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I'm a Moddb Writer!

I am a member of the Moddb (Mod Database) staff, and I just published my first article! It's on Muralis, an old mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, and I'm quite proud of it. Linkage here: Tell me what you think of it.

Greatly reducing my activity on GS

In case you guys haven't noticed, my activity on GS has been greatly reduced (at least on the forums) over the past couple weeks. I think that this trend will continue...I realized that GS was wasting away precious hours of my life that were better suited to other purposes. Also, I am just getting bored with the forums. I apologize to any who this affects, but GS has become a chore for me, not something I enjoy, and I've got enough chores in my life already. Basically, I'll be in once a day, but not neccessarily post even once per day; these days, I just check the GS homepage and read the top stories. I'll still be in every once in a while, but not a ton. Because of this, there are a fwe things I need to do: 1. Get a new leader of the GHG. These are the people I must apologize most to--robbristow, Merc4Life, and Herodotus, I believe I have massively failed as a leader of this union. If any of you want to become leader of the union, I would be honored to hand it off to you, and I am confident that all three of you would be superb leaders. 2. Finish up the Black Shooter Union (sticking to the old name!) Gun Battle. This might be more difficult than I first anticipated, though... 3. Finish the RTS Union Tournament...I owe it to those guys to pull through. 4. Tie up any other loose ends So this will all come into affect as soon as I can complete the above 4 items. I did once enjoy Gamespot and its forums, and I thank all who helped me enjoy it, especially noting the members of the Black Shooter Union, Need for Speed Racing Union, and GHG. I wish you the best of luck in your continued travels on Gamespot.

The eventual demise of The GHG...?

Well, I have just lost a valued member of the GHG. This member brought many things to my attention about the union. They made me notice how much of my union's posts are simply off-topic stuff and how little the union actually performs its duties. This is very true of the union...we have had very little legitimate activity other than a few key members, to which I am very grateful. I believe the reason that the union continually does not meet the expectations of its members nor its officers is a combination of multiple factors. Firstly, it is my extreme lack of dedication. When I made the union, I loved GS, and was making 10 to 15 posts a day...I spent plenty of time on the site. Since then, however, my interest has waned greatly, down to 2 or 3 posts max most days. While I am spending more time doing other things, all activities on GS, including growth and maintenance of the GHG, have suffered. The other factor is that this union simply is not fit for GS, I believe. It is too much trouble and hassle for most users to go to a single union for their information when the game forums perform this duty well enough and are easier to access. I created a union so that GS users could come to one source for all their gaming questions, but it seems this is not what they want. The union layout is too complicated (though I do have an idea to remedy this) and the union lacks the member base and knowledge base needed to make this all happen. Frankly, the union was a misguided venture from the start...while I had thoughts of grandeur, they were quickly crushed under the harsh reality that the union was and probably will be doomed to be mediocre at best, with little overall impact on teh community. I will still stick with the union and attempt to make it succeed, and my thanks goes out to all who helped this union grow, but I fear the efforts may have been in vain.

New Banner / Info on it

Since the Photoshop link of my last banner expired, I decided to finally use this one I made a while back. It's simple, but I think it looks pretty good. BTW, while you're here reading this, if you like the look of that mech, the game it's from is called Heavy Duty. If you have even a remote interest in mech games, do yoursself a huge favor and read these interviews from IGN: They will show you what an amazing technical achievement this game is, and why I have decided to put it in my banner. The real-time kinetics and whole-world stuff are usually things that would only be found in a dedicated tech demo, not in a full game like this, and that amazes me.

The List, Again

Weell, I made a few purchases, added a couple games, took away a couple, and rearranged a bunch of values. And this time, I figured I'd make it an image...that seems to work well for spreadsheets. So, here is the list, Iteration 2  So, what do you guys think? Do I have good taste? Am I an idiot? Am I insanely cheap for having such a long list and having bought very little of it? (That last answer is yes) Oh, and, BTW, the list is 38 total games long...if I bought all of them at retail price, it would cost me about $831. Wow.

