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Just got 2 new cds

Oh my god this blog keepsgetting messed up

Well yeah the first is I Heard a Voice Live from AFI and the second being Shut your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, also from AFI. I'm listening to their live cd more, but SYMOYE is pretty good as well.

I originally planned on getting Jane Doe from Converge, instead of the Live CD, but no stores( circuit city, FYE, Barnes and Noble) caried a single album from them... so then I'm like w/e, and go home happy.


Then I'm browsing some music website when I see Holographic Universe from Scar Symmetry. Scar Symmetry is an awesome metal band and that's their newest album. I got immediately slightly pissed, because if I knew that album was out, I would've got that instead of one of the two I chose.

Anyways, I like both albums a good amount, but I definately don't want to leave those others out. Anyone who has Jane Doe, Holographic Universe, or the first two albums, feel free to comment

I shall be going to Puerto Rico tomorrow

So yeah, basically Puerto Rico tomorrow and I have to make sure I get in my 6000th post, before I go :o

It should be okay... two weeks with my mom's bad planning might be a little underwelming, though. Hopefully I can bring my laptop, if not it looks like I'll be looking at scenery( fun!) :D

Summer Plans

Well chances are no one will check this out, but w/e :P

This week is exam week schedule goes like

spanish 3

sociology, volleyball

World History, Biology. I'm exempt from 2 of my exams

This summer I'm going to Puerto Rico which should be okay...

Besides that, I don't really have too many plans for gaming. Until I get a job, XBL will remain expired, my PC will remain outdated and my Wii will stay broken.

Dark Knight should be pretty awesome, though :D

I stopped surfing around a year ago, and hopefuly I'll get off my ass and get back into it. Hopefully I can get a steady work-out schedule again, as well