get their share, the last game in the series was based solely on Lars and each game gives a focus (either comical or serious) to each character.
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They're exclusives to Sony so I doubt they'll be in, imo i would love to see Bayonetta who has a better chance since the game is now exclusive to the Wii U and Travis from No more Heroes would also be a nice character although both would be toned down severely they'd still be an incredible add. Others i'd like to see well: Ray Mk II(Custom Robo) G-Red(Gotcha Force) Lil Mac(Punch Out) Someone from Persona A Tales of character Another character from Metroid
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I've been wanting to buy this game since it came out but after seeing all the dlc and the whole controversy around the 12 in game character dlc I got discouraged cause I don't want to waste so much money on things that are already in the disc you know but I still want them. So I ask if theres any new out regarding an improved edition like the Ultra SF4 with all dlc.
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That would be a logical step forward for Smash, will they take it? I really dont know. A way to go would be 3 for each character (even if it has to be DLC), these would be some amazing alts in my opinion. Mario-Metal,Doctor,Paper Link-Fierce Deity,Zora,Toon (to avoid his repetitions) Peach-Rosalina,Daisy, some sport outfit. Samus-Dark Samus,Fusion Suit, Power Suit Megaman(the best)-X(YES!!),NT Warrior or Starforce,Legends Pikachu-Different type of Rat Electric type pokemon. I really doubt they'd go for 3 on each one so a sure thing if they approve it would be by popularity.