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It's been fun gamespot, but this is my last post

Hey everyone,

Well, it's finally that time for me to leave gamespot, but it's been fun. I've a had a lot of good memories from different members, enjoyed the discussions, unions and contest I've entered. Unfortunately, I've just not had the time to pay attention to all of the unions I've joined like I use to and my job has taken up almost all of my time now. I've also had issues with people logging in my account, using my name for whatever reason and I've had enough with the immaturity from some people here. I've also went ahead and resigned from all of my unions I signed up with. I'll leave some shout outs off the top of my head and please don't take offense if I missed your name:

BassCrossZero : Your probably one of the most cool headed and nicest people I've ever met on gamespot. When I first joined and I was new, you were the first one to be friends with me and send invites to your union. You also passed on the UMGU leader position me, which I am still greatful for. I will never forget the conversations we had or your genuinely kind nature.

Mav_Destroyer : I swear almost every union I was a member in, you were apart of it and that why I felt we cliqued together so well. We are both into graphic design, 3D modeling and one of my best friends on gamespot. I also remember when we were on team abstract for the Designer Central Union and was one of the best crews :P Your still friends on my twitter account, so you can hit me up whenever.

tzar3 : Your also one of the peeps I've been cool with since I joined gamespot and you hit me up on my blogs and PM most of the time.

IceJester45 : lol, your debates on some of the fighting games boards were hilarious and I had some great matches with you on XBL.

Colmillios : Your probably the biggest Naruto fan I've ever known and we also had fun on all of the many design union (I've been in and out of so many, I can't even remember them all)

MegaManZeroDX: Thanks for being an officer in the UMGU and keeping in touch with me :)

child_of_lileth: Not only have enjoyed having you as a member of the UMGU (Now the leader), but I also liked the blog entries you had (even if I didn't respond in all of them). I also appreciate the PM's we had and you responding to my blogs. Your definitely one of the more mature friends I had at gamespot.

And for all of my friends on gamespot, thanks you so much for watching me!

Well it's been real gamespot, but I'm out


Today's my birthday, a couple of updates and reflect on some things

Yep, today I turn 24 years old. Whoever said that time flies by faster as you get older was right! There's so much that I've accomplished this past year and so much more to catch up on. Today, I'll probably just take it easy on the work today and go out somewhere to eat. Oh, I finally finished my Evolve CG Hunter model, with textures and all:


One of the most important things that I learned from last year is that gathering critiques for your work. Posting my models on CG forums and asking for crits is what helped me grow as an artist. I've also learned that in order to gain stregnth in one aspect, you have to make sacrifices along the way. I'm not going to go into great detail, but there are a lot of things that I had to either put on hold or drop all together to stay focused on my career. I'm still making some of those same sacrifices today, but you can't move forward without change. (Ok, enough with the deep stuff, lol)

But anyway, I'll be enjoying my birthday and looking forward to another year of progress!

Another update on my Evolve CG contest model

Yea, I know I've been AWOL, but I've been busy with other projects and also my Evolve CG Hunter contest Entry. Here are my WIP files to so far and I'm looking to put the finishing touches on them. Mudbox has been a real help at adding those extra details. I can't wait to show the final render :)




The new year brings new opportunities

Hey Everyone,

Hopefully you all enjoyed New Years Eve. I spent the last few weeks of the year with my family and getting reaquainted with people I haven't seen in years. Although I didn't do much work on my break, I did manage to get some 3D modeling done for The Hunter Challenge Competition. The WIP for my character is here in my blog. I've definitely went through a plethora of growing, when it comes to being a 3D and 2D artist. I'm also resuming some of my other projects now.

Oh yea, this month is when my 24th birthday will come (I remember being 21 like it was yesterday, lol) Well that's all I have for now and lets make 2010 a recession free year!!

I made another pic and few other things

Here's another pic that I made and it can also be found on deviantART:


It's just nice to work on some of my own work, since I've been doing so much work for everyone else. I've also added a blog page on my website, so people can make comments on my work there and it's a bit more organized than the previous setup I had.

I'm also working on a 3D model for the game I'm working on with Augutron Interactive and there is a lot of promo work that I want to show everyone, once we make the announcement. It's been a while since I've posted anything, because I've had my hands tied up tight and I'll be looking forward to posting up more of my work soon.

I'm going to have a change of plans for my work

Hey everyone,

Originally, I was going to be creating a 3D animated short for the Evolve CG contest but it seems like that might be put on hold now. I'm currently involved in two new monetary projects that will require more time, plus I'll be doing more work on the puzzle game. Hopefully, I'll be able to post up some of the work that I've been doing soon. I'm still going to Do the character Modeling for Claire Beaumont, the Komodosapien and a few animations sequences. The environment modeling, texture work and lighting will be have to wait.

This year is flying by, isn't it?

I mean seriously, it has gone by very fast. I feel like January was only a few months ago and the amount of work I've put in this year has been insane! I remember when my parents use to tell me when I got older that time would start going faster and they were not joking. Hell, I'll be 24 in a few more months @___@

Also, everything with my career has been spinning faster then I thought it would too. I remember when I could barely find work and now I'm up to my neck in it :P Beside the 3D models for my Evolve CG entry, I would like to create some more character when I have the free time. But like I said earlier, I'm doing more 2D work and studying colory theory to help solidify my drawing skills.

Well how have all of you been doing?

Here's another illustration I've finished(Uknowhowwedo)

Hey everyone,

Here's another illustration that I worked on, while I had some down time. I had A LOT of fun drawing this one:

Uknowhowwedo - By David J Barnes

Any comments or crits would be greatly appreciated and I'll be updating this picture on my site. I'm almost enjoying this more than I do animating :P

Besides the usual animation and modeling work at the studio, I've been doing more concept art for the Evolve CG Hunter Challenge. I plan on making a few collages of my progress within the next week (It's a good thing I'm built for multi-tasking, lol). I'll be posting more of my artwork soon ;)