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Switched to non-smartphone. and I'm glad I did.

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It's been a month now got rid of my Android phone to a non-smartphone.. and I feel great!! Talk and text all I need.. best of all the -- battery life lasts for a week!!! not half a day like the smartphones -- that's what I'm talking about.

I use Simple Mobile service on this phone, not At&t.. btw

- Thankyou for reading.. Have a great day!!!.. :)

So I deactivated my Facebook account

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Yep, it's gone, and Im not going back...well, I just hope I can stay off for good but only time will tell.(if Im not logg back in 14 days it will be permanently deleted).

No more wasting my time, let me check on my Facebook real quick. stalk people pictures etc.. what a waste.

- thank you for reading..and have a wonderful day people.

Feeling sad today...

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Just wanna let it out maybe helps feel better....My g/f and I broke up today(we have been having problems understanding about us for couple of weeks).. not the first, been years, it's like off and on kind of thing, but this time maybe the last. I don't know. maybe it's better this way, maybe not. ..I'm tears a little. wanna be with her youknow.

But, I'm just gonna take it easy, although my head my brain feeling like crap it's like the end of the world becoz of it..

Well, tomorrow Monday Im looking for a job again, just wish I can find one becoz I have been unemployed for 4 months now. and I can't barely made it with unemployment checks.. I just need a job, keep me busy.

Okay, have a great day.. thankyou for reading.

My internet speed test result :(

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Slow or what?!.. I used to have Comcast it was decent. Switched to AT&T about amonth now and Im not that happy about the speed. but save me some money $19 a month($228 for a year).. better than Comcast $67 every month = $804.00 a year?!

0.66 Mbps = download

0.33 Mbps = upload

Sad but.. Oh well, saving money is more important.

They almost not have any JRPGs anymore?!

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I have a PS3 for years expected to play lots of JRPGs at first. hardly any on X360 or Wii either... years gone by I don't really see any of them still.

guess those great JRPGs days are gone... How sad.

Haven't been touching my PS3 for months but

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I've been playing PS2 games more lately(on my PS2 system)... I just now started playing Okami, it's pretty good. Killzone 1, I might play that later..also got for a while but not yet played, Indigo Prophecy, really have to play this as soon as I get the chance..

So many PS2 games I have not to mention all that really must play but don't have the time to play all yet.. have a great weekend people!!!