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Modern Warfare 3.

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Mw3 looks sick. I'm just annoyed that Ps4 is coming out and I just got a Ps3. Hope when the Ps4 comes out, the games they make stay with both Ps3 and Ps4. I'm not buying another PS for a while. Also, One Piece a halfway mark. 500, halfway to 1000. Congrats Oda. Amazing anime. :)


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I hate campers, their pretty much on every Online Multiplayer game. Especially Call Of Duty. What's the point of playing a game if you're just going to stand in one spot, the whole game and "camp"? What do you guys think?


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Not sure if any of you are reading this, but if you are.. tell me what's your favorite Mw2 gun, and why. Mine is either the PP-2000, or the Mini Uzi.

Mw2 map packs.

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I bought a $20.00 PSN card and I'm planning on using it towards one of the Mw2 map packs. Then I'll get the other on from either birthday money or the PSN reward. I wanted to ask if they're any good. Like should i not use the card on them or should I go for a Black Ops map pack. Thing is, I play Mw2 much more.


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I'm a new member on this site. Not sure if I'll be doing reviews, maybe. But I do obviously like video games, and I'll probably be making blog posts here, and posts on the forum. As you can see, my attempt at making a sick looking banner failed due to it not being able to upload PNG. It only worked when I uploaded it in JPEG, kind of stupid, but meh... Anyways, as my banner says, I like COD, KH, OP, etc. I've got a Ps3, a Wii, DSI, and a 3Ds. If you want to add me on PSN, just add Doflamingo567. (Whenever PSN comes back up)