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Book of Eli, and Finished Exams!

So i finished my exams about two days ago, so now i get a week off, which is amazing! just now, a few friends and i went to see book of eli, and it was an amazing movie!!! Denzel Washington was awesome! the fighting scenes were epic!, and the ending was so unexpected! i want to watch it again!!!'

Well, thats all for now folks!

Borderlands story complete!

I finally got to finishing the game! took me a while cause i did most of the game with a friend online coop, soo we played when ever he was on. And now for the ending.. i dont wanna spoil it for anyone who hasnt finished it, but i will say tht the ending was disapointing.. and tht the final boss was easy, took me two tries. but the gameplay of the game makes up for the story so it turned ot to be an awesome experince!! Now i just got to download the dlc!!

I also got Call of Duty modern warfare 2 for the xbox 360, im on the last mission,but its pretty hard, so im leaving it for now. ( and im playing on hardened, not because i suck ) and im rank 52 online.

At the moment im doing a project tht i should have already be mostly done, but i kept post-poning for other homwork assignments and now im worried that i wont be able to finish it.. Its a drama project, i have to make a monolouge (one person talking about himself) make the character up, write a scirpt and then memorize it. And unfortunatley... im still writing up my script and i need to memorize it in 3 days! So im thinking of doing an all nighter!!



A blog for no reason

Theres no reason for this blog, just tht its been a while since ive done one, and tht im not on as much anymore. Im gonna try to get on more, but i got things to do so it does get harder, i think everyone understands.


Back to school.. Again!

Today was the first day of school, and it was really boring. i had drama first, but we didnt really do anything, except learn other people's names. My second class was math, and we solved a few problems after introductions, but since i dont remember much from last year, i didnt answer any of the questions right. careers was just plain boring. But for afirst English was the most fun, just because i know lots of people in that class!! :)

so my first day of school sucked, but i just have to stand 2 more days, then i get a 4 day weekend! :) so all i have to do is wait!

see ya all later!


I'm Back!!

I'm back from my trip from the U.S. I was in NYC for 3 days, then went to washington for 2 days, then, took the whole last day coming back. it was a great trip!! saw many places that i've only seen in movies! i saw the statue of the united states, empire state building, the lincion memorial, and the washington momument, and others! Although i wish i could have stayed for the July 4th parade and fireworks! too bad..

well im back, maybe i;ll make more blogs about how my trip went!


Vacation/ One year

Well im going on a vacation with my family, we're going to NYC!! Just to see the sights and such, soo i wont be online for a week, although im going to a hotel with internet, prob wont have enough time to go on. Im prob gonna bring my ipod, my psp, and a laptop to watch a movie, but thts it!

Also, this is a little over due, but i've been a member of Gamespot for more then a year now!! i noticed like 3 days ago, but i didn't feel like writing a big blog about it, and i dont know what i would include in it.. Plus i wouldn't want to write all of tht, too much work,

Well i better finish up packing, see ya in a week.