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New Layout Change by Username

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Has anyone noticed at the top right hand corner of the screen that the username format is different? Why was it changed? It was the same way for years (or at least since I was being active since Dec 2006). Not much of a big deal, but I just thought I should make a blog about it.

In other news, I passed all my classes while maintaining my 3.0 GPA. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get it higher, but I'll try during the summer term. Only 6 credits remain until I can graduate with an Associate's Degree and move on for the Bachelor's. I'm still required to send my immunization forms, go to orientation, and submit my final transcripts to transfer to the upper university (undergraduate).

I don't know if I can share anything game related, but with movies I hope to see Hangover Part 2, Transformers 3, Spy Kids 4.


100th POST!!! Almost a year later...

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Well um wow. So I'd like to start off this post by saying that I've finally reached the 100 post milestone here. Yup mmhmm. Took a while, could've been sooner, but as you know, I barely come here anymore.

Here's what's going on as of 2011:

I'm a video game retire (Don't play anymore or play as much as I come to this site. I just can't get the same urge and time to play again. Lost interest I guess)

I'm currently not keeping tabs on my level here or my achievements because I just don't care anymore. It seems pointless now. Before it was just for fun, but it sucked how you had to wait for level 10 to upload videos. In my case, I had a glitch and could upload before 10. hehehe :P

Playing piano now and guess what. I can upload videos again. I don't know how long this has been going on, but they actually fixed the glitch on my channel, not like I'm going to upload dbz videos again. It was fun for the time being a couple years ago, but that is all behind me now. If there is something dbz related, I just watch TeamFourStar on youtube. Many of you probably heard of them, many of you probably haven't. I uploaded my video of Born This Way by Lady Gaga to see if the video upload actually worked and it did obviously.

Referring to some posts before this, the Intro to Logic I ended up getting a D that term and retook it Fall of last year and got a B (same teacher BTW). This wasn't the case when the teacher was bad; the subject was difficult to understand at first. But the second time around, I breezed straight through it and currently maintaining a 3.1 GPA, hopefully trying to increase it. Right now, I'm taking Bio, Physical Science, Philosophy, and Developmental Psychology. I have some tests next week, one final, and then 3 finals the next week to conclude my spring semester at community college. By the end of that, I should have 54 credits completed with only 2 3-credit classes remaining for the first six weeks of the summer term from 5/10/11 to 6/21/11. Those classes are Math for Liberal Arts and Principles of Sociology. Once I complete those 2 classes, I'll be able to have 60 credits and an AA degree. That will be a good milestone for me as a halfway point through college. Major is Political Science by the way.

I see that I've kept this post more elaborate than the last one, which meant I had a lot to share here. :) Also in my spare time instead of going on GameSpot, I play piano, practice playing Basketball in a local park, go to gym (even though it's difficult to be consistent :P), sleep, and eat of course hehe. I'm looking for a job right now and had no luck so far within the past 2 years. Gas prices went up to 3.85 regular, which is making it difficult for transportation, and surprisingly, I see more and more cars driving as the prices increase. WTF!

Anyways, I'm about to conclude this post. I said last time this might be my last post. Well this is my last post for a while until I might come back again (who knows when that will be, but it should be pretty soon). IF you want to see the videos I upload now, go to youtube and type in gzrsux or just click this link if you can or copy and paste it to the address bar

So until next time, TTYL. :) And don't forget to check out my cover, or go on youtube for it. Peace :)


Glitchspot has done it again

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Ok so I'm just going to keep this post pretty brief because there isn't much I can say right now except look at the last online on the left side of the screen. Now pick a random friend on gamespot and another one and you'll see what I mean. Besides that, my inbox just showed 100. Now it shows 0. WTF! O_O. It's not like I'm active here anymore, but still.

I am currently taking 2 summer courses of speech and wellness and hoping to pass them both. I've heard DBZ Kai had premiered in the US already and I'm just typing randomness as I go along. 99th post. 1 more till 100. Who knows when that will be? I think that after my 100th post, I'll leave gamespot for good because I've lost my interest in video gaming for the time being. I haven't used my PS2 since last summer and now it's almost summer and I have school, but I have no choice because I need credits to graduate.

