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Nope. It's pretty much what I expected. Laggy and unresponsive, and an initial shipment of lackluster casual games, and a few standout bombs (Joyride).

I was expecting Dance Central to be a breakout game, but even it isn't scoring that well.

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Guitar Hero II. They were all garbage after Harmonix left.

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The "definitive" version was either the tabletop arcade version or the Magnavox Odyssey version.

There's almost nothing to it, and I'm sure there are a ton of emulated versions. The only real requirement is that you use a knob-shaped paddle controller of some sort, that's the essence of the game.

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Nice. I will definitely pick this one up at some point. I've got kind of a full plate now, though.

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Honestly, if the squire is an actual guitar with all the electronics wired in it's probably going to be way more than $300. Yes, the squire is a cheap guitar but, still, have you bought an electric guitar recently? :)

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Pre-ordered, with the keyboard, and the triple cymbal set. :)

It sounds like they took care of everything this time around.

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I trust the opinions of the people that have actually completed the games rather than people that have formed opinions based entirely on hype and speculation.

That being said, I've purchased badly reviewed games by reading between the lines and determining that I'd probably like what the reviewer didn't. "Baroque" was a fine example of that.

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Uh, no.

Prices are set based on what the market will bear. If games keep selling at those prices, the prices will stay fixed or go up. If they don't sell, the price will go down.

A petition will do nothing.

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Onlive would really, really like you to buy those games so they can have your money before they shut off their failed service in a couple of months.


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"Come on out, Marshall!"