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@clone01: UPDATE: Looking at your wall, I don't see any posts from any users. Can you PM me their user names and a screen grab of what you're seeing? Thanks.

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@lamprey263: Yes we have the ability to check IPs. We also have the ability to ban them from accessing the site. The problem however is switching one's IP isn't exactly a tricky task and a troll who is so inclined to do so will burn through dozens of them. We have put in various barriers for new users to help cut down on spam in the forums:

  • New users are now unable to create more than 1 forum topic per 24 hour window until they've created 5
  • The IP banning tool should be available starting Thursday. I'll send over a confirmation when it's out.

We've also recently rolled out an update that helps to prevent wall abuse:

  • User accounts that are less than 3 months old will no longer be able to post more than once consecutively on someone else's wall
  • User accounts that are less than 3 months old will no longer be able to make more than two total wall posts or status updates in a 24 hour period

If you notice that spam is still a problem, we encourage users to reach out to the moderator team.

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@SolidSnake35: I wouldn't go that far. We've been building a case regarding the importance of this feature for some time now and hopefully with enough support it can make a return.

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I'm hearing a lot of concern regarding transparency with the justification behind forum thread locks. I will bring this up with the moderator team and based on the feedback that you all have provided we can hopefully come up with a solution that makes everyone happy. Stand by.

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@JustPlainLucas: Comments are powered by Livefyre, forums are powered by GS/GB/CV's platform. But yes, Livefyre is a massive headache.

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Peter and Alexa set off on an adventure to try and track down the gold stars in this maze-like world of wonder. Live stream at 2pm Pacific Time Wednesday November 11th!

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Here are a few other:

Joystiq -- 5/5

"Dragon Age: Inquisition is BioWare's reaffirmation of what it's capable of delivering. It's a gorgeous game on an epic scale. Rich in character and story, it creates a fantasy world with plausible social rules you can get lost in. It makes you feel that you aren't just exploring a new world, but helping shape it at various levels of society. Inquisition sets the bar for what a blockbuster RPG should be. Oh, and after everything is said and done, make sure to stay following the credits." - Alexander Sliwinski [Full review]

Game Informer -- 9.5/10

"After two disparate entries with different philosophies, Dragon Age's identity crisis is over. With a mixture of open-world exploration, entertaining combat, and top-tier characters, the team at BioWare has found a winning formula that isn't shackled to either Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II. Inquisition is not defined by the traditions it returns to, but by the new directions it forges for this magnificent fantasy universe." - Joe Juba [Full review]

Polygon -- 9.5/10

"Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the biggest games I've ever played, and I still want more. This is the astounding scope I referred to above. It's no longer as simple as how your choices affect your small band of adventurers--though that can vary quite a lot as well. Dragon Age: Inquisition puts the fate of the world in your hands in a way that few role-playing games have done before. And even after another 80 hours devoted to it, it's a world I cannot wait to return to in whatever BioWare does next. I don't know what higher praise I could give." - Philip Kollar [Full review]

GamesRadar -- 4/5

"Dragon Age: Inquisition creates a massive, vibrant world on a scale far greater than its predecessors, and does an excellent job of making you feel in command. The heart of this game rests with its characters, who keep you invested in the action." - Maxwell McGee [Full review]

DigitalSpy -- 4/5

"BioWare has clearly listened to, and learned from, the criticisms leveled at Dragon Age II. It has also cherry picked some of the best elements of its Mass Effect series00most notably the more exhaustive dialogue options--to create a role-playing game of sweeping scale and often surprising impact." - John Robertson [Full review]

Destructoid -- 8.5/10

"Dragon Age: Inquisition not only feels like a fully fledged role-playing adventure, but it's also packed with fun things to do that will keep you busy for weeks. Having played well over 100 hours, I'm still finding things to do, working on my multiplayer characters, and plotting another playthrough to handle things a bit differently. Inquisition is a triumph and proves that despite some missteps along the way, BioWare hasn't lost its touch." - Chris Carter [Full review]

GamesBeat -- 87/100

"What BioWare has done better than most in the past is just as smooth and well-tended here. Characters are well-realized beings of desires and complications. The world of Thedas is an inviting glimpse into complicated fantasy, now with that new-generation gleam and polish. Add to that the Inquisition, a central narrative mechanic that will turn the speediest of speed-runners into an obsessive-compulsive herb picker, and the game is a worthy addition to a spectacular Western RPG franchise, only barely surpassed by Dragon Age: Origins." - Gavin Greene [Full review]

A selection of additional Inquisition review scores:

I can't wait to see what you guys have to say about it.

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Hey, I'm trying to figure out who GameSpot's Editor-in-Chief is, or the Managing Editor.

That's Ben Howard.