DOD Free Weekend

So, I'm a "free weekender". of those guys who doesn't know the maps and is lucky to pull a 1:1 kd. But so far, the game seems really nice...the gameplay is very well balanced overall, teamwork is truly required for a team to succeed (something I really like), and the classes are generally fun to play. Right now, I'm an MGer primarily...I love setting up in a good spot (or proning in a good spot) and taking down a few key guys. Then next I like support, since I like the BAR, and Rifleman, since that was my unnoficial "class" in Call of Duty (I would always pick the Kar98k or Nagnat if they were available, though the BAR and Bren beat out the Garand and Enfield for me) The gameplay is fast but not frantic...placement and tactics really win the day, not who has the best trigger finger (though that helps). I'm having a good time so far, and I'm playing it again today, so I'll see if it holds out.

Explanation of "Sony Tech" story

Here's one of the benefits of being smart...for those who like technical stuff, here's an explanation taht I wrote up of the "High-Tech Sony Material": (Link = ) If I am thinking correctly, these things are called dielectric electomeres. Here's a technical crash-course explanation: They are designed to react when an electrical current is passed through them. This allows them to change shape and morph into very complex forms, extending, contracting, and all that junk, all while looking like plastic. There are basically two forms of it right now: The most common form: There are a bunch of ionic particles in the substance. When an electrical current runs through this (and, if the sensor region works as an electrode, these can be picked up through touch), it changes the distribution of these particles, pushing them away to the opposite end of the substance. This bulges the opposite side, causing the substance to curve, making a curving plastic substance. Another form: Pairs of electrodes sandwich a coated silicone layer. When the current runs through, the electrodes squish together, squishing the silicone and causing it to flatten and expand. When this is coordinated across many silicone sheets, it causes the substance to morph or curve. These have/are going to be used in other industries. Two examples are prosthetic arms that curve through electricity without using motors and the prspect of having seacraft that have "wings" that undulate like a stingray. It's really awesome stuff--one of the materials of the future. As I said, really awesome stuff. I tried to say it in the least technical terms I could. Tell me if you understand it. Personally, I think this stuff is absolutely awesome and potentially revolutionary. And, before people ask, I'm 15 years old. But I read Popular Science. :D

Uploaded the List

I uploaded the list, so you can see all the stats and stuff I keep. In case you can't tell, I NEVER buy games on a whim--I thoroughly, maybe even exhaustively, research every game before I get it. I read at least 3 reviews, watch at least 3 or 4 trailers, and try a demo if it is out. Then I gauge price, value, and all that stuff. And it culminates in this list. Lookie:

Mu current list of most wanted games (that are currently out) in order

I made this list so that I could keep track of what games I wanted (only exception--Savage 2), so I wouldn't forget any. The list consists entirely of PS2 and PC games, with about an even amount of both. So, here it is: Mercenaries SWAT 4 Black Ikaruga TOCA Race Driver 3 Rogue Trooper FEAR Urban Chaos: Riot Response Armored Core 3 Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Advent Rising Dungeon Siege 2 Spartan: Total Warrior Enthusia Professional Racing Max Payne 2 Time Crisis 3 Brothers in Arms (either) Full Spectrum Warrior Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix Flatout Ghost Recon 2 Warhammer 40K Colin McRae DOOM 3 Bet on Soldier AceCombat 4/5 Gradius V Ridge Racer 5 Chronicles of Riddick Tourist Trophy (or other bike game) Final Fantasy 10 Codename Panzers Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Einhander Savage 2 Psi Ops Monster Hunter Alter Echo Oblivion That's just about in order, with maybe a couple exceptions. Any comments?

Wow...just WOW...Amazing gameplay trailer

Alright, so, ever since it's been announced at E3, I've been tracking this game called Alliance.  It's a FPS that spans across 90 years, spending time in each era.  There are a total of 200 guns in the game, each modeled and tracked with unique bullet paths and muzzle velocities and all that junk...for a realism freak like me, this is amazing.  Here's the GS page.  Read the explains everthing.

But, after you do that, WATCH THIS TRAILER.  This is literally the most impressive trailer I have seen from E3.  Everything about this game seems amazing (as you can see from my massive post in the Alliance forums).  This is the most excited I've been about a game since Timeshift was announced.  Check this game out and you won't regret it.