Still at level 32 and if you recall from my previous blogs a few months ago, then you'll know that I've been a level 32 for over 3 months now. But it doesn't seem to matter because after I post my next blog it will probably be the end for me.

So just leave a comment if you want to talk or just say what's new around here. Peace out. :)

My Birthday and School

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Yeah so today's my birthday and I'm still a snake eater even though I don't eat snakes. At this rate of leveling up, I should be at Level 33 by the end of May to early June, maybe sooner, but it's seriously taking a long time to level up. I wonder if all the levels after Level 32 take this long because it is taking FOREVER! :O O_O. Some famous people that share my birthday include Reese Witherspoon and William Shatner.

Other than that, I'm still continuing ****s in my community college. I'm kind of struggling with one ****and I'm not sure whether to continue in the ****or withdraw from it. The deadline to withdraw is tomorrow and I'm confused. Here's why: I took one mini test worth 10 points and one mid term worth 30 points. On the mini test, I got a 4.5 and the mid-term 16.5. So yeah I know what you're thinking: this kid got an F on both tests. I wasn't worried about the first test because it had less points and I was like ok maybe I'll do better on the mid-term. So I studied and did problems and still didn't pass. I told my teacher about my problem and he gave me a CD. This CD seems to help and if he had given it to me sooner, then I would have been able to get better grades on both tests, but unfortunately did not. This teacher grades everything out of 100 so one test is 30, another is 30, one is 10 and another is 10, one essay is 10 and attendance is 10 so that equals 100. I have a strong feeling I might do well on this next test, but I'm afraid to risk it and the deadline to withdraw is tomorrow, which won't affect my GPA if I choose to do so. So please tell me what you think I should do?

Level 32 Snake Eater?

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Ok so it took me about 3 months to get from level 31 to level 32. It's official: Level 31 is the new level 20 aka Metal Slime.

So does anyone know what's the highest level on GameSpot?

Also who watched the Winter Olympics or any movies?

Level 31 Ippon!

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Well looks like I'm at Level 31 also known as Ippon. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Pokemon Aipom. Don't ask me how I know that. :)

Hmm. I can't believe I'm posting a blog this soon. :shock: Well I need to register for one more class for next semester, next week is the last week of classes, and the week after are finals. December 17 is my last day before break. Then I have a nearly 3 week break from school. :D.

I wonder if anyone will comment on this blog now that I've posted it and I rarely post blogs nowadays?

Anyways, I won't be getting DBZ: Raging Blast because it's the same thing like the budokai and tenkaichi series. DBZ is over and it will not change. The game just repeat the storylines and the gameplay is practically similar in every game. So therefore, I won't be getting anymore DBZ games. Also, DBZ remastered DVD's was the worst thing ever. First they cut the screen and then they had to do the voiceovers again which sounded much worse than the original versions. If you guys watch any DBZ parodies on youtube, then you'll know that Toei made it so that DBZ is copyrighted on youtube the bastards :evil:. The parodies were very entertaining and it made me want to watch more since they were humorous as well XD.

I don't play videogames as much as I used to or watch dbz now cuz it's boring for the time being. School, gym, homework, and living on my own occupy most of my time.

I also won't be uploading any more videos of dbz because gamespot never bothered to fix it glitch and it's just not the same anymore.

To those who play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you have no lives. Get a life. I mean seriously. First Halo, then WoW, and now this. :O.

Well I don't know what else to talk about at the moment. So TTYL guys.

1 Year Later... 5 Year Anniversary at GameSpot

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WoW. O_O. Has a year come and went that quick? Aparently. November 19, 2008 to November 19, 2009. As you guys might have noticed, I haven't posted a blog in 1 year, but I came on the old GameSpot every now and then whenever time gave me an opportunity. So... let's make a review of the events that went on in the past year... :)

November 2008

Posted my last blog and the information from there is in the blog.

