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Even though this is a troll post you should know QSing isn't gone. Just the aim assist that occurs while ADSing. So don't get all upset when day 1 you get killed by an idiot sniper in CQC.
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There has always been less lag on the Xbox360 compared to the ps3, but never like this. I've never experienced the amount of lag in any game that I have in blops2 and yes its lag (my screen vs kill cam DURASTICALLY different). I don't believe it will get better, the game has so many other issues treyarch doesn't care they've made their profits.Goron24
Right IW maybe, but Treyarc actually listens to the CoD and churns out patches on a regular basis.
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How do people not know that reloading changes absolutely nothing? You will always miss that shot what you do is not shoot and let the alien shoot next. Shot will miss.
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Domination. Rush B.
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My guess is they are waiting DLC before putting it in rotation. Its ok its just Nuketown....
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Much harder to dominate? Just went 40-13 with a 20+ KS. Dat Ballista. Ok you can't blame lag compensation and then say BO is better. They have the same thing. It always sucks the first week(s) Depends on how long it takes those that claim it to be unplayable to return it. Also the spawn switching has become more prominent to prevent spawn camping. (Was way to easy in BO) I like that change actually.
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Being I frequently have a wonderful game (montage worthy) and then a ridiculously bad game (also montage worthy) I hover around 1. K/D means nothing. I frequently have the most kills and deaths.
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I like every map but Aftermath. I dunno. That one just doesn't jive with me. Did someone say these maps were built for snipers and that sniping is easy? Ha. If by sniping you mean laser ARs and SMGs then sure. These maps are actually well designed and you can tell they actually put thought into them.
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I had this happen and no one gave me a response. Just keep saying 'can't be deployed form this location' next game it was working fine. Probably just a bug they iron out.
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You cons seem opposite everyone else.