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@Minishdriveby: Yep, I myself was a lurker for a long time. Then you of course have others (Danny and Carolyn for example). Elk almost joined the dev team once upon a time, though I'm unsure of what became of that.

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We're looking for a new Social Media Producer. If you have experience and are interested apply here!

Here's a bit about what we are looking for:

  • Build and maintain strong GameSpot presences on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social channels
  • Establish and perform to meet or exceed KPIs for audience acquisition, social following, effectiveness of social media efforts
  • Drive growth of our social and distribution channels and provide analytics, measurement, insight and reporting to determine focus and direction
  • Manage day-to-day relationship with GameSpot community
  • Moderate community communication channels including forums and live chat
  • Development and manage community features, programs, and tools
  • Assist in overseeing team of volunteer moderators
  • Accountable for community growth and satisfaction goals as well as reporting on community driven trends and feedback

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@DigitalDame said:

Users on GS can now delete their own blog posts.


Now, if only there was an incentive to write one.


Working on it.

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Please do not try to impersonate moderators.

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Hi there Nox, you should be good to go now. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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@SolidSnake35: Helpful. Look I'm not here to hinder this process, I'm trying to help you get what you want (within reason). Digging back through hundreds of posts (which could very well be irrelevant) will only slow down this process. Help me help you.

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Good news! We've heard your complaints and we've since fixed this oversight. You should now be able to delete your blogs should you want to do that.

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Odd, I'm in the back end of your profile and I don't currently see any image attached to your profile. Is this still an issue for you?

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Thanks for mentioning this. I've added this for July's queue of bugs.