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I think I got about 18 on the first day I got Arkham

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I don't have too many marathon gaming sessions these days, but I had one about 6 weeks ago, about 16 hours, with approx hour and a half break in total. It wasn't just one game,I played FIFA10, Joe Danger, GT5 prologue (for about 5 hours straight) and F1.

Thats probably my longest in recent memory. Twas great!

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I like progressive trophies, ones that reward you for every boss or level you've beaten. I wasn't a fan of the trophy system in Uncharted 2, like kill 200 people with a magnum, kill 100 people with shotgun etc. It makes me play the game differently than what I would normally play it to gain a trophy and I'm not a fan

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This is a very cruel question, but I guess if a gun was pointed at my head and I had no other way of getting the games I wanted, I guess my list would be thusly:


AC: Brotherhood

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

*runs off crying*

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Why is this even a question?


Thank you. I was thinking the same thing.

As was I. It doesn't matter and the fact that the question is even asked concerns me

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I just type "PS3 trophy card" into Google and pick the first one. There are alot out there, but I've found that some of them aren't exactly up to date with my trophies.

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I don't usually play much during the week, but I could play a few hours Mon-Fri. On Weekends I'll put in a few more hours. Depends if I have a great game or not

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I'm usually in bed.

I always wanted to buy one of those old bean bag chairs from the 90s and play on those.

Bean bag chair


I have a lovesac that is slightly bigger than this one that I sit on.

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Not including the incompleted downloaded PSN games, I have about 25 games and I've not finished about 5, but I'm trying to go through my pile of shame as we speak.

For me, there is a gaming lull at the mo, so its giving me an opportunity to go back and complete them.

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I love 'em, I think it gives an extra reward for a good gaming session. I also think its made me into a better and more thorough gamer. Before, I'd complete a game and then never touch it again, Now, I go back and do things on harder levels, look for upgrades, hidden items etc.

There are inconsistances between gold/silver trophy standards from one game to another which I think kinda spoils it, but if I can pick up a cheap silver or gold, I'm a happy camper.