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Madden 11 NFL demo impressions

wats up. this is my first blog since january. i don't know i have been visiting the site on a daily basis but haven't been writing anything. anyway i tried the madden nfl demo and i like it a lot. i believe it's a lot better than madden 10. i love the gameflow which is that your coach picks the best play for the situation. it saves a lot of time. tell me what you think of the demo and if you are going to buy it

Xbox 360 help

so i want to play some games online but every time i want to sign in to xbox live it says connection problem and i should go to xbox.com/support. i go to the test in the network settings and when it starts testing the first bar it never stops for some reason. does anyone know how to fix this

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Well it's coming out tomorrow. Who is going to get it tomorrow? I haven't reserved it so luckily i will get on Wednseday because i have no school (Veteran's Day). I can't wait to get a copy of it

marvel ultimate alliance 2 help

i just beat the game on the anti registration side and i want to play the game on the pro registration side without deleting my save data. (such as costumes unlocked) if i click new game will i lose my data or will it still be there?

FIFA 10 VS PES 2010 (Demo impressions)

when is was a small kid i remember when PES was at the top of the ladder with great gameplay, good mechanics and just fun. When PES 2008 came out it just felt wrong. They completely just ruined the PES franchise. Fifa on the other hand took advantage of that and was able to climb to the top of the football ladder. FIFA 08 introduced a whole different fifa and it was just amazing. A year later PES 2009 came out and it was an improvement but it couldn't match FIFA 09. Fifa 09 took Fifa 08 and made it even better with new modes, greater gameplay, sharper graphics and just fun. Now let's talk about this year's games. PES 2010 seems to be a little worse than PES 2009. It just doesn't feel right. It seems to me that PES 2010 is trying to use teamwork, when PES is all about taking a player and passing the whole team and scoring. That's what made PES so fun. Fifa on the other hand is an improvement. It has better visuals, better gameplay such as players fighting for the ball more, improved AI and new modes. I have to say that FIFA remains at the top of the ladder.

Got 4 new games

today me and my bro went to best buy to pick up batman arkham asylum. My bro got the ps3 collector's edition of the game and he also got wii sports resort. i got madden 10 and dissidia final fantasy 7. the collectors edition is sweet. it comes with a 14' inch batarang, a booklet with all the most evil inmates of arkham, the game, special bonus disc and some codes for new maps.

Played a couple of demos, level 24 and enjoying fifa manager 09

so i played a couple of demos today. I tried batman arkham asylum. it was epic. this game is going to be amazing. the combat is easy and fun, the graphics are amazing, everything in the game is just awesome. 10/10. I also tried madden nfl 10. In the demo i just tried a very short game and i have to say that the visuals have really improved from last years game. i am level 24: i feel asleep. i have been playing fifa manager today and i am doing amazing with liverpool. i have won all my games so far, no joke. i have played 12 championship games all wins, 6 champions league games all wins and i have won all my friendlies. i have gotten roberto carlos, seitaridis, panucci, ze roberto and beckham.

RIP Billy Mays

Billy MaysThis blog is to inform you that the great tv commercial salesperson Billy Mays passed away on June 28, 2009. The doctors said that he had a hypertensive heart disease and that is probably the cause of death. He will be missed by a lot of people. May he rest in peace.