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MGSV: Cannot contain excitement.

Im way too excited for Metal Gear Solid V to not get the Legacy Collection. What's awesome about the legacy collection, is not only the fact that you get 1 - 4, you get all the platform Metal Gear Spinoffs as well. Games like Peace Walker, and the VR Missions. If I had the money (and the attention span) I would also get Ground Zeroes, to get the complete story and finally understand what they're talking aboult all the damn time!

Need Some Cash Flow

I need money to buy some damn games. I love video games, possibly cause I'm only fifteen, but regardless I desperately need a summer job. Video Games these days just get more and more well, better. Probably some improper grammar in there but who gives.

Dark Souls continues to surprise

I just learned after playing the game twice, that the way i played was the lame way, and that i just killed myself for the gods. This makes me feel pretty stupid. Considering I ignorantly just played the game without bothering to learn the lore. Now I have to play through it again.

New GameSpot Profile

I got a new profile because my old one is inaccessible for lord knows what reason. Its gonna take a while to get all my achievements back but wh'ever.