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Blog #141 Transfers!!!

some good transfers have been going around liverpool are paying big bucks to get what they want i think Doni is the only player that hasen't cost us a fee. Blackburn rovers hvae signed a striker pavone on a free from real betis he missed a pen which all but relegated river plate when he was on loan last season,lol good luck rovers anyone happy about there clubs tranfers this season (any sport)



Blog #140 Downing!!!!!!

Stewart Downing will be a great signing 4 liverpool if kenny can get him to play then he will be a good player hes gonna wear the number 19 shirt if he joins. He's left melwood in the last half hour but i don't know how ashley young joined man united for 15 million and Downing 2 liverpool for 20 million :?

Blog #139 Charlie Adam

As a liverpool fan i am over the moon that liverpool signed one of the best players in the premier league last season. Charlie Adam was 1 of the players of the season he could have won player of the season in my eyes i laugh at spurs who tryed 2 sign him in january and failed anyone else a liverpool fan and happy with this signing :D

Blog #138 I'm Back

I have been a way 4 nearly a year so much has happened in a year i've moved house and i'm now 15. 4 some reason i stopped posting maybe due to all the revision i have had to do 4 my GCSEs so i can get somewhere in life hopefully i will be back 4 a while now sorry all 4 leaving.

Blog #137 Fifa 11

I can't wait till fifa 11 comes out because fifa 10 was the last fifa game on ps2 u can make your own teams in fifa 11 and you can make as many as you want i'm not sure if you can set them to a league but the game comes out in a few months i can't wait any longer....

fifa 11

Blog #136 Carlisle 0 - 3 Newcastle

1st blog in a while well carlisle's pre season game vs newcastle wasn't bad first half they was no hope for newcastle than came the kids and it all went wrong still good game off football.


Blog #135 Metal Slime

level 20 and i'm now the most annoying little thing to kill on dragon quest a metal slime well not much to cheer about real madrid didn't win la liga carlisle are selling all them best players well not so much to be happy about

Metal Slime

Blog #134 Youtube...

Does Anyone Like Watching Videos On Youtube All The Time I Mostly Watch Walkthoughs And Football Videos If You Have A Youtube Account My Name Is Carmine3179


Blog #132 GTA 4

I Am Playing On GTA 4 Alot Even Thought I Have Completed The Story I Just Love Getting Owned By Jumping Out Of Helicopters And Off The Top Of Buildings Anyone Else Have It:D

gta 4