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Jeezz, it seems that no matter what game is picked, a legion of unstable teenagers with raging hormones will be bashing GameSpot for being "worse website ever". Personally i think that Red Dead is not a good value for the buck for me, as being from Europe, i couldnt care less about the western theme. But if i were 2 grow up on a ranch with horses and pigs as my best friends, I am sure no other game would even come close to being the best.

The fact remains, GameSpot is an amazing website with an awesome community. I find it more intuitive than IGN and it offers more flexibility. I'll always get my daily fix from Jessica Chobot but for the actual reviews, ill come here.
And please stop bashing Starcraft for every ungrounded reason you can find. You can get the digital version for 45 bucks and receive content that will stay fresh for years. It runs perfectly on the cheapest cards from Nvidia and ATI. In fact, i am running beautiful graphics on my mid range laptop from 2008 in full HD.

I have finnished Mario Galaxy, Mass Effect 2 (twice, even wrote a review), Bad Company 2 and RDR. Being a student, i barely earn 80 euro a week, working a full day on weekends. My heart breaks when I see those games collecting dust on my shelves. Maybe game like Sc2 and CoD dont have "best everything", but at least they give me hundreds of hours of amazing and competitive experience, while other games are long forgotten

My First Blog

In a few days, 2010 will be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, heavy battles take place between Mass Effect 2, Starcraft 2 and Red Dead Redemption on the pages of "Best Of 2010 Awards".

I love console games, but comparing them to the level of quality from Sc2 is a joke.