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Just woke from my nap, what happened?

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Hey guys, sorry that I haven't posted in a while I just been really busy for the few months. You see, I was going to enter the GameStop's Indie Games Contest, however, when I looked at the rules (a week before the contest ended) I found out that the admission fee was 70$. Unfortunately, I had already spent the money on the engine that I'm using to make the game, so I couldn't enter. To bad I think my game would've been a good candidate.

But look at the bright side, if there's another one of these contest, the demo of my game will be bigger and better then what it was last year. But how are you guys? The last time I logged in I found 31 messages in my inbox.

Oh yeah, and my birthday was a few days ago. I'm now 16 J. I was also born on October 16, 4:00 pm is the 16th hour of the day, I was born in 1993 (1+9=10 add 9=19-3=16). Don't you love my math formula? Crazy isn't it? I'll also be working very hard on making reviews for the games that I played. See you later.

I am the master of rock band 2. Well, not really.

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I finally scored one hundred percent on every intrument in the game on expert difficulty.

The hardest ones would be bass and guitar.

I actually had a harder time doing the bass, because I had to score a hundred percent twice!You see, I forgot that you can't strum downward when you play.

Well, I guess I'll get started on beating the endless setlist now, see ya.

Any suggestions

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My brother got this new software to make high quality videos, like the ones on gamespot. We were talking last night about what we're going to do with this software, after an hour of talking we both agreed that game guides would be best for our skills.

Moving on to the point, I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Man, how long have I been gone?

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Sorry that I didn't post for awhile. I just didn't feel like I needed to do it.

Well I guess that I should tell you what I've been doing for the past few weeks.

1. I've gotover10,000 achievement points on my xbox360. :D

2. I just the movie 'Knowing'. This movie is nothing like I thought it was going to be. Very sad, very cool. It will also make you hate the number 33.I'll let you figure out why. ;)

3. Right now I'm working on another LBP level. (Yes, Sony caved in.) when I'm almost done with it I'll be sure to post a video. By the level is called 'Puzzler'

4. Okay I've saved the best for last, which one of these for games did I just buy?

A) Street Fighter lV

B) Street Fighter lV

C) Street Fighter lV

D) Street Fighter lV

If you chose A,B,C orD. Then you just won nothing. :D

That's right I just bought the king of all fighting games.

I'm still trying to beat arcade mode on medium, but it's harder then it looks. (Dang you Seth.)

I'm still looking for those fighting pads to increase my praformance, but when I looked on Amazon they were like 180 bucks. Sucks when your forty bucks short. If you guys know where to find these cheaper, please tell me.

Well thats it, again sorry that I haven't posted in a long time.

RIP, my PS3. :(

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We actaully don't know how it happened, but My PS3 is now like a shiny PS2. Because thats the only thing that it can play now. My dad was told to reset it to factory settings, but it didn't work, and it also erased all of my memory, including my LBP levels, :(. It can't play any Blue-Ray movie, and sony wants me to pay 150 dollars to repair it. And we had almost 30 PS3 Games, a waste of 500 dollars.

Happy birth-day to me(NOT!!!), happy birth-day to me. (NOT!!!)

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My birthday is in nine months from now, but enough about me let's talk about the man that I look up to. His seventeenth birth-day was yesterday and let's face it; I need something to post in this blog.

Here's a picture of the birthday boy, and all of the cool stuff that he got.

Hello 2009.

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Yes I know that this is late, but that happens when you get Gears of War 2 and Halo3 for Christmas. Let's hope that 2009 will give us the things that we hope for and won't suck as much as 2007 did. Happy New Year everybody.

What do you guys think of my new banners?

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The spore Image on the top represent my favorite spore creatures that I've made so far, although the purple spore creature was made by my little sister.

The one above this blog, represents one of my favorite villains from The World Ends With You in a matrix like environment. So what do you think?

I've got 100 percent.

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I finally jumped all of the super jumps, crashed every billboards, found all of the shortcuts, and ruled every road in Burnout Paradise.
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