December 2008

Took the SAT the third time with slight improvements in Reading and Writing, but not enough to get accepted to the university of my choice.

January 2009

Start of a new year and new ****s. 4 months left of senior year.

February 2009

Took the ACT the third time, but not enough to improve my reading score. Unfortunately, I'm better in math than in reading. I guess that's how my brain works.

March 2009

My birthday and finished selling candy to raise money for prom.

April 2009

Got my passport picture taken cuz it expires the next month and not much after that just school and little time on GameSpot.

May 2009

Ok this is where I get more into detail :). Prom, BBQ, Senior Awards, and Graduation. Prom was on May 9 and I raised enough money in time to get myself a free ticket and a nomination for Prom King. Unfortunately, I lose because my school's majorities are the minorities. Prom was so-so and I'd rate it a 7/10. The Senior BBQ was on the last day for seniors to hang out and eat burgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, etc... on the football field and once you left the field, you had to leave school. Oh well. Senior Awards were at night time the same day and I got several cords from community service and dedication. Thursday, I got the cap and gown, Friday was rehearsal for graduation at the university, and Saturday was Graduation. C/O 2009. Also got my own car on lease before graduation.

June 2009

Well high school is over and I go on a 7 day cruise in Alaska. Saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Great movie with Linkin Park's then new single "New Divide."

July 2009

Summer just goes by and I enjoy it while I can with some Guitar Hero, sleeping more, and reading Harry Potter 6 still have about 10 more chapters to read though as of November 2009 lol. I registered for ****s at community college.

August 2009

Summer comes to a close and I picked up the books required for my ****s as well as starting college (community that is).

September 2009

Imma let you finish, but GameSpot had one of the best video gaming websites of all time. Just something from Kanye West and Taylor Swift in mid-September if you watched the MTV VMAs. Driving to college back and forth and going about my ****s. Switched my major from legal studies to political science and checked out FAU and FIU for tours of the campuses and realized I can't transfer until I get my AA degree after 2 years.

October 2009

Halloween comes and I finished my computer c.lass which leaves 3 c.lasses to take. Looked for apartment for me to live in. Watched some new South Park episodes and realized that DBZ: Raging Blast is nothing but another Tenkaichi series. There really is no point in buying dbz games cause it's always the same thing.

November 2009

Back on GameSpot for this special occasion to celebrate my 5th anniversary typing from the computer in my apartment and looking for roommate.

P.S. I don't know if this means I'llbe active as I used to be before June 2008, but I might come by every now and then. I'm almost Level 31 and next week is Thanksgiving so I might not be here for a while. Bye Bye until next time. 2004-2009. :D

4th Anniversary

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BOO. Ha scared you didn't I! Oh wait. Halloween is over. Nevermind. BOO again. Disregard the 1st boo as the 2nd one Well I was counting for this day to come and I wouldn't miss blogging on this especially this. Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my account on GameSpot. I have been so busy during my last year in high school it's crazy X 10. Over 5 months of no posting. Can you believe it? Well that has been a while so let's go over what had happened since then.


Summer Break started and I played Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock for the first time and got hooked.


Tried to get a job and couldn't due to insurance issues that are too personal to explain on gamespot. If you've heard of Vector Marketing, then you must be upset too. It pretty much targets young ppl to make more money than other ppl by selling knives to ppl you might know.


Summer ends and I go on a vacation, which results in 3 days absense of the first dew days of my senior year.


Get adjusted to school, but has difficulty with Precalculus. Registers for October SAT and ACT as well as applying to USF, FIU, and FAU.


Takes the SAT and ACT only to relize that I increased 30 points in SAT and stayed the same score on the ACT. So now I have to take both tests the 3rd time and hopefully it will be the charm. Due to rough economic times and the recession, I will be difficult applying to college and getting results back.


President Obama is elected the first African-American president in the US. 44th President. I waited 2 hours to vote in line and I voted for Mccain. Was it worth it? Yes and No. Yes cause it was my first time voting and no cause there was a large gap between Mccain votes and Obama votes. So clearly Obama won Florida.

I guess that pretty much sums up my absense on GameSpot. I got a few new games for my PS2 such as Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock and Guitar Hero Aerosmith. These games can be quite the addiction. Hopefully by next month, I'll even get DBZ: Infinte Worlds. If this game has the same ****as Budokai 3 and improved gameplay and more, then I guess it will be worth the buy. Well I have some Precalculus studying to do for a quiz and some Spanish work to do. So bye bye until Winter Break when I might have time to make another blog. Only 6 more to get 100 blogs. I still can't upload videos on this glitchest spot you ppl call a gamespot. Hmm. TTYL and Happy Anniversary to me. 4 years. 2004-2008.

One Month Later or So

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Well 1 month has passed and I'm back. Really? NO! I've been on Level 25 for a long time and it makes Level 20 AKA Metal Slime feel like Speedy Gonzalez. This level should be the new level 20. Anyways, I took my AP exam in mid-May and I won't get back a score until sometime in July. But until then, I am preparing for my finals and awaiting my Senior Year in high school. It's amazing how yesterday (No, not literally yesterday May 31, 2008) I was nervous entering my freshman year in high school and now I'm finishing up my Junior Year. That's already 3/4 of the way there.

As for my job, I wasn't accepted bcuz hours were cut back on ppl. So now I'm placed into a position where I have to search for a new job (part-time) that is located within 1 mile from my house. I say 1 mile bcuz gas prices are over $4 and it is the closet range for me.

I noticed that even though I am on GameSpot about 5 minutes a day, I get so many updates from DBZ: Super Budokai and GTA IV, more GTA IV than DBZ: Super Budokai until the videos of Super Budokai came out featuring special attacks. I have over 100 messages in my inbox here in which I am reluctant to answer, over 300 new messages in my e-mail and about 1500 messages in total in my inbox there.

As I said in my previous post, I said that I am no longer a child. Yes. You heard me right. I am graduating next year in high school and off to hopefully college/university. However, I sometimes like to reminisce and have nostalgic moments of the past during my little free time that I have. I give up on the whole dbz uploading videos here cuz GameSpot won't let me. But I think this glitch gave me a message that I can't spend my time making and uploading videos on here. I'm just not a child anymore. DBZ will always be a part of me, but I'm not feeling this about uploading and making them. As for the rest of you that have the privilege of uploading videos here, cherish the moment bcuz it won't last forever whether you want it to or not. As for me, this isn't a goodbye post, just a post saying that I'll be on here on rare occasions, even though my summer vacation is around the corner. You'll be lucky if I make a blog or 2 on here, but for now, I pretty much doubt it. As I look back on my past blogs, I really see that I've grown so much.

Well goodbye for now. I'm going to have to retake the SAT/ACT bcuz they weren't enough to get me into the college/university I was planning on going to. I also have some homework so I'll be getting back to that now. Bye and please leave a comment if you have nothing else better to do or understand what I'm talking about.

TTYL. Who knows when, but later... Much Later.

Almost 1 Month of No Posting

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How many of you thought that I wasn't going to post again? How many of you thought that I would leave gamespot? How many of you thought that I wouldn't speak you any of you again? Please raise your hand or make it obvious with a comment. I haven't posted here because I was busy, I wasn't interested here, and I had better things to do. I can't post videos, gamespot keeps on glitching, and I've been on level 25 for a while. I have SAT this Saturday and my AP Exam in mid-May. You know what that means. Another month of no posting, maybe longer. I'll also have a part-time job, so that will be another reason of me not posting often. Look. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm a young man who has taken responsibilities for his duties and sets his priorities. I just don;t have time for this anymore. Maybe for a once in a while update to see what new games came out for videos, but that's it. And BTW, Naruto will never beat DBZ. DBZ > Naruto.

I want to know something. Is it considered stealing if you download a file from P2P file sharing programs like LimeWire, KaZaA, Morpheus, Ares, etc...?

TTYL. In a month.